How to Use Eyebrow Shaper to Sculpt the Perfect Brows

Emily LaCroix

It’s all about those brows. They’re right there, front and center, in the middle of your makeup look. If your brows are off, chances are your makeup will be too. Science even shows that the way your brows look on your face plays a big part in how attractive you are to others. Not only are they one of the most important parts of your makeup look, but the brow trends are always changing. From high, pointed arches to the natural bushy brows popular today, it can be tough to keep up! 

Our fabulous blog is here to keep you in the brow loop no matter what new trend enters the scene. And lately, eyebrow shapers have been rising in popularity. An eyebrow shaper is a small plastic tool with a razor edge that’s small enough that you don’t shave your whole eyebrow off but big enough to get the job done.

This tool is an easy, convenient way to maintain your brows. If using an eyebrow shaper with a sharp edge is intimidating, don’t panic. We’re here to break it down for you.

Shaping Your Brows Step by Step 

Just like shaving your legs for the first time, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous. But you’ve got this. Let’s go through how to shape your brows step by step.

1. Prep Your Skin 

First things first: prepping your skin before shaving can change the game. We all know the difference between shaving without prepping our legs and shaving when we use a scrub, shave gel, lotion, and aftercare. The finish is smooth, and you avoid razor burn or bumps.

In the same way, prepping your eyebrow skin can make a big difference when you’re shaping your brows. To do this, stick to a simple skincare routine. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer go a long way in prepping your skin for shaving. It also gets rid of any bacteria on your skin, which will help save you from an unwanted breakout.

2. Take a Deep Breath 

Okay, so you’re about to shave your eyebrows. But relax, this isn’t about to be another YouTube video where you laugh at the girl as she shaves off her brows completely.

An eyebrow shaper is delicately designed to work on your brows. It isn’t designed like a regular razor for your legs or face is because it isn’t meant to remove that much hair. Instead, it’s designed with a small blade at the top for small places and a curved handle for easy use.

Take your time as you learn to use this new brow tool, but don’t be intimidated. 

3.  Brush Your Brows 

Since using an eyebrow shaper involves shaving off eyebrow hair, brushing your brows to get them to their natural state will help you avoid shaving off too much hair.

Grab a brow brush and brush upwards and out in the natural direction of your hair growth. The goal here is to simply accentuate the natural shape of your brows.

4. Plan How to Shape Them 

Once you brush them, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how you want to shape them. Having a plan in place is key. Without a plan, you may end up with two different-sized brows with different shapes. Or you may simply lose track of the details and forget where you were going.

You can even outline your shape with a brow pencil if needed. Here are some tips for nailing the perfect brow look. Grab a pencil or any object with a straight edge. Line it up with the right side of your nose, so the straight edge extends to the middle of your eyebrow. This is where your eyebrows should start. Do the same on the left side to mark where your left eyebrow should start.

To find where your arches should be, place the straight edge of your pencil or brush so that it meets the edge of your nose and crosses through your irises. It should be at around a 45-degree angle from the last position. This is where the arch of your brows should be on both sides.

Finding where the tail of your eyebrow is can be tricky, but it’s an important part of perfecting your look. If your tails are too long, it can look like your brows wrap around your eyes. If they’re too short, it can seem like they’re two straight lines on top of your brows instead of two arched brows.

To find where your brows should end, take your straight edge and map out the line from the corner of your eye to your eyebrow. This is how long the tail of your eyebrow should be.

5. Start Shaving at the Top 

Once you’ve prepped your skin and mapped out where you want your brows to be, it’s time to start shaping!

If you’ve ever plucked, shaved, or waxed your brows before, you know the top of your brows can get lots of hair and peach fuzz. Shaping the top of your brow gives a definitive endpoint for the height of your brows.

When you’re using the razor, pull the skin on your forehead up, so you have a tight surface to shave on. If it’s wrinkled, you could cut your skin. It’s also important to go in the same direction that your hair naturally grows. Move in slow, gentle motions and wet a cloth or paper towel to wipe off any brow hair.

6. Shave Underneath Your Brows 

After you shave the top of your brows, it’s time to shave underneath. This can get a little bit trickier as the skin under your brows is thinner and more fragile. Remember to hold your skin taught to reduce cuts and go slowly and gently to get the best results.

Aim to shave any stray hairs. It’s not necessary to chip away at the actual structure of your brows, or else you may shave off too much. Use small strokes to get the smaller hairs that sprinkle the under area of your brows.

7. Shave the Dreaded Unibrow 

The last step in sculpting your brows with your eyebrow shaper is to go for the unibrow. You know, the one that popped up in middle school and has grown back no matter what. Eyebrow shaping is an easy way to shave this area without all the painful plucking.

When you decided on a shape for your eyebrows or traced this shape out with a brow pencil, you drew a line to mark where your brows start. Be careful not to shave past this part. The goal of shaving in between your brows is not to cut large chunks of hair away. Instead, aim to get rid of peach fuzz, strays, and any dark hairs in the middle.

Position your brow shaper at an angle and use small movements, holding the skin taut like before.

If You Accidentally Shave too Much 

Using an eyebrow shaper can feel like you’re about to go at your brows with a weedwhacker. In reality, this tool is only meant to get rid of stray hairs and peach fuzz. It’s not meant to cut off large sections of brow hair, or you may end up with no brows at all.

However, getting the hang of using your shaper may be a little tricky. If you do accidentally cut off too much hair, TatBrow’s got the tools you need so that nobody will even know.

TatBrow’s Advanced Brow Enhancement Serum is here to save the day and restore your thinning, overplucked brows. This custom serum is rich in amino acids and vitamins that restore your brows, making them fuller and bolder.

This serum can be applied two times a day for the first two months of use. After two months, you can cut down to once daily as a part of your morning or evening routine. Be sure to apply after you finish your skincare routine, so it goes on clean, dry skin. Let it dry, and you can put makeup overtop.

When using the enhancement serum, be sure to only use it on sparse parts of your brows. If you’ve overplucked, shaved too much, or simply have thin spots, you can use this serum to promote the growth of your brows. Follow the natural direction and shape of your brow hairs when applying the serum to give a natural result. Once your brows grow to your desired length and shape, you can apply the serum every other day to maintain it.

For added shape and color while you wait for your brows to grow back, try out TatBrow’s Microblade Brow Pen or Micro Precision Pen for a microbladed look for your brows. Prefer a brow brush or gel? We’ve got that too. Try out the Ultra Defining Brow Gel to skip the microblading and get those full brows in seconds.


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Shaping your brows can be intimidating, especially if you’re a first-timer in the world of brows. But with this guide, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Want to learn more about your brows? We’ve got you covered! Check out our blog here, packed with everything brow and beauty-related.



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