Want To Get an Eyebrow Tattoo? 4 Things You Must Know Before You Do

Emily LaCroix

Eyebrows are a significant feature of everyone's appearance because they highlight the eyes and frame the face. There are many different procedures you can have done to improve your brows. Some of these options are semi-permanent, while others will last forever. 

For the past few years, microblading, microshading, and other brow filling methods have become popular. Tattooing was the original form of cosmetic makeup, and it's still an option, but is it the best procedure to get? 

We are going to tell you four things you need to know before you get a brow tattoo. There are several things you should be aware of before you go under the needle. 

What Is an Eyebrow Tattoo? 

First, let's go over exactly what an eyebrow tattoo is since not everyone knows. While other treatments involve placing pigment under the skin, they aren't necessarily tattoos. A proper tattoo uses a special gun to inject ink deep into the skin. A tattoo artist can do a feathered brow look, powdered brow, and a solid brow. 

A feathered brow is the tattoo style that attempts to mimic brow hairs. The technique involves drawing small lines to fill and shape the brows. This style is one of the most natural-looking forms of brow tattooing. 

A powdered brow is a softer look than a feathered brow. It involves creating tiny dots to fill in the brows. The tattoo artists use lighter ink in the front of the brows and darker ink at the tail end. The lighter ink provides a more subtle look and isn't as harsh. 

A solid brow is what you probably think of when you hear about an eyebrow tattoo. It's a sharp brow look with defined lines that resemble an eyebrow marker. This version is not the look most people want. 

Is an Eyebrow Tattoo Different Than Microblading? 

You may be thinking that an eyebrow tattoo sounds like microblading. It’s not the same thing because the procedure is very different. 

Microblading uses pigment and not ink like in a tattoo. The pigment is meant to fade, while the ink is designed to last. The pigment is a lighter version of the color, so it looks more natural. Microblading is only a semi-permanent procedure since the pigment dissipates over time. 

The procedure itself is also different from eyebrow tattooing. Microblading involves a handheld tool with 7-17 needles in various shapes. It is a pen-like tool that an esthetician can use manually. A tattoo is done with a machine that has a single needle bundle.

There are different reasons to get microblading versus a brow tattoo. Microblading can add definition and shape to an eyebrow using very fine lines that look like brow hairs. A tattoo is going to fully fill in your brows and give you the appearance of a thicker style. 

Both procedures are painful, but tattooing can hurt a little more since the ink is placed deeper into the skin. Microblading generally costs more than brow tattooing, costing well over a thousand dollars in some cases. An eyebrow tattoo, on the other hand, is usually only a few hundred dollars. 

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Tattoo 

If you want to get an eyebrow tattoo, you should consider a few things before making a final decision. Here are four things you should know when deciding what to do. 

1. It’s Permanent 

The first thing to keep in mind is that a tattoo is permanent. It is not going to disappear after a few years like microblading or microshading. Since a tattoo involves placing ink deep into the skin, it lasts forever. The other procedures only implant pigment a few layers deep. If you decide you don't like your tattooed eyebrows or want a different shape after a few years, there's not much you can do. 

2. It’s Painful 

A tattoo penetrates deep into the skin, causing pain and damage to the skin. While microblading is painful, it doesn't hurt as much, and the recovery time isn't as long as it is with a tattoo. After you get a tattoo, your skin goes through a healing process, just like if you had an injury. 

3. It’s Not Natural Looking 

A professional microblade esthetician can create very fine lines. These lines are natural-looking and blend in with your natural eyebrow hairs. However, even an experienced tattoo artist can't make the same delicate lines with a tattoo needle. Tattooed eyebrows look more solid and drawn on and don't often appear natural. It is harder to blend in tattoo lines with your real brow hair. 

4. Tattoo Ink Changes Color Over Time 

As you know, when you get a tattoo, they use ink. Microblading uses a specialized pigment. The two may sound similar but are actually very different.

While tattoo ink doesn't dissolve on its own, it does fade over time. As the ink ages, it begins to change color. Around the edges of a tattoo, the ink often develops a blue-green-colored hue. This color change happens most often with black ink. Red pigments in ink fade more rapidly, so if red is mixed in to make certain colors, they will eventually change.  

When you consider that this ink will be permanently on your face, you may not want blueish-green brows in the future. This color is not only unflattering but also not natural-looking. If you have darker brows, you may want to consider an alternative to a tattoo. 

If you decide you still want a brow tattoo, look for an artist with experience in cosmetic tattooing. Ask for before and after photos to see if their work looks good. You may also want to check out any reviews left for them. Since this is a permanent procedure done on your face, it is of the utmost importance that it's done correctly. You'll never regret doing too much research!

How To Achieve Full Brows Without a Tattoo 

You don't have to get an eyebrow tattoo or even microblading if you want a fuller look. There are several ways to do it without getting ink or pigment injected into your skin. 

Eyebrow Tinting

Another semi-permanent option without involving needles is eyebrow tinting. Just like you dye your hair, you can dye your eyebrows. The dye will define every brow hair giving the appearance of more hair. 

Tinting is especially beneficial for those that have blonde or very light-colored brows. A slight tint will go a long way. You don't want to go too dark if your natural hair color isn't dark because it can be too bold and look unnatural. 

You can go to a salon to have this treatment done, or you can do it at home with a bit of training. You will first need to choose the right color. Once you find your color, apply it to your brows. You only need to leave the dye on for a short period. After, it would help if you reconditioned your brows since coloring can be very drying to the hair.  It will last anywhere between three to eight weeks. The length of time all depends on each individual. 

Here are some of the factors in how long your tinting will last:

  • What kind of dye you use 
  • If you scrub your face 
  • The type of makeup remover or face wash you use
  • How much exposure to the sun your face gets
  • If you use sunscreen 
  • The rate at which your hair grows and sheds.

People generally tint their eyebrows once a month. 

Grow More Brow Hairs

If you have thin brows, or you would like to add more eyebrow hairs to create a thicker look, you can actually grow more hair. Similar to eyelash growth treatments, some products will help you produce more eyebrow hair, like TatBrow Enhancement Serum

The serum has many essential nutrients for hair growth. It works by stimulating your hair follicles, which encourages new hair production. The serum lasts for 16 weeks, so it's not a quick treatment, but it can be very beneficial. 

Apply Makeup 

There are a plethora of makeup products specifically designed to give you thicker brows. If you want the microbladed look without any of the pain, try the TatBrow Microblade Pen. Its special tip creates the illusion of tiny brow hairs, just like microblading. 

If you want a more simple brow routine, try TatBrow Ultra Defining Brow Gel. The product is thickening and conditioning your brows when you apply it. Simply swipe it through your brows to add color and volume! 


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In Summary 

There are several things you should consider before getting an eyebrow tattoo. The procedure is painful and permanent, and you will be stuck with whatever brows you choose. The ink can also fade to a different color over time. 

Makeup can help you achieve the look of a tattoo or microblading without any of the risks. TatBrow products are easy to use and will give you the brows you've always wanted. 



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