Microshading: What Is the Process and How Is It Different?

Emily LaCroix

Between all the new brow grooming trends, now you have to keep with the brow-filling trends too. It used to be that everyone had their one trusted brow pencil, and that was it! Simpler times also resulted in simpler, less exciting brows. 

We all remember the pencil-thin brows that stuck around for way too long, so even if these bushy, more lush brows result in more trends we have to keep up with, we don’t want to complain about it. 

Suppose you’ve looked into getting microblading done to your eyebrows. In that case, we’re sure you’ve seen the word microshading thrown around a bit too. They sound pretty similar and are, honestly, pretty similar in nature. 

However, their results are different enough that they’ve earned their separate names and trend popularity. If you’ve been curious about microshading, and want to know the difference between it and microblading, then you’re in the right place!

What Is Microshading?

Just like microblading, microshading is a semi-permanent eyebrow filler. It is applied by tattooing the dye onto the skin. Since you’re getting something tattooed onto your face, you must go to a licensed esthetician. 

Microshading differs from microblading as the technique and results are quite different. If you’ve looked into microblading, then you would know that when you get your brows microbladed, you are essentially getting long thicker strokes tattooed onto your brows to resemble or take the place of your natural hair. 

Microshading is a bit different—instead of getting long strokes tattooed onto your brows, your technique will have a different approach. Your brow tech will place tiny pin-like dots over the sparse areas of the brow. 

This technique results in a very natural, light, and lush look for your brows. If you’re looking for the most natural-looking semi-permanent brow procedure, then we think microshading may be what you’ve been looking for!

Will It Break the Bank?

Beauty trends can be expensive to keep up with. If you’ve done your research into microblading, then you know just how expensive it is. You can get your brows microbladed for $500 (best case scenario), but don’t be surprised if you end up spending $1,500 to $2,000

Luckily for you, microshading is the more financially flexible of the two. At most places, you can get this procedure done for around $300, and almost always under $500. However, we will say, when it comes to brows, you tend to get what you pay for. You want to make sure you’ve done the proper research into any salon before you trust them with your precious brows. 

Both may seem like a hefty bill right off the bat, but it’s important to remember how much money it could save you in the long run. The nice thing about either of these trends is that they’ll last you a while. 

How Long Does Microshading Last? 

You should expect your microshading to last around three to six months. Your brows might seem very bold at first, but don’t panic. You can expect the color to fade slightly (around 30%), and after the initial fade, your brows will look very natural. 

Of course, each person is different, and various factors affect how long they will really last. For example, someone with very oily skin should expect their microshade to last a little less long than someone with drier skin. Not to mention, how often they sweat, shower, and wash their face are all variants as well. 

Six months may seem like a huge commitment; we get it, but sometimes, committing to something isn’t a bad idea if all else fails. As long as you find the right brow tech for you, we trust your brows will be in good hands with this trend. 

Unlike microblading, microshading will give you a very natural look either way. It will be difficult for brow tech to make your brows look unnatural or botched. 

Are There Side Effects? 

A common question surrounding both microblading and microshading is if there are side effects. When you get a tattoo, you can expect it to peel, so it only makes sense if you would expect your newly tattooed brows to peel too. 

Well, lucky for you, your brows won’t have any peeling issues. Maybe a bit of redness after, and irritation or sensitivity during. You are getting a tattoo so it would be silly to assume there wouldn’t be some discomfort. 

The pain is nothing to be scared of. Many people claimed the pain was about a three on the pain scale. People who have gotten both microblading and microshading claim the shading process is less painful. We assume it’s due to the shortened strokes and only being applied to sparse areas. 


After your appointment, there is no crazy aftercare routine. That is why getting your brows tattooed on is so glorious; it really does make your life much easier. 

All you have to do is keep the stray brows under control. However, one important thing to remember: you shouldn’t continue waxing if you have in the past. Waxing is known for removing skin cells which can make the brows fade much quicker. 

So, it’s key to stick to tweezing your brows for the time being, or at least until your microshade has faded and you’ve decided it wasn’t for you. 

TatBrow Tip: If you try out microblading or microshading and decide it isn’t for you, don’t be disappointed or feel like you’ve wasted your money. You need to try something before you really know if it’s right for you. Be patient with yourself and this plethora of emerging brow trends we’re all trying to keep up with! Your eyebrows are a totally important part of your body and should be treated as so. 

Pros and Cons 

It’s important that the main takeaway from this article is that microshading and microblading are two different procedures. Yes, the results may be somewhat similar, and both are semi-permanent brow tattoos. Still, they both have certain factors and traits that separate them. 


  • Resembles filling in your brows
  • Makes your brows fuller 
  • Cheaper than microblading
  • Good for sensitive skin.


  • Not as permanent; only lasts three to six months 
  • Causes mild pain and discomfort 
  • It can fade easier if you over-exfoliate 
  • Can be seen as a big commitment 

Alternatives to Microshading

Of course, we think microshading is a totally cool trend, and if you’ve been looking for a semi-permanent brow filler, then this may be the one to try. However, we also understand that these trends aren’t for everyone. You shouldn’t be expected to do it just because everyone else is. 

If your takeaway from this article is that microshading or microblading isn’t for you, we wanted to give you some options. You can still have bomb brows if you do them at home too! 

TatBrow Microblade Pen 

Microblading your brows can last over a year; if that sounds like too much of a commitment for you, then we suggest our Microblade Pen. It gives you that microbladed look without the stress of committing to something as permanent as a year.  

TatBrow Brow Gel

While brow gel can have a bit of a different look than one you would get with the microblade pen, or a microblade or shade procedure, we don’t think it should be one that’s slept on. 

Sometimes you think your brows need one thing when really they need another. Brow gel is great if you’re a fan of the more popular Cara Delevingne brows. 


Shop eyebrow accessories now!


In Conclusion 

Microshading is another brow trend, but we think this one will be around for a while. The pros are great, and the cons are minimal. It’s a bit more affordable and practical than the more popular microblading. 

While we support microshading and anyone’s desire to try this procedure out, we also think there is nothing wrong with not feeling comfortable yet. It’s a big deal to get your brows tattooed on, and it shouldn’t be something you rush into. 

Always do your research, and make sure you’re making the right decision for yourself. Don’t feel bad just because a certain trend isn’t for you and don’t feel pressured into trying it if you have a feeling you won’t love the end results. 



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