Powder Brows vs. Microblading: Which Is Right for You?

Emily LaCroix

No surprise, not everyone has full, flawlessly shaped brows. Good news, though, there are a lot of options for achieving the perfect brows. There are temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent services and techniques available. 

Two options people get are powder brows and microblading, but what makes them different? Both procedures are cosmetic tattooing and have many similarities, but there are some key distinctions. Candidates considering microblading and powder brows should take into account their skin type. You also want to think about what type of look you want. 

We are going to go over how these two services are similar and how they vary. We will also discuss which option may be right for you. 

What Are Powder Brows?

Many people are achieving the fuller brow look through powder brows. This service is also known as ombre brows or microshading, and it can benefit people with thin brows. The powder brow technique creates the illusion of fullness while still giving your brows definition. 

A powder brow is a popular option because the result is soft, giving you a very natural appearance. The powder brow process doesn't use small strokes to mimic hair. Instead, a brow specialist will use a machine to create dashes and dots. Next, pigment is deposited into the skin. 

When you first get the service done, your brows can end up looking darker than you want. However, they will quickly fade and look soft and natural.

It does take two appointments to get the job done. You have to go back two months after the first appointment for touch-ups since the first healing process can cause a loss of pigment. The results of the second appointment should last one to three years, which is longer than microblading generally lasts. 

The length of time the powder brow lasts is why some people opt for this brow service option. Once you no longer have to fill in your brows every day, you'll never want to go back!

Powder brows are also a good option for people with oily skin. This skin type doesn't hold onto microblading pigment very well. People with mature skin also lean towards the powder brow since the microblading procedure can feel more painful if you don't have youthful skin. It hurts more because older skin has less collagen, leading to thinner skin and a more painful experience. 

People trying to pick between microblading and powder brows generally go with the powder when they want a natural appearance. You can control the density of the color and shape to give you the aesthetic that you desire. 


What Is Microblading?

Microblading is another popular service to get fuller-looking brows. The procedure involves a needle and pigment, but unlike a tattoo, the results are only semi-permanent.

When you go for your appointment, a brow specialist will go over your desired outcome. You have to decide if you just want to enhance what you already have or if you need a full eyebrow makeover. They will help you choose the best brow shape to fit your face and the pigment color that will look natural. 

Next, the brow specialist will clean and sanitize your skin before applying a numbing cream. The numbing agent is needed so you can have a pain-free experience. They will then begin to make tiny lines with a handheld tool that mimics brow hairs.

It's really just tiny scratches on the skin with pigment placed inside of them. The specialist will use these small lines to fill in and shape the brows anywhere you have sparse areas. You won't be able to tell the difference between the microblade lines and your real brow hairs unless you look very closely. The pigment should match the shade of your hair and the undertone of your skin to blend flawlessly. 

The whole procedure usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. The specialists will help your face recover more quickly by applying a soothing lotion. You will experience some redness, pain, and maybe even scabbing as you heal. Similar to powder brows, microblading requires a follow-up appointment to finish the look. 

How long the results of microblading last depends on a few different factors. It depends on your skin type, how much sun your face gets, and the products that you use. The results can last anywhere from six months to a year or two. However, a touch-up appointment is generally required after one year. As we mentioned before, oily skin types usually see a loss in pigment faster and may require more frequent touch-ups.

How To Choose the Right Brows for You

Let's compare and contrast powder brows and microblading to help you choose the best option for you. 

Both Give You Fuller Brows

Both powder brows and microblading give you fuller brows without makeup. They allow you to choose the color and shape that you want. You can also control the amount of fullness in both procedures. 

Both Are Semi-Permanent

Another similarity between both procedures is that they are both semi-permanent. This means the results will fade with time, and you will have to get the procedure again if you want to keep the appearance. 

While powder brows generally last longer, it's not always the case. Both treatment results depend on your skin type, lifestyle, products used, and other factors.

Both Require Time To Heal

Both services require time for the skin to heal and the pigments to settle. You may experience redness or scab with both. The entire process for powder brows and microblading takes around six weeks to complete.

Both Require Touch-Ups

Both procedures inject the skin with pigment on the surface. This pigment can quickly fade as you go through the healing process. Both powder brows and microblading require a second appointment and touch-ups. 

Application Process Is Different

As you've probably realized, the two techniques are different. Microblading requires the application of strokes that mimic brow hairs. On the other hand, powder brows involve hundreds of dots that create a tint behind your actual brow hairs. 

The powder brows are less noticeable and more subtle. The start of your brow has less pigment in it, and more is added to the tails of the brows. This technique gives an ombre effect. 

The Tools Are Different

The primary distinction between these treatments is how the pigment is placed into the skin. Microblading involves a handheld tool to make tiny strokes. Powder brow services require the use of a machine to implant hundreds of small dots.  

At the end of the day, you have to decide which option is best for your lifestyle and desired results. Both are good options to achieve fuller brows. 

Other Options To Get Fuller Brows

There are other options to get fuller brows besides powder brows and microblading. Let's go over some of the other options available. 

Brow Lamination

A perm is not just something you can do to the hair on your head. You can perm your eyebrow hair. And no, we don't mean you can make your brow hair curly. 

Brow lamination is when you apply a solution to make your brow hairs straight and change the direction they lay. The brow hairs are brushed up, and after the perm-like treatment, they stay that way, giving you a feathery brow look. 

The service is a lot less expensive than microblading or powder brows. It generally costs $50 to $100. However, the results don't last as long. The lamination only lasts four to six weeks.

If you aren’t ready for the semi-permanent service, you can test out the look using TatBrow Ultra Hold Gel. The product will allow you to brush your brow hairs up, and it will hold them in place for the lamination effect.

Eyebrow Tinting​

Eyebrow tinting is when you dye your brow hairs. This is a good option for people that have lighter-colored brow hairs. When you make them a little darker, it can make your brows look fuller. 

You apply the dye to your brow hairs and wait 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off. You can also get it done at a salon, and it generally costs around $20. You will need it done every six to eight weeks to keep the results.

You can tint and laminate your brows for the full effect. 

Microblade Pen

There's always makeup if you want a temporary solution that looks like you got microblading. TatBrow Microblade Pen has an innovative fork tip that allows you to create the appearance of tiny brow hows, just like microblading. The look won't slide off your face, even on hot days. It is waterproof and can last for 24 hours. 

Do What Works Best for You

There are many positives to getting powder brows or microblading. The right one for you is based on personal preference. However, powder brows can last longer for some people, so it may be a better option. If you're not ready for semi-permanent makeup, there are other options so you can achieve fuller-looking brows. 



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