How To Grow Eyebrow Hair: 4 Fast and Effective Ways

Emily LaCroix

With bold brows on trend, if you aren’t naturally gifted in the brow department, you might be a bit frustrated with your ability to meet the trends where and when they’re happening. There are many ways you can fill in your brows and make them appear fuller and thicker, and a lot of those options are super effective, and give you a really natural finish if that’s what you’re going for.

But sometimes, makeup isn’t enough! If you’re tired of mornings spent in front of your bathroom mirror trying to coax your brows into being something they’re not, you might have explored other options for turning the boldness of your brows up a few notches in a longer-lasting fashion, like eyebrow tinting, microblading or even tattooing. While these methods can also have excellent results and give you the boost you’re looking for, they can be expensive, and semi-permanent is, you know, not permanent.

All this to say, if the artificial ways of beefing up your brows aren’t doing it for you lately, you might be wondering what you can do to help get the thick, luxurious brows of your dreams naturally. So let’s talk about how to grow eyebrow hair quickly and effectively so you can get on with your life with the best brow game yet.

1. Stop Grooming Your Brows

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you want to care for your brows so that they grow better, you’re going to need to stop caring for your brows so much. Although there are definitely things you can do to pluck your eyebrows safely, in a way that doesn’t do any damage to your hair follicles, if your ultimate goal is to let your brows grow in, you kind of just need to let them grow in.

Although plucking your eyebrows is great for you and your look, it can be a little rough on your skin. If you’ve been a dedicated plucker or waxer for much of your life—and there’s no shame in that! Many of us are—it’s possible that you’re actually doing some damage to your hair follicles over time by repeatedly damaging them through plucking or waxing. 

This can lead to reduced growth, or even cause some hair follicles to stop producing hair altogether. Although there’s no way to know whether your follicles will fully recover, it’s always good to give your skin and follicles a bit of a break from these harsh procedures so that they have some time to come back to themselves.

If you’re desperate to do something to shape your eyebrows in the meantime, you can always see a professional and discuss your options. A good technician should be willing and eager to accept the respect you’re showing your body by allowing your follicles time to breathe, and should have some good advice about how to proceed!

2. Work Oil Into Your Routine

Certain oils can actually have great benefits for hair growth, and so it may be worth it to consider working oil into your daily skincare routine. It’s actually thought that coconut oil can have a positive impact on hair growth, and can be useful in preventing hair damage. Other options that are thought to be helpful for encouraging hair growth include rosemary oil and castor oil.

It isn’t so much that these oils are magic potions for hair growth—it’s more that they provide nutrients and hydration which makes the hair that does grow healthier and stronger. This leads to less breakage and longer-lasting growth, which over time may result in thicker and fuller brows. 

What might also be helpful when it comes to how to grow eyebrow hair is the actual process of applying the oils! You’ll want to massage them onto your brows and allow the oil to work overnight or for another chunk of time where you don’t mind having oil-slick brows before washing it off. 

You can do this with your fingers or with a spare spoolie—the important part is that you take time massaging the oil into your brows. The act of massaging areas with hair follicles can actually help increase blood flow and may even stimulate growth, so this is a key component of working oils into your daily brow care routine.

3. Use an Eyebrow Serum

The idea of an eyebrow growth serum might seem too good to be true, but as long as you keep your expectations reasonable, they can actually be a key part of the process of how to grow eyebrow hair. Much like applying oil, you’ll want to take your time to massage the serum into your brows properly so that you can get the added benefit of stimulating your follicles and blood flow for an added boost.

There are two main kinds of eyebrow growth serums—over-the-counter and prescription. Over-the-counter brow serums tend to be made from ingredients that are thought to be beneficial to your skin and hair, such as Vitamin C or other essential oils. While these ingredients aren’t necessarily magic bullets when it comes to hair growth, they’re great at keeping your skin and hair healthy, which makes a better environment for hair growth.

There are also prescription brow serums that are generally hormone-based. Normally, hair follicles go through cycles of growing and not growing hair. Prescription eyebrow growth serums trick your follicles into always being in a growing cycle—which obviously cranks up the volume on your overall eyebrow growth. 

While prescription serums are super effective, they only work while they’re being applied, and can be really drying to your skin, so it’s worth exploring other options and speaking to a dermatologist before you commit.

4. Think About Your Diet

Another key thing when it comes to growing eyebrow hair quickly and effectively is paying attention to your diet. If you have any nutritional deficiencies or gaps in your diet, it really can have an effect on your hair growth, which includes your eyebrows. If you’ve ever taken biotin to try to make your nails stronger or the hair on your head grow longer, you’ve already tried this concept!

To make sure your health isn’t holding you back, look for foods or supplements that have a lot of Omega 3 Fatty Acids as well as Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Mostly, this means eating a lot more vegetables, fish, or nuts, which can only improve your health overall!

In Conclusion

Getting thicker, fuller brows isn’t impossible—it just takes time, consistency, and patience. While none of these solutions are going to make you suddenly wake up with eyebrows so long that you might find a prince trying to climb them, with repeated use they’re likely to help you get the bold brow look you’ve been dreaming of with way less effort than other methods.

If you’re not happy with your brows while you’re waiting for one of these methods to take effect, you can always use products like our TatBrow® Microblade Pen to help create natural-looking hair-like strokes, until you have all the eyebrow hair you’ve ever wanted!

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