What Is a Spoolie Brush and How Do I Use One?

Emily LaCroix

You may be unfamiliar with the name, but a spoolie brush is an essential makeup tool. Your eyebrow and eyelash products all usually come with some form of a spoolie. It's ideal for separating the hair and making sure each one gets an even coat of the product.

There are endless uses for a spoolie brush and various techniques on how to achieve different looks. It can easily get dirty, so it's important to keep it clean. 

We are going to go over what exactly a spoolie brush is and how to use one. You will also find out why it's important to keep it clean and how to make it good as new. 

What Is a Spoolie Brush?

Most spoolie brushes are made from synthetic nylon and are arranged in a spiral shape. Spoolie brushes are small and conveniently work with many different products. Mascara, brow gels, and eyebrow pencils all usually come with a spoolie brush. 

If you have an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie at one end and you're not using it, you're missing out. You won't realize how much of a game-changer it is until you start using it. Once you do, it will quickly become an essential part of your makeup routine. 

A spoolie brush can erase those harsh lines you accidentally made with your eyebrow pencil. With a few swipes with a spoolie, the line will look like brow hairs. It gives you a more natural look and a fluffier brow. 

It can also help you avoid clumpy-looking eyelashes. It can break apart lashes that are stuck together and remove mascara clumps. If you have false lashes, you already know they can get out of place. A spoolie can quickly make them face upward again and get them back in line.

Even if you don't wear makeup on a daily basis, you should still keep a spoolie brush on hand. You can use it on your unruly brows even if you're not applying any product. It will make them look neat and groomed. As you can see, there are endless uses for this makeup tool. 

Traditional Uses for a Spoolie Brush 

We've touched on the general uses for a spoolie brush, but there are a lot of different ways it can come in handy. If you're on the fence about whether you should try it out or not, here are some reasons why you should. 

Grooming Your Brows

When it comes to brow grooming and removing unwanted hairs, a spoolie is one of the tools you should be using. Of course, you need tweezers, but without brushing your hair up, you may miss some hairs that you need to remove. 

When you have thicker eyebrows, it can be especially difficult to see the edge of your natural brow. When you brush the hairs straight up, you can see where the defined root line is and pluck the hair below it. 

Similarly, a spoolie can help you brush your hair down so you can see the top brow line. Otherwise, you may end up removing hair that you don't need to touch or miss the hair that needs to go. 

Brushing Your Brows 

Even if you're not plucking your brows, you still need a spoolie to brush them. This little brush is the best way to give your brows a well-groomed look. When you do want to apply the product, a spoolie can help spread it evenly. 

TatBrow Ultra Defining Gel comes with a mini spoolie applicator that will allow you to brush the product through your brows effortlessly. The spoolie will also help fluff up your brows and add volume. If you apply too much gel, switch to a clean spoolie. Brush it through your brows to remove some of the product without having to start over. 

If you want that no-makeup makeup look, consider a laminated and feathered brow look. Using a spoolie is critical in achieving the perfect feathery brow look. You need to brush all of your brow hairs up and then lock them in place with a clear gel. TatBrow Ultra Hold Gel is colorless and won't leave any residue behind. It will lock your brows in place all day! 

Growing Your Brows 

If you fell victim to the ultra-thin brow trend of the '90s and now you're finally trying to grow your brows out, a spoolie can help. To grow new brow hairs, you need a product like TatBrow's Brow Enhancement Serum

The growth serum will result in new brow hairs sprouting up, and your brows could go through a stage of looking a bit messy. However, a spoolie can help brush your hair in place. If you have any sparse areas, reach for TatBrow Microblade Pen to fill them in instead of tweezers. This pen will create tiny lines that mimic brow hair, so you can't tell the difference!

Separating Your Lashes 

A spoolie can be useful for more than just brow hairs. It also is very helpful when it comes to your lashes. If you've applied too many coats of mascara and it's starting to look clumpy, you don't need to take it off and start again. Instead of removing the mascara, reach for a clean spoolie and brush it through your lashes several times. It will remove some of the products you applied as well as the clumps. It will also separate your lashes so you have a fuller, more natural look. 

Creative Uses for a Spoolie Brush

We've gone over the main uses for a spoolie brush, but the possibilities are endless. Let's look at some more creative ways it can come in handy.

Tame Flyaways

Are you constantly brushing down your flyaways? A comb can be too wide and separate your hair too much when you brush your baby hairs. A spoolie can be incredibly useful for taming these flyaways. 

Before you brush the hair down, spray some hairspray onto your spoolie. Next, brush the hair into place. The bristles will smooth your small hairs, and the hair spray will hold them in place. Just make sure you're using a clean spoolie. You wouldn't want to end up with mascara in your hair!

Root Touch Ups

A spoolie can even help you when you're touching up your roots. It can get into those areas around your face and not create a mess. Try dipping a spoolie in dye and brushing it through your roots if you have some greys. It's a simple hack that can make a difficult task just a little easier. 

Nail Polish Remover

Try a spoolie if a cotton pad isn't cutting it when you're removing your nail polish. The spoolie's bristles are rougher than cotton and can do a better job. Dip the spoolie into nail polish remover, and then scrub the top of your nail until it's polish-free. Plus, a spoolie's bristles can remove the polish on the sides of your nails more easily than a cotton pad. 

Lip Exfoliator

When your lips become dry and rough, you may need to exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the dead skin and gives your pout a smooth appearance. Your lipstick will go on a lot better when you've exfoliated because it won't be sticking to dry patches.

A spoolie brush can help you remove the dead skin. Dip the brush in water and gently brush your lips until you see the skin come off. After exfoliating, apply a hydrating lip balm and make sure you clean your spoolie before using it again!

How To Clean Your Spoolie Brush 

Multiple uses for a spoolie means you need to have a clean brush. However, spoolies can seem like magnets for tiny hairs and debris. If you brush your eyelashes or brows with a dirty spoolie, this dirt and hair can end up sticking to your makeup. It could also end up in your eyes. Let's go over how to clean a spoolie so you always have a clean brush on hand. 

For a synthetic spoolie, apply a cleaning solution or soap to the brush. Twist the spoolie around in a towel to break up any dried product on the brush. Next, rinse the spoolie out with clean water. Allow the spoolie to dry completely before using it again. 

If you have extra stubborn makeup on the spoolie, it may need to soak first. Fill a cup with water and add a tablespoon of cleaning solution. Place your spoolie brush side down into the cup and allow it to soak for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, twist it in a towel, and the makeup and debris should come right off. 

A spoolie made from natural bristles cannot be cleaned the same way as a synthetic brush. Opt for a brush shampoo instead of a cleaning solution. Any alcohol will dry out the bristles, so read the ingredient list before using it. 

Gently massage the shampoo into the spoolie until the makeup comes off. Rinse it out and pat the excess water off. Just like a synthetic brush, don't use it until it has dried. 

Why You Need To Clean Your Spoolie Brush

You may be thinking that you've never had any problems using your dirty spoolie. Maybe you just throw it out and replace it when it becomes unusable due to the amount of product on it. However, if you use a dirty spoolie, you could be putting your health at risk. 

Unsanitized makeup tools are full of dirt, oil, and bacteria that could wreak havoc on your skin. The best skincare in the world won't protect you from the daily use of dirty brushes. Let's go over some of the adverse effects of using dirty makeup brushes. 

Skin Irritation

The most common side effect is skin irritation. When your spoolie has germs on it, your skin is going to react. It could feel itchy or look red. It's not usually a big problem, but obviously, it's better not to aggravate your skin. 

Staph Infection 

Since your spoolie holds on to dead skin cells, dirt, and oil, it can be a breeding ground for the more serious bacteria. A Staph infection can quickly land you in the hospital and, if left untreated, can even have dire consequences.

Staph can look like a cystic acne spot, but it can actually be cellulitis. This infection is when the bacteria reach a deeper layer of skin. It initially results in swelling and redness but then begins to look more like a sore with discharge. Consult a doctor immediately if you think you have an infection, even if it seems minor. 


Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is commonly caused by a bacterial or viral infection. It can be transferred from person to person. If you allow your friend to use your spoolie, you may end up with conjunctivitis. This type of infection usually doesn't have serious risks, but a doctor can help treat it if you get it. 

Accelerating Wrinkles 

The dirt and dead skin cells on your unsanitized spoolie could be causing the skin around your brows to age prematurely. This happens because of free radicals that can break down collagen and elastin in your skin. These proteins are necessary to keep skin looking supple and youthful. 

Cleaning your spoolie may feel unnecessary, but it's worth it if you consider the potential risks. 

In Summary

The uses for a spoolie brush are endless. This small tool can make a big impact on any makeup look. It can make your brows look fluffy and groomed. It can also help you achieve that perfect laminated brow style. 


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The spoolie brush on TatBrow's brow gel will allow you to add color to each hair perfectly. Once your product has run out, you can clean the spoolie and use it for other things! 



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