How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Makeup

Emily LaCroix

Have you ever walked into the makeup aisle of a store and immediately wanted to turn around and run? Have you fallen down the rabbit hole of scouring Amazon reviews to determine which brand or type of eyebrow makeup works for your needs? We totally sympathize!

At TatBrow, we’re here to ease the struggle of choosing between so many eyebrow makeup products. And there are a lot of them out there! It’s sometimes difficult to know what to look for and what all of these products even do.

But once you know more about the types of products and how to use them, it’ll be a snap to achieve your best brows.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the best brow makeup together!

Pens, Pencils, Powders, Pomades, Oh My! 

The sheer number of makeup products for your brows can be overwhelming for sure, but we’re going to quickly dive into all of these amazing products to help you make the right decision. It’s time to break down the tools of the trade. There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to eyebrow makeup, and we’re here to dish the scoop on each and every one of them.


One of the most basic eyebrow tools is the pencil. You’ve probably seen or used an eyebrow pencil or something like it in your lifetime. It functions a lot like lip liner or eyeliner because you uncap the colored pencil and use it to draw, just like a normal pencil.

Eyebrow pencils are often used to shade light brows into darker ones or to add more substance to thinner brows. People choose different techniques to either blend the pencil’s color by smudging it into their existing hairs or draw on tiny hairs in sparser patches of the brow.

The main issue with pencils is that they often have a very thick tip and can be difficult to maneuver if you aren’t an artist. The lines can ultimately be distracting and make unruly brows look even worse.


This is a personal preference for many brow fans! Pens give a much finer point and allow for the type of precision that you could never achieve with an eyebrow pencil. Plus, you have access to a more natural type of look with thin, feathered strokes.

When using an eyebrow pen, you want to make small strokes outwards and upwards, mimicking the hairs you already have. You don’t have to overdo it either; with the right brow pens, a little goes a long way.

Always be sure to remember to cap up your eyebrow pen when you’re finished using it and leave it upside down after use. That way, the bristles can soak up more of the ink between uses and be more effective when it’s time to shine! With the cap on, you’ll preserve the brush tip and ensure that the ink doesn’t dry up, even if you don’t use the pen for a few days.


There are two primary types of eyebrow gel: one to hold stray hairs in place and one to add a pop of color to your brows. The gel used to give your brows some color is also called tinted gel, and it comes with a mascara-esque brush, so you have the option to add some extra color to darken your brows and make them more prominent.

Did you know that eyebrow hairs can be curly too? It’s true, and that’s what the other type of eyebrow gel is for. When you don’t want your brow hairs splayed out in every direction or curling out to your ears, simply apply a small amount of gel to your eyebrows to hold everything in place.

Just make sure to buy a lightweight gel that won’t flake off or leave you with a crusty, caked-on feeling. Some gels can be heavy on your hairs and even stop you from moving your eyebrows around and making everyday expressions. Don’t get something that makes the hairs too stiff, or they might end up sticking out anyway. 


If you’re looking for a way to naturally enhance your eyebrows and help them grow out to their thick, luscious potential, then try out our eyebrow serum! It’s packed with powerful proteins and chemical blends to encourage your brows to thicken up and start living their best lives!

In six to eight weeks, you’ll see a marked improvement in your eyebrows. Our brow enhancement serum promotes the appearance of fuller, bolder-looking brows with results in weeks. Our special formula nourishes your brows and conditions them with hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans.

Each bottle contains enough for daily applications for four months, so your brows never have to skip a day of looking great. Pump up your brows (and your confidence) with this serum!


Pomades add some color to lighter eyebrows. However, they tend to be less stiff on your brows and blend in more naturally. They are often very concentrated, so use a very light touch when you apply it to your brows, especially if you’re going for a smooth, natural look.


Powder isn’t just for your eyelids anymore; now, it’s time to use it to gently darken your brows too. Most powders work best when you apply a thin coat of eyebrow wax beforehand, which catches the powder and helps it stay put while you go about your day.

Powders usually come in two colors, a lighter one and a darker one. Depending on what look you’re going for and your natural color, it’s time to use them as you please. Most people use the lighter powder on the entire brow and then use the darker shade on their arch and the end of the brow to naturally draw the shape out. And voila! 


Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. Eyebrow brushes can be made of steel teeth or plastic teeth and can help you tame those brows. Even without any product, it can be helpful to brush down the brow hairs and train them to grow in specific directions. This can be especially useful if you have thinner brows and want the hair to cover more of the area.

Your Brows in Living Technicolor 

For many people out there, eyebrow color can be a tricky thing. Our eyebrows are naturally a shade or two lighter than the rest of our head hair; however, for blondes, that can sometimes mean that your eyebrows are virtually non-existent.

By choosing an amazing gel, powder, pencil, or pen for your brows, you can fill them in and add a spark of color to darken them up. Options, please!

Choosing Your Color 

The most important thing to remember is to always choose a shade lighter than the one you initially pick. 

Even if you have darker skin, it’s still best to choose an eyebrow color that is lighter than your head hair, or you run the risk of having it look a little weird. Plus, gels and pens always add more color than most people are expecting, so press lightly and remember, you can always add more, but you can’t rewind.

Head Hair and Eyebrow Hair Are Not the Same! 

One of the biggest mistakes that brow newbies make is dyeing their eyebrows using box-dye kits meant for head hair. And we completely understand the confusion! After all, your eyebrows are also hair growing out of your head, right?

Unfortunately, at-home kits for your hair use chemicals that can be extremely dangerous if you get any in your eyes. And your eyebrows are just way too close for this to be a safe option. We cannot recommend strongly enough for you not to use hair dye on your eyebrows.

Even if you are very confident that you won’t drip any into your beautiful eyeballs underneath, the strong peroxide will likely sting or burn your delicate facial skin. Your scalp is a little more durable, but your eyebrows are very thin, and your facial skin is sensitive. So, protect those brows (and eyeballs)!

If you really aren’t getting the color you need from your eyebrow pen or gel, one option is using a vegetable dye. However, with the right gel or pen, you should be able to achieve the color you’re looking for. You might just need to use a little extra for darker brows.


Wrapping It Up with a B(r)ow 

The world of brow makeup is an exciting one! And now that you know everything about eyebrow makeup, it’s time to get out there and find the products that make all your brow dreams come true! You don’t have to be born with thick eyebrows or splurge for expensive procedures to enjoy lush, beautiful brows. So, grab those brow products that make your heart happy, and get started!  



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