Perfect Eyebrows: 9 Expert Tips To Having Amazing Brows

Emily LaCroix

Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face, so it only makes sense that everyone wants to have the perfect brows. With all kinds of new eyebrow shapes picking up popularity, it can be hard to know which will work best for you. Yes, you can always go somewhere to get them done, but being able to do them yourself is a lot more convenient (and cheaper!) 

Here at TatBrow, we like to think of ourselves as brow experts. We know how to get you those amazing brows you've always wanted. Switching up your eyebrow routine can feel daunting, but trust — with us in your corner, your brows will always be on fleek. 

We're going to give you a breakdown of how to find which brow trends will work for you and how to do 'em all on your own. Now it's time to dive in! 

1. Find Your Face Shape 

Knowing how to get the perfect brow starts with knowing your face shape. It's all about accentuating your bone structure. You want your brows to pull everything together. Sometimes one trend might look great on one of your girlfriends but look not-so-great on you.

How To Find Your Face Shape 

Figuring out your face shape is super easy; you just have to know what you're looking for. All you have to do is follow this easy guide. 

Round Shape

If you have a round face shape, then your forehead is probably rounded at the hairline, and the width of your face should be around the same as the length. If your jawline is rounded with very subtle angles, then you have a round face. 

A good way to know for sure is to use other people for reference. For example, Selena Gomez has a round face. 

Square Shape 

If you think you have a square-shaped face, these are some surefire signs. Your hairline follows your forehead in a straight line and your cheekbones have minimal curves. You have an easily noticed square shape. A good example would be Demi Lovato or Angelia Jolie.

Diamond Shape

Diamond face shapes are notorious for being able to pull off the thicker, more dramatically shaped brows. However, many people with diamond face shapes have trouble figuring out an eyebrow look that works for them. 

The Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is a perfect example of a diamond face shape that wonderfully pulls off that brow shape! 

If you think you have a diamond-shaped face, you probably have dramatic cheekbones, a small forehead, and a narrow chin area. Your chin is most likely pointed at the end, giving it a pointed look. 

These four face shapes are the most common; while not everyone will have the same exact characteristics of one specific face shape, it still helps to have an idea. Your face shape has a lot to do with having perfect-looking brows, so it's important to know!

Now that you know your face shape let's learn some more tips and tricks to help up your brow game. 

2. Don’t Skip the Brush 

When it comes to doing your brows, you can do tons of little things to really elevate the look. 

Ensuring you don't skip brushing through your brows before and after the application of any product is key to achieving that salon look at home!

3. Filling in Your Brows 

If you're new to filling in your brows, it can be scary! You don't want to overdo it, but you also want to make sure you can see a difference. We think our Microblade Brow Pen is perfect for any brow type, and the application is so easy. 

It's designed with three thin felt tips, which will give the illusion of natural hair follicles. It's a great way to get those brows looking thicker without losing the natural aesthetic. Nowadays, natural brows are all the rave, so less is more in the case of brows. 

Yes, everyone has their different ways of filling in their brows, but trying something new is sometimes a great way to figure out what you've been missing out on. Don't be scared to ditch your old routine; having flawless brows is so in!

4. Schedule Your Brow Appointments in Advance

Whether you wax, pluck or thread, make sure you always have that next appointment booked! We applaud you ladies that can do it yourself, but we get that not everyone has that skill.

If you're a strict salon goer when it comes to keeping your brows under control, you never want to be stuck in a situation where your brow lady doesn't have any availability for weeks. A great way to achieve perfect brows is by always keeping them maintained!

5. Try Threading

While waxing your brows has been the go-to for a while, threading has picked up popularity in the last few years. Threading can seem odd at first, and it might look like it'll hurt a ton, but honestly, it may be the best option for you. 

Threading is great for people with sensitive skin. Wax can have harsh chemicals that can cause irritation to your skin. The good thing about threading is that it's all-natural, but it's much more time-efficient than tweezing.

Regarding the comfortability of the process, it really depends on your pain tolerance. Most people claim it's only slightly uncomfortable and that you'll get used to it pretty quick. It doesn't hurt to try, and the results are always flawless!

6. Don’t Over Draw the Brows  

When filling in your eyebrows, the goal is for them to look like a more enhanced, cleaner version of your natural brows. We know it can be easy to get carried away, but we always suggest opting for the more natural look. 

Usually, overdrawn eyebrows are the result of poor application products, like brow gel that's too dark, or brushes that aren't thin enough to achieve that natural look you desire. 

A good way to avoid having doll-like eyebrows is by using a Micro Precision Pen. The brush leaves thin strokes throughout your brow that mimics your natural hair follicles. Plus, they're totally easy to use. 

7. Don’t Forget Brow Gel 

If you love your natural brows and they're thick enough that you don't have to fill them in, then a clear brow gel might be the best way for you to elevate your already amazing brows. 

If you are someone that skips filing in your brows completely, a brow gel can help assure your brows look maintained and clean. That's not to say that if you do fill in your brows, you should skip this step. Brow gel is great for both!

8. Try an Enhancement serum 

If you're stuck with thin sparse brows that won't thicken no matter what, then you should look into a brow enhancement or growth serum. Not everyone is blessed with naturally thick brows, and that's totally okay. There's no shame in needing a little help in the hair growth department. 

Considering bushy natural brows are all the rave, a brow growth serum is almost a necessity for your brow routine.  

9. Don’t Over Pluck 

One of the most common mistakes is overplucking your brows. While many people just go to their local salon to get their brows done, we understand that some of you have been doing them yourselves for years, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

The best way to avoid overplucking is by following the natural outline of your brow and plucking out the sparse hairs. If you're looking for something totally new regarding the shape, we suggest you go to a professional first. 

In Conclusion 

Everyone wants perfect brows, but not everyone knows how to achieve them. There's nothing wrong with looking for help, and here at TatBrow, we would never lead you astray. With these easy-to-follow tips and tricks, we promise you will elevate your brow game in the process. We know doing your brows can get frustrating, just remember to be patient and to have fun with it!


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