How to Become an Eyebrow Specialist and What Does One Do?

Emily LaCroix

Eyebrows can completely change the look of any face. Well-groomed eyebrows can perfectly frame the face and make you seem more put together, while unruly brows can make your whole appearance seem unkempt. 

So, who can help you achieve the perfect eyebrows? An eyebrow specialist, that’s who! They can help you tweeze, wax, thread, and microblade your brows into perfection. There are no brows too far gone that an eyebrow specialist can't fix. There are different eyebrow specialists for different procedures. 

Eyebrow care is a booming business, and thanks to products from brands like TatBrow, anyone can achieve the perfect brow at home with practice and patience. We are going to go over what an eyebrow specialist does and how you can become one yourself. 

What Is an Eyebrow Specialist?

Eyebrow specialists are well-trained technicians to help those not naturally blessed with beautiful brows (if you’re one of those blessed people, we’re totally jealous).  They work in salons and spas and use a variety of different techniques to shape someone's brows. There are a lot of people who go to an eyebrow specialist to get advice on what shape will work best for their face and how to achieve that look. 

Eyebrow professionals know how to recognize suitable eyebrow shapes and thickness for their clients depending on their facial features and personal style. 

These are the different eyebrow shapes: 

  • Arched: An arched eyebrow has a lifted section towards the highest point. 
  • S-Shape: The S-shape is not as common as the arched shape. It has a subtle dip after the start of the brow and goes up in the center. This brow shape can add definition and geometry to your face if you have rounder features. 
  • Rounded: Rounded eyebrows fit with the eye's natural shape and don't have an arch. Rounded doesn't necessarily mean a harsh half-circle-shaped brow, but a softly rounded shape can flatter someone with an angled face structure. 
  • Straight: Straight or flat brows have no arch in them. They may have a slight tilt in the tail. This type of brows can make the eye area look bigger and brighter. 

These different shapes can be bushy or thin depending on the best thickness for your face, and an eyebrow specialist will be able to make a recommendation. 

What Does An Eyebrow Specialist Do?

Once your eyebrow specialist decides the best eyebrow shape for you, what do they actually do to help you achieve that look? There are a variety of different services and procedures that they can do to give you the results you're looking for!  


The specialists will brush up your eyebrows and pluck the ones necessary to create the shape you want. They use high-quality tweezers that can effortlessly grab onto the hair and remove it. They may also trim the eyebrows if needed. A specialist will remove just the right amount of hair to achieve the desired look and not overpluck. 


Waxing is another popular technique for shaping brows. A specialist will apply wax precisely over the hair that needs to be removed and rip it out from the root. Waxing can make your skin look bright skin pink, but the color fades entirely after 24 hours. 


This technique has been around for centuries and originated in Asia and the Middle East. Eyebrow specialists now use threading all over the world. The process uses threads to remove the eyebrow hair carefully, but it's not as tedious as tweezing. Plus, eyebrow threading is an even more precise practice than waxing. A specialist can remove the tiniest hairs from the hair follicle with threading.  


Unlike the other techniques we mentioned, microblading puts pigment on the skin to achieve the shape and doesn't necessarily remove hair. It's a semi-permanent tattoo that can shape and fill in your eyebrows. People with thin eyebrows tend to love microblading because it can create the appearance of fuller brows. 

However, if you're not ready to go under the needle, you can use TatBrow to achieve the look of microblading. The tip of our microblade pen is specifically designed to create the appearance of eyebrow hair, and unlike microblading, TatBrow is painless and affordable. You can get a natural-looking brow in seconds without having to go to an eyebrow specialist. 

How Do You Become An Eyebrow Specialist?

If becoming an eyebrow specialist sounds like a possible career path for you, there are certain things you need to consider. 

Eyebrow specialists have to be good listeners and good communicators so they can adequately serve their clients. If you've ever ended up with a haircut you didn't ask for or walked out of the salon with a slightly different color than you were hoping for, you already know how important this is. You and your clients must be on the same page. 

Becoming an eyebrow specialist also requires training. It depends on which eyebrow shaping technique you want to be able to perform, but each one takes practice and education to perfect. You can get a certificate in these services or become an esthetician.

Being an esthetician goes beyond just eyebrows. They are skincare specialists. They can give facials and do other services besides eyebrows. The majority of states require cosmetology, esthetician, or medical licenses to practice as a brow specialist. There are different regulations in each state, so depending on where you live and what services you want to offer will decide what type of education you receive. 

The Cost of Becoming a Brow Specialist​

As far as the cost to become a brow specialist, it varies from school to school and state to state. You may want to look for certification with a school or organization that certifies across the country. If you do this, you can avoid having to get recertified if you move. Some programs can be completed in a day and cost only $500, while becoming an esthetician can cost much more. 

There are different schools, groups, and organizations that offer training for eyebrow specialists. Various salons also offer certification classes in eyebrow threading and waxing. So do a little research where you live and find the best option for you! 

How To Become Your Own Personal Eyebrow Specialist

If you're not trying to become a certified brow specialist, but you want to master doing your own brows, you can learn tips and tricks for your specific needs. 

Look at different face shapes to identify your own and then decide what brow shape will look best. There are a number of tools you can get. There are even eyebrow stencils that you can use as a guide. They ensure you remove the hair you need to remove and don't remove too much. Once you settle on a shape, here are a few pointers to keep in mind to help you achieve the look. 

Keep It Symmetrical​ 

No matter what shape you choose, you also want to make sure you keep your eyebrows symmetrical. A straight edge tool, like a spoolie brush, can help you check the distances and angles. Place the brush vertically between your brows on the center of your nose to make sure your eyebrows are the same distance away.

 Examine the bottom and tops of your brow line as well by holding the brush horizontally. Keep in mind that no one is going to have perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. As long as they look related, they don't have to be identical.

Tweeze in the Right Direction​ 

If you are tweezing your hairs, make sure you pull them out in the natural growth direction. Every brow hair is attached to a tiny blood vessel, and if you tweeze the hair in the wrong direction, you can rupture the blood vessel. This can cause swelling and even scarring. Always try to pluck the hair in the same direction it grows. 

If you pluck too much on one brow, do not over-pluck the other brow so they match. Use makeup to make your brows look even and wait for the brow hairs to grow back.

Trim Your Brows Carefully​

When trimming your brows, things can quickly go wrong. It is easy to overestimate the amount you need to take off. Start conservatively and go from there. Use a spoolie and brush all the hair straight up and trim individual hairs that are the longest. Try to avoid just trimming them straight across. This may make them look choppy when you brush them back down. 

Embrace the Bushy Brow​ 

Thin eyebrows have been out of style for a while. Now, it’s all about the bushy brows. Allow your brows to grow back. There will be an awkward stage in the regrowth process as new hairs start to peek through, but resist the urge to remove them. Try to only pluck and trim your brows when necessary. 

Products to Use for Great Brows

If you get any service besides microblading, you will likely still need to fill in your brows. After you shape your brows to perfect the look, you will need certain products. Knowing what to get and how to use it can make all the difference when you're trying to become your own brow specialist. Here are a few products to consider adding to your makeup bag: 

Brow Pen​ 

There are countless brow pens on the market, but not all are created equal. TatBrow Microblade Pen has a uniquely designed tip to help you create the look of microblading without the pain (and cost). 

The pen helps you fill any holes or spots in your brows. The effect makes it look like you have naturally full brows because of the hair-like strokes the pen makes. Plus, the Microblade Pen is waterproof and will last up to 24 hours. If you're unsure what shade you should select, look at your hair's roots and select a color to match. This will look the most natural. 

Brow Gel​ 

Many brow experts recommend using brow gel. This product allows you to add color and fullness to your brows quickly. Brow gel can also tame bushy brows by holding them in place. 

TatBrow has two brow gels to choose from. The Ultra Defining Brow Gel adds color but does so much more. The custom formula thickens, shapes, and locks your brows into place for over 12 hours. The Ultra Hold Brow Gel is a clear product that will shape and hold your brows all day without leaving behind a residue. 

Brow Serum​

If you have thin brows, either naturally or from over-plucking, brow serum is going to be your new best friend. TatBrow’s Brow Enhancement Serum can restore your brows and have them looking fuller and bolder in weeks. Once your brows have grown back, you can shape them how you like.


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In Summary

Brow specialists can provide a number of different services for their clients. They know how to pick the perfect eyebrow shape for anyone's face. They also know the best way to achieve the look. Depending on their education, they can tweeze, wax, thread, and microblade brows. 

However, if you don't have any interest in this career path, you can still become a brow specialist for yourself. First, pick a shape that best suits your face. Then, gather the correct tools to achieve the look. Finally, finish with makeup products that can help you fill in your brows and complete the brow. 

TatBrow makes excellent products that can give you natural-looking hairs and hold your brows in place all day. 



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