Best Eyebrow Fillers to Fit Your Brow Type

Emily LaCroix

There are so many eyebrow fillers on the market, and it can be difficult - no, impossible - to discern which is the right for your eyebrows. We’re here to make that task so much easier! Today, we’re going to break down which eyebrow filler is the right one for your particular eyebrow type. 

Eyebrow fillers are an extremely popular way to give your eyebrows a little bit of boost that easily washes off with makeup remover. Because there’s nothing permanent about them, you can change your mind if you later decide that you prefer your brows thicker (or thinner!) and adjust accordingly—so if you’re following makeup trends when it comes to brows, this is perfect. 

The world of eyebrow fillers can be a confusing one, but luckily, we’re here to help you navigate how to pick the perfect filler for you (We promise you’ll love the one you end up with—seriously). 

Why Are Eyebrows Important?

A lot of the time, people don’t realize exactly how important your eyebrows actually are. From a solely medical standpoint, there’s a lot of reasons why eyebrows are important. They’re responsible for keeping moisture out of your eyes, thanks to their outward growth pattern. They help direct the moisture that might be on your face towards the outskirts instead of toward your eye—so if you’re ever out walking in the rain, say a little thank you to your brows for protecting your eyes. 

Plus, your eyebrows are extremely valuable for non-verbal communication between people. This includes helping people recognize each other. Eyebrows can also help demonstrate feelings; for example, two eyebrows raised in unison indicate surprise, one eyebrow raised indicates skepticism (or just someone showing off). 

Eyebrows can also help enhance the natural beauty of your face—and who doesn’t want that? Your eyebrows are among your most prominent facial features, and when your eyebrows are well-groomed, they can actually make your face look more youthful. 

Finally, eyebrows are helpful when it comes to framing the eyes and the rest of the face. If you have the right eyebrow shape, they can do wonders for the rest of your face. You might benefit from an arched brow or a flatter brow—it all depends on the look that you’re going for. That being said, if you have the wrong eyebrow shape, they can also bring down the rest of your face. 

Let’s Talk Eyebrow Fillers

Now that we’ve talked all things eyebrows, let’s talk about the fillers specifically. These can be helpful if you want to give your brows a little boost and make them appear fuller, more balanced, or otherwise improve their appearance. 

Every eyebrow filler targets something different, so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the one that feels like the right match. Trust us: once you get into the habit of incorporating eyebrow fillers into your daily makeup routine, you’re not going to be able to go back to life before them! They truly are a makeup game changer. 

It’s important to note that eyebrow fillers don’t necessarily have to give your brows an entirely new look. If you like your eyebrows how they are and just want to add a little flair, a brow filler can still help. And alternately, if you want to give your eyebrows a complete overhaul, this is also how to go about doing it. 

Because there are so many different variations of eyebrow fillers, that means that you can go from full, complete brow coverage to something more moderate or lowkey. Switch it up and find what works for you! 

The TatBrow Microblade Pen

Up first is the TatBrow Microblade Pen. This is our best-selling eyebrow filler, and it is ideal for people who want to avoid microblading for a variety of reasons but like the way that this procedure makes eyebrows look. 

The Microblade Pen is both painless and affordable (less than $30, and it can be yours!). In addition to this, it comes in six amazing shades that will be conducive to any skin tone or hair color. The cherry on top is that this product was created in a factory that has earned the FDA’s approval, and it’s also cruelty-free—so you can trust in the quality and the ethics of this product, all while getting absolutely amazing brows.

This product creates a natural-looking eyebrow completely from scratch. Therefore, if you’ve over-tweezed your brows in the past (hey, we’ve all been there) or you’re looking for a more thorough approach to eyebrow fillers (aka one that’s going to cover up more), this is the product you’re looking for! Some of us just aren’t blessed with naturally full brows, so if you have light or wispy eyebrows, this can be your solution, too. Plus, if you find that your eyebrows are thinning or you want to cover up a scar, and you still want your brows to look naturally beautiful, this product will be great for you. 

This product is actually responsible for transforming over a million eyebrows - why shouldn’t your brows be next? (Spoiler alert: they’ll thank you later). 

The TatBrow Micro Precision Pen

You’re looking for an eyebrow filler that’s going to look natural and do a fabulous job of enhancing the natural beauty of your eyebrows. Allow us to introduce you to the TatBrow Micro Precision Pen

This pen is like the Microblade Pen, but even more precise. Where the Microblade Pen has a fork-like applicator that gives you multiple hair-like lines at once, the Micro Precision Pen has a single fine point so that you can carefully pick and choose where you’re adding pigment. This pen specifically targets eyebrows that are already pretty full. It’s designed to help create precise strokes on your brows for the perfect, beautiful touch-up.

Ultra Defining Brow Gel

If you’re looking for a smooth, gliding eyebrow filler, the Ultra Defining Brow Gel is the answer you’ve been seeking. It’s going to give you the lightest, most natural look of the three, because it adheres to your already existing brows to enhance what you’ve already got going on. 

In addition to that, the microfiber wand of this brow gel helps you create fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows. This gel also has multiple purposes, which makes it extremely practical; it’s thickening, conditioning, and also flexible. (Are you sold yet? We are!) 

This product is - you guessed it - cruelty-free, which means you can rock beautiful brows and feel great while you do it. That means a smooth, easy application that creates full, robust brows in just a matter of seconds. 

Once again, the product is available in six different colors, so regardless of your skin tone and hair color, there’s something for everyone. This product can be wiped off using just makeup remover, and you can count on it to stay put for 12 or more hours. Just swipe it on in the morning and forget it’s there; it will stick around for the whole day, and you’ll look amazing in the meanwhile!

The Wrap Up

There are tons of different eyebrow fillers on the market, which means that there’s undoubtedly one that is perfect for you. If you’re looking for it, we definitely have a product in stock that can help you curate the eyebrows of your dreams. 

If you’re seeking an eyebrow filler, we have a lot of different options. There truly is something for everyone! More than a million eyebrows have enjoyed the TatBrow Microblade Pen, which allows you to create a completely natural-looking eyebrow from scratch. 

If you’re in the market for something a little more subtle, the Micro Precision Pen is likely what you’re looking for. This pen is designed to be used in niche places on the brows. This filler is ideal if you’re simply doing little touch-ups. 

Finally, there’s the Ultra Defining Brow Gel, which creates gloriously defined brows in only a matter of a few seconds. 

Get started with your first order of TatBrow eyebrow fillers today, and you’ll see how your brows will thank you. They’ll look more glamorous than ever before! 



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