Shaping Eyebrows Guide: Perfect Your Brow Look

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Your brows are more than just another part of your makeup routine. They are the spotlight of your face, what people see first when they look at you, and what ties the rest of your look together. Choosing the wrong eyebrow shape can leave you with a look that doesn’t match your style or face shape.

In addition to this, shaping them incorrectly can leave you with lopsided brows that aren’t suited to your face shape. Eyebrows can balance harsh facial features, alter your face shape, correct facial flaws, refine your look, and give you a youthful appearance.

If you start to panic when thinking about shaping your eyebrows, this guide is for you. We break down how to choose a brow shape and how to perfect your brow look with a few tools and guidelines. If you’ve always wanted those Hollywood brows, now is your time to get them.

Choose Your Shape

Before we get to the detailed information about how to shape your brows, you have to decide on a brow shape! Trying to shape your brows without a plan is like trying to build a puzzle without the picture. You may be able to piece a little bit together, but you’ll lose track of what the final result should be.

Here are some of the most popular brows hitting the stage today!

Natural Brows 

Natural brows are likely the most popular brows in 2021. These brows popped up in the 70s and 80s and have regained popularity. These brows are characterized by being bushy, full, and never overplucked. Ironically, other brow trends throughout history have caused women to completely shave off their brows and draw them on with a pencil, while this trend had women begging their brows to grow out more.

When thinking about the perfect brow shape, it’s easy to consider everything but the shape we already have. But sometimes, we have to use what our mommas gave us. Embracing the natural brow shape is a beautiful, easy way to do your brows.

If you choose a natural brow, you can use a few different strategies. The first is to embrace your natural arch, shape, and color. Simply use a Brow Gel with a brush applicator and fill in the sparse areas of your brow to create volume, color, definition, and get those dreamy bushy brows.

You can also go for a straighter brow shape. This is still a natural brow, but the arch will be a bit softer. You can even choose not to have an arch at all, though having a softer arch may be best. A straight brow will also compliment your features if you have a longer face. This is because the straight look will balance out the length of your face and help your face look wider to balance your dimensions out.

Microbladed Brows 

Microbladed brows hit the United States beauty scene recently and have become a popular option when it comes to low-maintenance brows. When you get your brows microbladed, you can choose whatever shape, color, and style brow you want. If you have no brows, thinning brows, or naturally lighter brows, a microbladed brow look can help darken and give your brows definition.

This cosmetic tattooing treatment, however, is expensive, painful, and comes with a variety of risks too. From infection, allergic reaction, scarring, or simply getting semi-permanent brows that you don’t like, there’s a lot to consider before committing to having the same brows for around two years.

If the thought of needles near your face freaks you out or if you simply can’t justify spending up to $1,500 on a cosmetic procedure, you’re in luck. There are other ways to get the microbladed look, and it only costs you around $26.

TatBrow’s Microblade Pen offers the same microbladed look without the cost or harmful dyes. To get this look, they offer two options. The Microblade Brow Pen comes with four prongs in six different natural shades to give you real-looking eyebrow hair. You can use this pen to fill in sparse areas or completely transform your brows by giving you a microbladed look.

You can also use the Micro Precision Pen to achieve the same look. The biggest difference is that this pen only draws one hair strand at a time. You can use this pen in the same way, beginning at the base of your brow and sweeping in a gentle, upward motion to get a realistic-looking brow hair. 

Feathery Brows 

Feathery brows follow a more natural style and shape as well, but they don’t have the same bushy, thick characteristics that our previous natural brows do. Feathered brows are light and fluffy, just like you’d imagine feathered brows would be. They follow the natural shape and direction of your brows, but the individual brow hairs go up.

Most people use a brow gel to get this look, but you will likely need one with a lot of hold. Try TatBrow’s Ultra Hold Gel for feathered brows that will last you all day without falling down. You can also use a pencil underneath for some texture and color. Simply add some color in the sparse areas and brush your brows up before applying the Ultra Hold Gel to your hair.

Choose Based on Your Face Shape and Style 

When choosing your brow shape, it’s important to consider two things: your face shape and your style. Choosing based on your face shape is more complicated than it seems, but this article can help you out. The basic principle is to choose a brow shape that balances out your face shape. So, if your face shape has lots of hard, sharp features, choose a softer, rounded brow. On the other hand, if your face has round, soft features, a sharp, angled brow will look the best.

Choosing your brows based on your style is relatively easy because it will probably go along with your personal preference. For instance, if your style is bold and a bit edgy, you may want to go with a higher arched brow with dark, defined lines. If your style is natural and laid back, a natural or straight brow is a great option. If you prefer bolder statement pieces and makeup that’s still fun and flirty, try a feathered brow.

Know What Tools You’ll Need

Now that you’ve chosen a brow shape for your face and style, it’s time to get shaping. To do this, here are a few tools you may need.

Eyebrow Shaper 

An eyebrow shaper is a tool that helps shave off peach fuzz and unwanted brow strands. It’s a small plastic tool with one small blade for easy access to your brows so you don’t have to worry about shaving them all off. This tool provides a convenient way to maintain your brows without the painful tweezing, plucking, and threading.

To use an eyebrow shaper, have a brow shape in mind. Next, start at the top to get rid of hair growth above the eyebrow. Hold your skin taut so you don’t cut yourself and slowly glide the razor across your skin at an angle. If it’s not shaving off hair, change the angle until it does. You can move underneath the brow, continuing to hold the skin taught, and then to the middle to shave the unibrow.

Using this tool can help you outline the shape you want for your brows and get them ready for when you use a brow pen or gel.

Straight Edge to Measure 

Another handy tool can be used to measure your brows. All you need is something with a straight edge. Grab a makeup brush, brow pencil, or normal pencil, and hold it so it’s vertical and right next to your nose. Holding the straight edge parallel to your nose, mark where the pencil meets the middle of your brow. This is where that brow should begin from the middle.

Now, tilt the straight edge at a 45-degree angle so it runs from the side of your nose through the iris of your eye. This is where the arch of your brow should be. Lastly, tilt the straight edge so it runs from the tip of your nose to the outer edge of your eye and through the tail of your brow. This is where your tail should end.

Having a straight tool to measure your brows with will help you find the natural shape of your brows and what proportions look good on your face.


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Nailing the perfect brow shape is a challenge, but with the right guidance, tools, and understanding of what shape is right for you, you can learn to shape your eyebrows like a pro! Want to know everything about brows? Our blog keeps up with the latest trends, tips, and brow tricks so you have access to all you need to know! 



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