How To Fade Semi-Permanent Eyebrows: What To Do When It Goes Wrong

Emily LaCroix

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a hair color you don't like, but it's even worse if you're stuck with semi-permanent brows that just don't look that great. Maybe the place you got them done at just didn't do a very good job, or you just want a change but don't have the time to wait for them to fade out naturally. 

Either way, there is no need to panic. There are ways you can get rid of those not-so-great brows. The great thing about using semi-permanent eyebrow dye (aka eyebrow tint) is that it will fade naturally within six to eight weeks.

There are multiple ways to help your eyebrow tint fade faster, but you have to be careful with which method you use. Sometimes trying to fade your eyebrow tint can lead to damage to the skin and hair. Here at TatBrow, we like to think of ourselves as brow experts, and we want to help you get those perfect brows back!

We're going to tell you all the do's and don'ts when trying to fade your eyebrow tint and walk you through what to do if it goes wrong. If you want your natural brows back, then keep on reading!

What Are Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

Before we get into the good stuff, let's talk about what exactly semi-permanent eyebrows are. You must know what the formula is made up of before applying any kind of remover or using any fading methods. 

Semi-permanent eyebrows are more commonly known as tinted eyebrows. If you did your research before getting your eyebrows tinted, you would have talked with the technician about their tint formula before your session. 

The best formulas are made out of either henna or semi-permanent vegetable dye, but that's not to say that some salons don't use other kinds of dyes or formulas. The golden standard for eyebrow tint is henna or semi-permanent vegetable dye because they're the most natural and have minimal ingredients. 

If your eyebrow tint looks extremely unnatural and dark, the dye was mixed incorrectly, or your technician is using the wrong kind of dye. The best way to avoid a botched eyebrow tint is to clearly communicate with your technician what you desire the finished look to resemble. And remember, always ask what kind of dye the salon uses

However, if you're panicking on your drive home from the salon, take a breather. After your first shower and wash your face, the tint will fade some, and it should start to look more natural. You should only stress if, days after your appointment, they still don't look right. 

How To Fade Semi Permanent Eyebrows

If it's been days since your appointment and your brows are still looking a little rough, then it might be time to take measures into your own hands. Let's talk about the best (and safest) ways to get your natural brows back. First, you'll have to ask yourself and your technician a few questions.

Is Your Hair Dyed, Or Your Skin? 

A lot of the time, when the eyebrow tint doesn't look right, the skin behind your hair gets dye on it and your hair. This can leave the tint looking very noticeable and unnatural. 

Take a close look at your eyebrows and comb the hairs around a bit. You should be able to tell if your skin got dyed as well. 

If this is the case for you, the fix is quick and easy! Just take an oil or silicone-based makeup remover and apply it to a damp cloth. Softly massage your eyebrows until there is brown residue on the cloth that's the dye getting removed from your skin. After a few washes, this should calm your brows down a few shades. 

If Your Hair Is Dyed Too Dark 

If your skin isn't the issue, your hair is probably dyed a shade or two too dark. Don't worry; the fix can be just as simple and easy as the last one. It just may take a few tries to get your desired result. 

Do: Use Clarifying Shampoo 

If it wasn't your skin that was dyed, and the tint itself is just too dark, then you should try a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo should strip the hair of any built-up residue or color. 

Be very careful when using this as you're super close to your eyes. If normal shampoo were to get in your eyes, you should be fine. It would just cause redness and irritation, but clarifying shampoo is a bit more intense, so you need to be extra careful. 

We suggest brushing it on with a toothbrush for extra precision. After about 60 seconds, wipe it away. You should see brown residue on the washcloth, and your brows should look a shade or two lighter. 

Do: Use DIY Baking Soda Recipe 

If you're into the more natural side of the makeup world, you go girl; the fewer additives and chemicals, the better! If the thought of using a harsh clarifying shampoo doesn't sound too appealing to you, then we have some options for you. 

This at-home remedy is actually used at some salons to help fade hair dye. Take your daily shampoo and baking soda to make a thick paste. It should be a one-to-one ratio. Apply a thick coat to your eyebrows and let sit for a few minutes. 

Don't feel discouraged if it doesn't work the first go-around. It may take a few tries. 

Don’t: Panic 

Never panic if nothing is working when you're trying to fade your brows. If all else fails, you should call your salon and ask the technician what exactly is in the dye used on your eyebrows. This can help you pinpoint exactly what the issue is and how you can fade it quicker. 

Either way, it should be completely faded out after eight weeks anyways. It may seem like an eternity, but trust us, it'll go by quicker than you think. Try to hang in there! 

What To Do If the Removal Process Goes Wrong 

The only way a tint removal process can go wrong is if you use an extreme hair dye remover on your eyebrows. It leaves them damaged, and brittle harsh dye removers can even cause your hair to fall out. 

If you don't want to completely botch the removal process, then we suggest you follow our easy tips and tricks. They should work (at least a little) and have your brows looking better each session. 

If you've already damaged your brows and are looking for a solution, then we have some options for you. Even if your brows are damaged or falling out, you can always fill them in at home. You don't have to worry about them coming out too dark or bold because you can just wipe it off and start fresh. 

If you're trying to fill in sparse areas while keeping a natural look, we suggest our Microblade Pen. It gives you that professional salon look without dealing with the stress of going through a permanent procedure. 

Yes, people can find filling in their brows stressful. Still, nowadays, there are so many awesome products (like our Ultra Defining Brow Gel) that make the application process so easy. It's much more comforting knowing if you mess up, you can just wipe it away and start fresh unlike microblading or eyebrow tint. 

Of course, we want you to pick the option that makes you feel the most comfortable, but never skip an at-home application out of fear that you won't be good enough at it. All it takes is practice. Your brows will look like Cara Delevinge in no time!

In Conclusion 

Yes, eyebrows that are too dark can make you feel out of place and not yourself, but there is no reason to get worked up over it. As long as you follow our tips and tricks, your brows should be back to their normal color in no time. Even if they aren't back to their original color, the tint will fade on its own in (max) eight weeks. 


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Try to steer clear of any harsh removal chemicals as they can damage your skin and hair. Your best bet is an oil-based facial cleanser and warm water!



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