How Do I Choose My Eyebrow Shape?

Emily LaCroix

We all know that changing your eyebrows can seriously change your face. Because they make such a difference, if you’re not happy with your brows, it can be easy to see somebody else’s and want to recreate their look. But it’s important to realize that brow shape isn’t universal. What flatters someone else’s face may make yours look out of proportion, or even age you.

Just think about Whoopi Goldberg! The woman is an icon, and she doesn’t have eyebrows. Yep, that’s right—no brows whatsoever. If you didn’t already know, you probably wouldn’t have noticed until someone pointed it out, because somehow, it just works for her face. Unfortunately, just shaving your brows off is probably not the solution, so let’s talk about how to figure out what might be.

Where Do You Start?

Getting started is always the hardest part! There are many ways to go about determining your eyebrow shape, and figuring out which one is best for you will probably just be about what feels comfortable to you. One of the easiest ways to figure out what kind of brow you’re looking for is to first figure out what your face shape is.

You may already know what your face shape is. But if you don’t, it isn’t rocket science! Depending on your face shape, you can probably compare it to any online guide and get an idea. But if you want to go the extra mile and be really sure you’re barking up the right tree, you can get out the tape measure!

If You Have a Long Face’s all about balance. Because your face appears longer vertically, your best bet is to go for a more elongated shape at the end of your brows. You also probably want to lean away from high arches and angular shapes and embrace more of a straight brow. This will help to balance your features by drawing your face out a bit horizontally—and voilá! Perfect harmony.

If You Have a Round Face

...high arches are the way forward! It helps to lengthen the appearance of your face and open up the eyes, which is always a bonus. While it might be tempting to go for a gentler, rounded shape that echoes your facial structure, that’s the one shape you should avoid! It’s all about balance, not matching.

Once you have your shape, you’re going to want to lean into precision tools like our Micro Precision Pen instead of gels and powders which may give you the gentle, round shape it’s better to avoid.

If You Have a Diamond Face

Diamond faces are, as you might guess, wider around your cheekbones, tapering to a smaller chin. It’s easy to mistake a diamond face for a round face, so if you think this sounds like you, it’s worth doing a quick measure to see if you’ve been ever so slightly off.

The goal with your brows in this case is to add length to the wider part of your face and to broaden the look of your forehead. So you’re going to want a fairly angled arch and more of a curved shape to your brow overall. Do you know the cover of the film Amelie? That’s what you’re after.

If You Have a Square Face

All of your measurements are probably about the same, right? Your face is going to love a high arch, but we’re not talking angular. You’re not after an arch you could kill a man with—think Olivia Wilde, who rocks a high arch with a bit of a softer curve. It helps to balance out your gorgeous, angular features.

If You Have a Heart-Shaped Face

...your tape measure will show you that your forehead is wider than your chin. Your face will be best flattered by a more gentle arch. It’s also a great face shape to experiment with fluffy brows! Because your forehead is wider than your chin, big bold brows complement rather than overwhelm. Think Cara Delevigne or Kourtney Kardashian!

If you have a heart-shaped face and read this only to look forlornly in the mirror at thin or patchy brows, don’t worry. There are a lot of options to get the bold brow look if that’s what you want! In addition to makeup (or potentially more long-lasting solutions like brow tinting and microblading), we recommend regular use of Brow Enhancement Serum to help encourage new growth so you can have the thick, luscious brows you deserve.

If You Have an Oval Face

The thing to avoid? Drama. Oval faces aren’t best flattered by high arches and sharp angles, nor are they complemented by long, flat brows. 

You want something basic and gently angled. With an oval face shape, according to conventional standards, your face is pretty well-proportioned. So it’s all about complimenting, for you, rather than balancing or changing.

But What Else Is There?

If you’re in between face shapes, or you just don’t think the recommended brow shape for your particular face shape suits you after all, there are of course other options for finding the best brow shape for you.

Think About the Set of Your Eyes

Another useful trick for figuring out your best brows is to consider how your eyes are set. If your eyes are more closely set, a longer, more extended brow is going to help open up your face. But make sure to keep your brows soft and full—if they’re too thin, they’ll serve to highlight anything that is out of proportion rather than flatter your features.

If your eyes are more wide-set—think of the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried—you’ll want to start your brows a little closer to your nose than you otherwise might to help pull things into the middle. You’ll also want softer brows.

Try Eyebrow Mapping

Eyebrow mapping is an increasingly popular technique for shaping your eyebrows. It might sound complicated and unfamiliar, but actually, most technicians do a version of brow mapping any time you have your brows professionally waxed, tinted, or otherwise worked on. 

And if you’ve ever plucked or shaped your own brows, you’ve probably tried a watered-down version of brow mapping, even if you didn’t know it.

But if attempting to shape your brows on your own has left you with over-plucked brows, thinking about brow mapping as you try to grow them back and re-shape them can go a long way toward fixing this common brow woe. Mapping your brows takes just three easy steps.

  1. Use a makeup brush or pencil, and angle it from the corner of your nose to the inside corner of your eye. This should be where your brow starts.
  2. Hold the brush or pencil from the corner of your nose to the center of your eye. There’s your arch!
  3. Lastly, hold the brush or pencil from the corner of your nose to the outer edge of your eye… and that’s where your brows should end.

Not remotely where your brow currently rests? We’ve been there. If you’re looking for symmetrical, structured brows to flatter your face, brow mapping is a great option for you. But if Megan Fox circa Transformers is not your go-to brow inspiration, there are other ways to find the shape of your perfect brows!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a change, or just to ensure that your current brow shape is doing the most, figuring out your face shape can help get you to the brows of your dreams. But if that isn’t the answer for you, learning about brow mapping is another great way to ensure you’re looking your best!

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