How To Get Perfect Eyebrows In 6 Easy Steps

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Perfectly shaped brows have been taking over the beauty scene. Thick, full eyebrows are now all the rage and everywhere you look you’ll find products and tools that swear to give you red carpet worthy brows.

If eyes are the windows to the soul then eyebrows are the trendy matching curtains!

The days of thin ‘barely there’ eyebrows are gone and perfecting your brows to naturally suit your face is the key to a finished look. Google searches and YouTube have become the ‘go-to’ place to find tutorials and basic knowledge on this trend.

However, with so many products, concepts, and tools it can get difficult to navigate through all of the advice available.

In order to help you on your eyebrow journey, we’ve compiled 5 easy steps that you can follow on your quest to flawless brows.

Read on to get the best eyebrows of your life.

Invest in High-Quality Tools

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When it comes to your eyebrow tools you won’t want to be stingy. An excellent pair of tweezers can quickly change your eyebrow plucking experience. A tweezer with a slanted tip is easier to maneuver and makes plucking stray hairs a breeze. A stainless steel design is perfect to avoid skin irritation while you groom your brows.

A brow brush is another absolute must-have in your eyebrow tool collection, especially if you have naturally bold and thick brows. Brushing out your brows every morning will keep them looking neat and well groomed.

Bolden Your Look With A Brow Pen


One of the biggest beauty concerns for many women is thin or over-plucked brows.

Micro-blading, a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, has become a popular method to correct the problem. However, the process can be a bit uncomfortable as it involves the use of superfine needles to ‘tattoo’ on the brows.

If you happen to have quite thin eyebrows then a brow pencil, like the TatBrow Eyebrow Tint Pen, can quickly transform them. The TatBrow mimics the look of a microbladed brow with its unique precision ‘Brow Brush’ that gives you perfect hair-like strokes in seconds.  

For those blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, the TatBrow can give you a more polished look that will keep them looking flawless all day as the brush provides you with smudge proof and waterproof brows! You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Castor Oil

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While brow products can be a great way to fill out thinning brows, it doesn’t always address the key issue. In order to create your most flawless brow, you’re going to want to help encourage some hair growth in the area. The best way to get this done is by using castor oil. Models and eyebrow experts all agree that applying castor oil to the eyebrow area helps promote growth.

The easiest way to apply the oil is to add a few drops onto a clean spoolie and brush it gently onto your eyebrows. Start out by only using the castor oil once a day for the first few days. You can then begin to apply the oil morning and night. 

Caution: Do a small patch test on an area of your skin before applying the oil directly onto your eyebrows. This will allow you to see if your skin has any adverse reactions to the castor oil. If you find that you have any skin irritation then don’t continue

Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

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According to celebrity make-up artists, your eyebrows have the ability to ‘make or break’ your face. However, there isn’t just one set eyebrow shape that works for every person. Our face shapes influence the style of brow that will best complement us. Depending on the length, width, and overall features of your face, the eyebrow shape that will be best for you can differ.

To find your perfect brow shape, you’ll want to identify what face shape you have. You can do this by looking at a face shape chart and then studying your own face in the mirror. 

Is your face rounded or angular? Do you have a strong square jaw? These are all features that you should take note of. A round face will appear more defined with an eyebrow with a higher arch whereas a heart-shaped face will do well with a rounded, curvier eyebrow shape.

Avoid Magnifying Mirrors

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Magnifying mirrors can be a great asset when you’re putting on makeup or trying to give yourself an at-home facial. However, when it comes to achieving the perfect eyebrow a magnifying mirror can actually be your worst enemy. Since magnifying mirrors allow you to see your brows in the closest settings possible you’ll quickly be tempted to over-pluck them.

If you choose to pluck your own brows then your best bet is to avoid the distorting effects of a magnifying mirror. Eyebrow experts agree that using a regular handheld or standing mirror during eyebrow grooming is the best way to avoid thinning out your brows.

Find A Professional You Trust

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Finally, if you’re really hoping to transform your eyebrow shape and get enviable brows, then you’re going to want to find a trusted professional. Take the time out to find a beauty therapist that does eyebrow threading or waxing. A beauty therapist trained in the art of shaping brows will be able to analyze your face in order to create the perfect eyebrow for your face.

Along with shaping your brows to fit your face, a beauty therapist can also supply you with tips and tricks to keep your eyebrows looking good in-between waxing or threading sessions. Insider tips can be the make or break thing that separates you from the brows you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure not to skip out on the trip to the professional the next time your eyebrows are in need of some serious grooming.

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