How To Create Straight Eyebrows

Emily LaCroix

Look, we get it—there is no shortage of inimitable divas with brow arches so sharp you could cut yourself on them. Before, during, and after even the pencil-thin brows of the nineties, a structured, arched brow has often been the look of the coolest character in every high school drama, whether we’re talking teen movies or real life. 

But times change; the shift from the itty bitty brow club of the 90s and early 2000s to the big bushy icons that have become au courant illustrates that more clearly than anything else! 

With the changing times comes a small but noticeable shift from perfectly drawn and manicured brows to softer, more natural shapes, often called “boy brows.” We love a full, fluffy brow to brighten your face as much as the next person, but a less-explored and very similar shape has a piece of our hearts, too. Let’s talk about the straight brow.

What Is a Straight Brow?

The straight brow is a shape that many of us have naturally, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than threading, waxing, or plucking your brows into a more defined shape, the straight brow allows your eyebrows to reach their fullest, fluffiest potential while also keeping them how we like them: a neat, perfect complement to our faces. 

Although maintaining a straight brow takes about as much work as maintaining any brow—which is to say, not very much—it helps to think of them as the boy jeans of your brow wardrobe. They’re stylish and ready to be dressed up or down, while still giving you an uber casual, sexy-slouchy, you-woke-up-this-vibe. Because a straight brow is one of the brow shapes that follows your natural brow line most, it’s a great call if you want to look chill and natural, but also chic and put-together.

We love the increase in popularity of the straight brow because it shows an overall trend of style-shifting to accommodate our own natural quirks and beauties, and allowing those of us who wax, pluck, or thread to do so with a little more freedom (which includes the freedom to not do it at all).

Do You Have Enough Brow for This Trend?

You have enough brow for whatever look you want, of course! While certainly, some hair types and face shapes suit certain looks a bit better, we’re not here to tell you what is and isn’t beautiful. If you have pale, thin brows and you think straight brows will suit you best, even though they’re not the type of brow you see in pictures—go for it!

However, if you’ve been plucking your brows into a specific shape, we definitely recommend using some of TatBrow’s Brow Enhancement Serum, which is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and more—exactly what you need to encourage regrowth in the areas of your brows you’re wanting to fill out.

If you’re thinking about a more immediate solution, you might be wondering if you can microshade or microblade your brows to get the straight brow shape you’re craving. The answer is, of course, yes. If you really want a full, straight brow as quickly as possible, and don’t want to fuss with makeup every day, you could definitely look for a brow specialist who feels comfortable giving you the straight brow of your dreams.
That said, microblading lasts for one to three years, and microshading is permanent. So before you commit to a permanent or semi-permanent option, it might be worth making sure it’s a look you love and don’t think you’ll ever want to change by trying to achieve the straight brow look with makeup first. 

How Do You Get Your Brows on the Straight and Narrow?

If you’re accustomed to shaping your own brows, adjusting to a straighter shape should be a breeze. If you’re not comfortable, or you just want a professional guiding you on your journey, you can definitely go to a trusted brow specialist and tell them what you want. A good brow specialist should be able to help you in achieving your ideal shape. But if you’re on your own, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Take a look at your arch! Often what gives you that amazing, arched shape are hairs that grow downward. Using a facial razor or something similar, shave off the hairs that grow in a downward fashion to give your eyebrows the appearance of being straighter; just make sure not to go too far! In general, you’ll want to keep your eyebrows as full as possible, so make sure you still have length throughout.
  2. Brush the hairs of your eyebrow downward, and using the most delicate scissors you can find, trim off the hairs that extend beyond your natural brow. This is a step you may be familiar with because we tend to do this no matter what the shape of our brow is! This just helps keep everything feeling soft and natural.
  3. It’s all about brushing your eyebrow hairs up when you’re done, so they look full, and the parts of the brow that tend to narrow out are compensated for when you eventually set your brow hairs with a gel or spray once they’re in formation.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to shaping your brows! You may want to tweeze around the edges, or do other typical upkeep to make sure your brows are looking your best, but as far as getting the straight shape you want, it’s all about keeping the hairs in line.

What’s Your Makeup Routine Like With Straight Brows?

One of the key parts of maintaining a straight brow is also maintaining a good brow makeup routine. Especially once you’ve first changed your shape over from something more structural, you probably have some areas that still need to fill out in order to make your new straight shape really sing. 

Until then (or regardless of whether that happens, ‘cause either way, your brows will look great) you have a lot of options to keep your straight brows full and striking.

Before we get into the details, though, it’s worth noting that one of the things we love about the straight brow is that it’s a great look if you’re more of a “roll out of bed and go” type. Unlike more defined or dramatic brows, the straight brow doesn’t look like it’s waiting for you to do your makeup. It’s easy-going and ready for the day, just like you… except on days you want to do your makeup because it’s fun. 

On those days, we recommend using TatBrow’s Microblade Pen to fill in your brows in the same direction that your hairs naturally grow. Whereas it’s all about defining and exaggerating if you’re using a Microblade Pen for a more structural look, the goal with a straight brow is making your brows look full, yet natural, and lived-in. 

If you would usually follow this step with a sleek streak of highlighter, you’ll want to hold off! A highlighter emphasizes the angles of your brow and lifts your arch—that’s the opposite of the goal with straight brows.

If you’re happy with the fullness of your brow, we think our favorite way to prep for the day is with a simple swipe of TatBrow’s Ultra Hold Brow Gel, which will keep your straight brow in place all day with its incredible hold, and give your eyebrows a fuller look with almost no effort. 

If you’re worried other types of brow makeup leave your brows looking too harsh, Ultra Hold Brow Gel is perfect—it gives a thicker, hydrated appearance but keeps your brows looking soft and sweet.


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In Conclusion

If your brow goals have always been more Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars than Lucy Hale, straight brows are definitely something you’re going to want to get to know. Even if it’s more about a desire to stop plucking your brows within an inch of their life and let them relax into their full, natural glory, straight brows are a great option! 

They’re easy to execute yourself and easy to explain to a specialist if you prefer. They’re low maintenance and have this crazy ability to be both a bold statement that really makes your face pop, but also be soft and natural and gentle in a way that makes you look just a little bit magical.

If the Kardashian style of super manicured brows is the stiletto of eyebrows, straight brows are more of your favorite nice pair of sneakers. You know, not the ratty ones you use for working out, not the dirty ones you use when you’re going to get messy, the really cool ones that you keep in pristine condition on the best part of your shelf. Stylish yet effortless, chic yet casual—just like the straight brows we’re beyond ready to try next time we’re ready to give our eyebrows a makeover.



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