Why Fox Eyebrows Are So Popular

Emily LaCroix

The thinner, more angular eyebrows inspired by the sultry 2000's stars, like Megan Fox, are back in style. The look’s resurgence is thanks to supermodels and celebrities opting for the fox brow look. Now it's trending on social media, and everyone is trying to achieve this brow style. 

Makeup artists will tape brows back to get the look, but this can be a bit much for your everyday makeup. However, there are ways you can do your makeup to achieve this trending style without tape. There are also cosmetic procedures if you want to have this look semi-permanently. 

We are going to go over why the look is popular and how you can get fox brows. 

What Are Fox Eyebrows?

The fox brow is a flat eyebrow look that makeup artists have been creating for a long time. Supermodels love the look and their fans have taken notice. More and more people recreated the style until the trend was everywhere.

If you're on TikTok, you're probably already very familiar with the fox brows by now. Countless Y2K fans worship Megan Fox, who has made it back into the spotlight this year. She is the queen of the fox brow, and her recent popularity has only made it more prevalent. 

This style of brow serves as a face-lift, especially when tape is involved. Makeup pros take the tape and raise the brows and elevate the eyes. However, you can create the illusion with makeup alone. The fox brow technique can give you a more youthful appearance. 

Brow trends come and go and come back again thanks to pop culture. Stars like Cara Delevingne made the thick, fluffy brows popular over the last decade. This fuller brow look is thought to be more low-maintenance than the thinner fox brows. However, the bold brow is still in style, and you should consider which trend best suits you. 

Before waxing or tweezing, examine your face shape and bone structure. You want to balance out your features with your brows. People with rounder or fuller faces benefit the most from an angled eyebrow look. On the flip side, people with slimmer faces can look too harsh with straight brows. 

You also want to consider your current brows and how they may look with a new style. If you have thin and patchy brows, you may have to use more makeup to achieve certain looks. For some people, the bushy, fuller eyebrow can bring harmony to their features. For others, the fox brow is the way to go. 

How To Create a Fox Brow Look

If you decide the fox brow is a style you want to try, you can use makeup to get the look. However, before makeup, you need to groom your brows. 

The key for the fox brow look is symmetry. It can be difficult to achieve a symmetrical look on your own face. You already know this if you've ever tried to get the winged liner to look exactly the same on both eyes. Usually, you get your eyes to look more like sisters than twins. You can go to an expert if you want help grooming the brows just right. 

If you don't go to a pro, be careful when removing your brow hair. When people want to create a better arch, they remove hair from the front part of their brow bone. However, if you do this, your eyebrows can end up looking more like rainbows. You only want a very subtle arch. The fox brow is mostly a straight look. 

A brow professional can help you get a defined shape. You will want to show them the shape you are going for so they have a guide to follow. Someone with experience, though, will know how to create the fox brow shape. 

If you're set on achieving the look at home, it is important to follow a few steps. First, shape your brows with a pencil in front of your mirror. Next, tweeze the hairs outside the lines with a magnifying mirror. You don't want to shape your brows up close and personal because you can end up with an unnatural shape. 

Applying Makeup

After you've shaped your brows to your liking, it's time for makeup. You can use whatever brow products you want, but a brow pencil or pen will work. You may also want a brow gel to set the look and tame any wiry brows

First, outline the brow shape with a pen, like TatBrow's Micro Precision Pen. Its ultra-fine tip can help you draw the shape without making your brows too bold. Next, fill in the brows by making short strokes with the pen. After, use a brow gel to slick the brow hairs back. 

Finish off the look by cleaning up the edges with a little bit of concealer on a small brush. You can also accentuate the fox brow with a winged liner to really complete the look. 

Fox Brow Cosmetic Procedure

If you really like the fox eye look, you can get a semi-permanent procedure to have it without makeup. The treatment is a minimally invasive surgery that lifts the brows and outer corners of the eyes, which helps to lengthen the eyes and looks good even when you're not wearing makeup. 

Supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner both have this look. The surgery is especially beneficial for those with mild hooded lids. You will see a difference in your brows at the ends, as they will be raised to be straighter. 

The entire surgery can take less than 30 minutes. You do have to go under local anesthesia to have the procedure done. Once you're under, threads are placed into your face using a needle. The thread pulls the brows and eyes up for the fox brow effect. 

The healing process can take weeks and you can expect bruising, swelling, and soreness for up to 14 days. You also have to avoid sun exposure, lasers, and pressure to the area for at least three to four weeks. 

The results won't stay forever. People can expect it to last for six to 12 months. Generally, people have to go back once a year for maintenance if they want to keep the look. The procedure starts at around $900 and goes up from there. This price does not include touch-ups. 

You can also get a non-invasive procedure that doesn't involve going under, but the results aren't as dramatic. You can change the shape of your eyes with fillers and fat to get the fox brow look. A doctor will place the filler at the outer edge of the brow to lift it up. The results are subtle but can last for up to two years. However, people that genetically lose collagen at a faster rate don't see the same results. 

If you do decide to get the procedure, go to an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Don't try to find the place that will do it for the cheapest price. There are doctors that are great at nose jobs but don't know how to work around the eyes. You want a highly trained professional in cosmetic eye and brow surgeries. 

The skin, tissue, and muscles around your eyes are unique, and someone untrained can do the procedure wrong. If you're unhappy after the surgery, it won't be easy to undo. You may end up having to go to a better surgeon to get it fixed. Therefore, save yourself the stress and money and go to the right person the first time. 

Restoring Your Brows

If you don't have enough brow hair to get the look, plenty of treatments can help you achieve fox brows. 

Growth Serum

There are growth serums for those with thinning hair and patchiness or people who just want bushier brows. These treatments can help grow your brow hair back so you can shape them however you want. 

TatBrow Brow Enhancement Serum is an excellent option if you want more brow hair. It’s a 16-week treatment full of vitamins and amino acids. It will stimulate hair growth and nourish your brows. The serum can work for everyone!


You can also get the appearance of more brow hairs through microblading. This procedure is like a tattoo, except the results are only semi-permanent. The pigment is placed underneath the top layer of skin so it will eventually fade. 

You do have to go to a brow specialist for two appointments to get the look. They will use a machine to make tiny hair-like strokes in your brows to shape them and fill in the sparse areas. The results last anywhere from one to two years. 

In Summary

Anyone can achieve the fox brow look with a little time and patience. You can get professional help shaping your brows or a semi-permanent treatment to perfect the look. You can also always use makeup, like TatBrow products, to take part in this trend. 



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