3 Amazing Eyebrow Shape Ideas for Round Faces

Emily LaCroix

There’s no end lately to the ways you can style your brows, whether you’re into bleached brows, colored brows, or dark and bold brows. There is also an endless list of ways you can style your brow. It just depends on your own personal tastes and how trendy you like to be—and how much you’re willing to commit to something that can genuinely change your entire look with even the tiniest of shifts. 

Because your eyebrows have a seriously significant impact on how you’re perceived and even in how easily people recognize you, deciding on your ideal brow look is no small matter! Brow shape in general can have a huge effect on how your face looks overall—it’s why there’s so much emphasis lately on how brows frame your face and finding the best brow shape to flatter your features.

So, then, it is a truth universally acknowledged that every woman in possession of good eyebrows must be in want of the perfect shape for her face. But the best brow shape for you depends on the shape of your face. So let’s talk about the best eyebrow shapes for round faces.

What Are the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Round Faces?

There are, of course, no real rules when it comes to beauty choices. As long as you’re healthy and you’re happy with your appearance, you’re pretty much winning. So if the suggested brow shapes for your face just don’t do it for you, that doesn’t mean you're wrong, or you have to change something that’s working for you. You can really just do you. But even though there are no rules, there are some guidelines and conventional wisdom when it comes to what shapes will flatter your face shape.

With round faces, it’s generally held that your best bet is to balance out your natural shape! Whereas round faces lack angles and sharpness, those of you with this face type may want to look to even that out with brows that are a bit more structured.

Brows With a High Arch

While the straight or fluffy brow may be tempting, this isn’t necessarily the best brow shape for your face. To balance out the lush, smooth angles of your face, you’ll want to go with something a little harsher to help give your features structure.

The idea of a high arch might feel a little daunting if you associate it with villains in 80s TV shows, soft or flat shapes can make your face feel shorter and rounder. A high arch won’t look extreme on a round face and instead will create an elongating effect so that your face looks thinner and more balanced. It will also open your eyes up and make them pop, which is a great bonus!

To get this look, you’ll actually want to outline your ideal brow shape before you set to shaping the hairs. Just outline the shape you’re going for with a brow or eye pencil. You can try brow mapping if you want a guide as to where the arch of your brow should actually be, especially if your natural brow shape is on the straighter side and it’s not entirely clear. If you don’t trust yourself to freehand the shape of your brows, you can always cheat it with a brow stencil, or by visiting a professional! No shame in that.

Once you’ve shaped your brow to have a high, defined arch, you’ll want to emphasize that with brow makeup. To get a full, natural-looking arch, we like using the Tatbrow® Microblade Pen to fill in any sparse areas and to really get in there to define the shape of your brow. Don’t be shy! Having a round face actually gives you more license than most to have a bold, structured brow without looking over the top!

You can finish your look off with a swipe of Ultra Hold Brow Gel to keep everything in place and keep your brows hydrated and healthy.

Brows With a Soft Angle

If you don’t think the drama of a hard arch really suits you, you can also try to shape your brows into more of a soft angle. Although you’re going to make the angle quite gentle, this brow should still have peaks and curves, so it should still give the elongating effect you’re looking for. You’ll still want to shape your brow to have a definite arch—so the outlining tactic we mentioned early is still a good idea—and you’ll want your brows to go down toward the outer end.

But with this brow, you can lean into gentler ways to make up your brow once you’ve shaped it. Although it’s a good idea to steer clear of products like brow powders if you have a round face, because such products tend to make your brows appear softer and less structured, and this won’t do your face any favors. It’s all about opening up and elongating! 

Our Ultra Defining Brow Gel in a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color is going to be your new best friend. You can use this versatile tool to get your brow hairs into line where they belong and to emphasize the shape of your arch, without making it as structured and extreme as you’d get if you used a pen or a pencil. 

The idea is to keep the arch pronounced, but the overall look soft. That way, you’re both bringing out the best in your features, without leaning into a brow shape you might not be comfortable with.

S-Shaped Brows

If you can’t quite picture s-shaped brows, think of the actresses Lily Collins or Penelope Cruz. They both sport bold brows in an s-shape, which is a great alternative to pronounce arches if that isn’t your vibe. S-shaped brows are actually flattering on most face shapes, so it will work well on your round face, too.

S-shaped brows are defined by a slight dip on the inner corner, which gives them their definitive s-shape. If you don’t naturally have s-shaped brows, you don’t necessarily need to pluck or wax your brows into submission. You can just use a Micro Precision Pen to artificially raise certain positions of your brow to create the s-shape and you’re good to go!

If high arches feel too high maintenance, and brow looks that require a lot of plucking and multiple statements definitely are too high maintenance for your lifestyle, perfecting the s-shaped brow is a great way to flatter your round face without having to go out of your way to get there.

In Conclusion

Your brow shape should, when it comes down to it, be defined by only one thing: you and what you like! But if you’re not sure what brow shape is going to look best on you, thinking about your face shape and exploring the options that are meant to bring out the best in your features can be a great option to complement what your momma gave you rather than working against it.

If you like the idea of these brow shapes, but you’re not sure you have thick enough brows to pull off a more structured and shapely look, there are many options like henna brows, brow tinting, or microblading to help you create the best canvas to make your brows a work of art.

Shop the Look

Whatever brow shape you decide is best for you, these products will help you refine and perfect your look.

  1. Tatbrow® Microblade Pen 
  2. Ultra Defining Brow Gel
  3. Micro Precision Pen


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