How To Slit Your Eyebrow the Perfect Way

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Are you dying to try the eyebrow slit trend, but you’re unsure where to start? It’s not as complicated as it may seem. We’ll show you how to slit your eyebrows the perfect way, RN. 

What Are Brow Slits?

This brow craze involves a single or double vertical line cut into the eyebrow hair. Designs such as brow crisscrosses and diagonals are also known to accompany the style. Create these brow cuts using an eyebrow razor, scissors, or concealer.

Though most brow slits are created solely for style, some people have an eyebrow slit naturally. Natural brow cuts are the cause of a scar along the brow line. Hair does not often grow over scars, so the result is a bald spot across the eyebrow. This look gives the appearance of a brow slit or a “rough-around-the-edges” persona.

This “toughened” look is one of the reasons why celebrities choose to flaunt the trendy brow style.

History of the Brow Cut

The “eyebrow cut” (aka brow slit) made its debut in the 80s by famous hip-hop stars and showed up again in the 90s. Hip-hop artists and other celebrities made this edgy style famous, and the world soon followed suit.

Little Bow Wow, Kriss Kross, and Vanilla Ice rocked the slit brow at different points in their careers. Today, this form of self-expression is making a comeback, and it is easy to create the look at home using different methods. 

How To Create an Eyebrow Slit

Perfectly shaped brows with a bald stripe or two? Absolutely! You can create an eyebrow slit at home with a spoolie, brow scissors, facial razor, concealer, and a brow filling product. (Psst, 

if you choose to use a razor, the brow hair will grow back.) Want eyebrow slits without removing brow hair? You can do that too, and we’ll show you how.

How To Prep Your Brows

Before you begin trimming away your brows, we suggest shaping your eyebrows first. Use tweezers or a brow razor and scissors to shape your brows in a clean, crisp, or fluffy boy-brow style. Many brow stencils and online tutorials help you create the perfect brow shape if you’re unsure how to do this.

Plan it out first. Decide where exactly you will remove the brow hair by experimenting with the placement.

  1. Apply concealer using an angled brow brush or doe-foot applicator over your brow where you want to create the slit. 
  2. Blend the concealer upward and downward to blend it into the skin, leaving the area on the brow untouched. Envision what type of brow cut you want. You can do this as many times as necessary, with different concealer placement, until you’re confident of where you’d like to cut your brows.
  3. When you know where you will create your brow cuts, decide whether you will use the makeup or razor method to create the look.

How To Create an Eyebrow Slit With Makeup

If you are nervous about cutting your brows, try the makeup method to create eyebrow slits with a less permanent result. Gather the following supplies:

Once you have your tools, wash your hands and proceed with the following steps.

  1. Brush your brows upward with a brow spoolie.
  2. Fill in your brows with the defining brow gel to create a defined and full brow.
  3. Pluck any stray hairs around your brows away.
  4. Apply concealer with an angled brow brush from just below the brow and upward, creating a line where you want the “cut” to appear. Blend the concealer above and below your brows, leaving the “cut” alone to appear as a slit.
  5. Repeat for any additional brow “cuts” you want to create.

Complete the look by applying TatBrow Ultra Hold Brow Gel for an all-day hold without residue.

This method is an easy and less permanent way to create a trendy brow look at home with minimal effort or commitment.

How To Create an Eyebrow Slit With a Razor or Electric Trimmer

Using a razor or electric trimmer to create an eyebrow slit is a more permanent method to complete the look. It requires a steady hand and a little patience. This method of hair removal requires the following:

  • Brow spoolie
  • Clear scotch tape
  • Razor or a small electric trimmer


  1. Brush your brows upward with a brow spoolie.
  2. Decide where you want to create the brow “cut” and place two small pieces of tape vertically across your brow on either side of the soon-to-be slit. The tape will prevent you from removing too much hair and act as a guide.
  3. Cut the hairs between the tape with the facial razor or electric trimmer. Use short, small, and slow motions and a steady hand to remove the hairs.

Once you’re happy with the brow slit, fill in your brows with a TatBrow Microblading Pen or TatBrow Micro Precision Brow Pen, being careful not to cover the slit. Next, use a concealer to outline your brows and blend to create a crisp, defined outline around your brows. Finish the look with TatBrow Ultra Hold Brow Gel to give your brows an all-day hold without residue. 

What Are the Brow Design Types?

There are no rules when it comes to brow design. Create one line or multiple lines, and cut one brow or both. The choice is totally up to you. 

The most popular area to create the brow slit is on the outer tail of the brow, past the arch. Your brows frame your eyes and face, so it is essential to be mindful of where you palace the “cuts.” Slits are placed vertically or slightly diagonally, with width varying from person to person. Design crisscrossed “ or v-shaped “cuts.” If you are unsure what style to create or look good on you, check social media for inspiration. 

Will an Eyebrow Slit Grow Back?

Your brow hairs will grow back, but the amount of time it takes will vary from person to person. New hairs begin growing within just a few days and grow back fully within a few weeks. 

Tweezing your brows removes the hair from the root, so there are no guarantees that it will grow back even if you pluck. When and if the brow hairs grow back, they may return in awkward growth patterns. Unless it’s just one or two hairs, we discourage you from plucking your brows for a brow slit.

How To Regrow Brow Hair?

If you’ve already over-plucked your brows, don’t worry. TatBrow Brow Enhancement Serum helps restore fuller and bolder brows with naturally sourced ingredients, vitamins, and amino acids. Your brows begin looking fuller in four to eight weeks.


Brow slits are the brow trend that is making a comeback. Create the brow style at home with just a few tools and a little patience. 

Tatbrow is here to help you achieve your brow goals. Whether you’re looking for a brow growth serum or a tinted brow gel, we have you covered with all the brow essentials you need, for perfect brows every time. 


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