How to Draw Eyebrows When You Have None

Emily LaCroix

For many people out there, eyebrow products can be a little discouraging. Gels, tweezers, and everything in between are called upon to try and wrangle brows into the right shape. But what about people who simply don’t have eyebrows? This can be from a combination of light hair color, aging skin, certain medications, or just genetics.

If you’re one of those people who wasn’t blessed with thick, luscious eyebrows, don’t despair! You don’t have to deal with constantly looking surprised or crudely applied pencil liners that smudge with the lightest touch. We’ve got you covered!

Plus, it doesn’t take an artist to give you the eyebrows of your dreams and liven up that pretty face. TatBrow is here to provide you with all the information you need on how to draw those perfect eyebrows when you have none.

Back to the Drawing Board 

Drawing in your eyebrows doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these simple steps, it’s easy to plan out exactly where your eyebrows will be, their shape, and the thickness you want. For the first few times you draw them in, we recommend using a light makeup pencil to mark the edges or corners, so you have an idea of the area you want to cover.

Pick a Color, Any Color 

Well, maybe not any color. When you choose makeup to fill in your eyebrows or draw them on, you want to try and pick something that matches your hair color or a shade that is only slightly darker. This doesn’t mean that you have to match your eyebrow hair color: we mean your head hair.

Plenty of natural blondes suffer from a major lack of eyebrows because the combination of white or light hair on light skin can leave your eyebrows feeling lost. In that case, look for a pen or pencil that is made for blondes. The color will be a little bit darker than your eyebrows naturally are so that you’ll be able to see them better and make them really pop!

Conversely, if you have a darker skin tone, you don’t want to choose a lighter eyebrow color because that can look a little strange, especially if your head hair is naturally dark too. Keep in mind, though, this advice is for people who want to achieve a natural look. If you are a trendsetter and want pink eyebrows to match your cotton-candy blue hair, feel free to throw this color advice right out the window!

Setting the Stage 

Obviously, when you have no eyebrow hairs at all, you decide exactly where you want your eyebrows to be. Choose any shape, style, and color to match your taste. However, if you’re looking for more natural-looking eyebrows, there are a few simple ways to achieve that look.

The first one is deciding where your eyebrows will be. When determining the height of your eyebrows, take two fingers and feel around your face. It’s easy to feel the bones of your eye socket and along that top ridge is your eyebrow.

Depending on the thickness and style you’re going for, your eyebrow width may vary, but you usually want to draw it starting from the edge of your eye socket and moving upwards. Generally, an eyebrow will be at most the width of your pinky finger, although for people with higher foreheads, you may want to go for more prominent brows or move them up slightly.

It’s essential to consider your facial shape at this point. Smaller faces with lower foreheads often look better with thinner brows. People with wider set eyes need to account for the distance between the eyebrows more than people with narrower set eyes. Follow the natural curve of your facial features as much as possible for a more natural look.

An Inside Job 

Typically, a person’s eyebrow will begin near the center of the face. To find that, take your forefinger and gently place it in the inside corner of your eye. Be careful not to actually stick your finger in your eye here! Ouch! Angle your finger around 45 degrees towards your nose, and move it up until you have crested the brow ridge.

It’s best to use an eyebrow pencil to make a small mark there instead of your finger when you’re first learning to draw in your eyebrows. It will likely become muscle memory after practicing a few times, so don’t worry too much if you need to mark on your face the first few times. That will be the inside of your eyebrow. The inside is generally where the hair grows up to your hairline straight and then branches out to go horizontally away from your nose.

Moving on Out 

Similar to your inside edge, for the outer edge, start your finger in the outer corner of your eye. Turn it to a 45-degree angle towards your ear, and then move your finger upwards until you have crested the brow ridge. Mark that space with your pencil if you want to keep track. That should give you a rough estimate of where to end your eyebrow. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Natural eyebrows tend to trail off instead of abruptly ending, so if that’s the look you’re going for, press lightly with your pen or pencil when you draw on your brow tail, so it looks like the hair becomes sparser near the tip.

The Arch 

Now, for the best part! Let’s be honest, the most defining factor of an eyebrow is the arch, right? Some people like to have steeply arched brows, while others prefer flatter, softer brows. Your facial shape will dictate your natural arch a little bit if you follow your brow ridge, but our brows naturally grow in a mostly straight line.

Keep in mind that you’ll be making your line on a curved surface, i.e., your face, so it won’t be like drawing a line on a piece of paper. If you want a bit of an arch, just remember that your face’s natural curvature will arch your brow a bit even if you draw it completely straight, so try not to go overboard with the sharp lines.

The highest point of your arch should be directly above your pupil. Look straight at yourself in the mirror and use a pencil to draw right above your pupil to see when to start the arch, the apex, and when to begin descending. How high you arch your brows is, of course, totally up to you. This is your work of art!

The Right Pen for You 

It’s all about your pen! Our Microblade Brow Pen can easily help you draw on natural-looking eyebrows in a flash. No more spending hours in front of the mirror when you want to just get up and go! With our easy-to-use microblade pen, it’s your turn to draw on simple, beautiful eyebrows in under a minute and transform your entire face.

We offer a selection of six different colors to ensure that your brows look like Mother Nature provided them. With our patented brush tip pen, create a look that is all your own and still resembles natural hair. With a few thin strokes, you’ll add perfect hairs every time. And the best part?

It’s completely waterproof and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours after application! You don’t have to worry that you’ll sweat off your brows dancing the night away in the club. When you get home exhausted and ready for bed, just use your normal makeup remover, and the brow pen will come off clean as a whistle. How’s that for convenience?

Using the Microblade Pen 

When we say we made it simple, we aren’t kidding! In fact, we break down how to use every product we offer, just to make sure everyone can achieve the eyebrows of their dreams. For the Microblade Pen, it’s very straightforward. So, let’s get started on those beautiful brows! Here’s how:

  •       Don’t apply any products around the area of your eyebrows beforehand.
  •       Carefully angle the pen so that the slanted edge of the tip is horizontal to where your brow will be.
  •       Ensure that all four of the tips of the pen are touching your skin.
  •       Begin at the bottom and gently sweep upwards for short, even strokes.
  •       After 20 strokes, shake the pen, and let it sit upside down for a little while so the wick can soak up more makeup ink.
  •       Once you’ve finished with your brows, try not to touch them for five or more minutes, so the ink has a chance to dry properly.
  •       Don’t forget to cap up your pen!

Wrapping It Up with a B(r)ow 

Now that you know all about drawing on your own eyebrows, upping your brow game should be a cinch! With the right tools in your hands, you’ll make that beautiful face even sweeter with thick, gorgeous eyebrows that follow the natural curves of your face. So, let’s accentuate those sparkling eyes and make sure that everyone notices you brought your brow A-game!



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