How to Get Thick Brows Without Expensive Treatments

Emily LaCroix

With beautiful actresses and influencers like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins flooding your social media, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about your eyebrows lately. Maybe you’ve been wanting them to grow in thicker than they have been. Maybe you’ve been rocking the natural look during the pandemic and now want to shape those brows up as lock-down restrictions ease.

Whatever your reasons, TatBrow is here to give you some helpful tips for growing thick brows without dropping some major coin on expensive treatments. Not everyone has the time or money to indulge in spa treatments, but everyone deserves to have the luscious eyebrows of their dreams.

Throw Out the Tweezers! 

This might seem a little obvious, but if you want your eyebrows to grow in thicker and fuller, you will have to stop tweezing, threading, or waxing for a while. Remember, you can always get rid of excess hairs, but it’s much harder to grow them in, right?

Once your eyebrows have grown out a bit, you can resume your normal plucking routine to whip them into shape. Just be careful not to overpluck them, or you might end up in the same situation with scanty, thin brows.

As a note, plucking or waxing your eyebrows for an extended period of time can reduce your eyebrow follicle growth. Aging and some medications or medical treatments can also affect the thickness of your eyebrows. It’s important to consider these factors when trying to thicken up your eyebrows.

At Home Treatments 

One of the best ways to achieve thicker, fuller eyebrows without paying a ton of money is to turn to the things you may already have in your cabinets and pantries. That’s right; you might already have exactly what you need to thicken up those brows and get that luxuriously full look you’ve been craving. Check out these popular items for thickening eyebrows!

Castor Oil 

With all of the proteins and fatty acids in castor oil, it’s no wonder that people turn to it when they want to help their hair grow in thicker. Castor oil nourishes your hairs and skin around the brows for lusciously full eyebrows that can help shape your whole face.

But before you dive right into applying castor oil, we strongly recommend doing a small test on your arm to check if you’re allergic to it first. Unlike the other two products in this at-home treatments list, you might have gone your whole life without having contact with castor oil, and you don’t want to apply something that you’re allergic to on your sensitive facial skin.

Olive Oil 

Like the other oils, olive oil can be a great way to encourage your eyebrows to grow in thicker and stronger naturally. It contains vitamins A and E. Vitamin A tells your body to produce more sebum, a natural oil that coats hair strands and makes them more resistant to damage and breakage.

Olive oil can stay on your eyebrows for a few hours to fully soak into the skin, but you shouldn’t leave it on overnight because it can smear and make your forehead pretty greasy. Unlike coconut oil, excess olive oil can make you break out, so be sure to wash your face thoroughly after use.

Coconut Oil 

You’ve probably heard that coconut oil is great for dry skin and frizzy hair, but did you know that it can do wonders for eyebrows too? It contains a lot of lauric acid that stops hairs from becoming infected, so you won’t have to worry about breaking out while you start up with the coconut oil routine. Plus, all of the iron and vitamin E conditions the hairs, so they grow in healthy and full.

You can leave the coconut oil on while you sleep at night, so it will have hours to sink into your skin and really get to work growing those brows!

Aloe Vera 

For people who are prone to acne or have extremely sensitive skin, you might want something that is a little bit less oily. Aloe vera absorbs quickly into the skin and roots of your eyebrows, so there’s no oily residue left behind. Just rub it gently into your eyebrows until it is fully absorbed, and voila! No need to wash it out afterward, and you can shower as normal.

As a bonus, aloe vera has a cooling effect upon touch, so your eyebrows might start to tingle a little in a very pleasant way.

Don’t Forget to Eat Right 

Something that most people don’t think about is their food intake and how it relates to their hair growth. Sometimes, having sparse eyebrows can be a sign that you aren’t getting enough essential vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Try supplements for vitamin D and iron, or add more foods rich in those nutrients to your diet, and see if it helps your brow growth. You might also notice your head hair becoming thicker and more luxurious, too, so it’s really a win-win!

Brow Enhancement Serum 

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than what you find in your pantry, our brow enhancement serum might be exactly what your eyebrows have been desperately craving! Our custom serum is chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that your brows need to grow in thicker than ever before, like:

  •       Proline - a powerful amino acid that is essential for strong and healthy brows
  •       Hyaluronic acid - conditions, protects, and hydrates your eyebrows
  •       Ginseng root - nourishes brow hairs to keep them smooth
  •       Chamomile - strengthens eyebrow hair follicles
  •       Glycosaminoglycans - secures moisture for conditioned, healthier-looking brows

The best part is that it only takes seconds to apply. No more sitting in front of the mirror for hours, waiting for the treatment to take hold, or needing to wash your wash when the timer goes off. Just paint the serum on over your existing eyebrows and go. You apply it twice a day while waiting to see results and then maintain your luscious brows with once-daily applications.

Each bottle has enough serum for a full 16 weeks of treatment, and you should start to see results in a quarter of that time. Plus, at TatBrow, we believe you have to see it to believe it, so we have a money-back guarantee if your results don’t measure up to your expectations. We ship in just two business days, so check out our website for more information about how you can start thickening those brows!

About Us 

TatBrow is a company based out of sunny California, and we are all about giving people access to the thick, luscious eyebrows that they deserve. Our company started with the idea that it should be easy to add some fullness to eyebrows with a brush that leaves natural-looking hairs.

We believe in total transparency about our company and the products we make. When you buy anything from TatBrow, you can feel confident in knowing that our products have never been tested on animals, and we take ample steps to ensure that every product is completely safe before it ever gets to your door.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

While you’re waiting for these treatments to work, or if you’ve already tried them and nothing seems to be working, remember that there’s nothing wrong with a little makeup to augment your look. For some people with stubborn eyebrows, no treatments (short of something drastically expensive) may be enough to give you the full brows you’ve been wanting.

Don’t despair! There are plenty of makeup products on the market that let you fill in your brows and add some thickness where there isn’t naturally any. If you’re waiting for the at-home treatments to kick in and ramp up those brows or know that they aren’t working for you, try using a Microblade Pen in the meantime.

Or try a tinted eyebrow gel to add a small pop of color if you have very light eyebrows. Remember not to darken them up too much since our eyebrows are naturally a shade or two lighter than our head hair. However, for natural blondes and light brunettes, a little bit of darkening tint can go a long way towards helping your eyebrows stand out and make a dramatic statement.

Wrapping It All Up in a B(r)ow 

Remember, if you’ve noticed that your eyebrows are frustratingly nonexistent and can’t figure out why, you should talk to your physician. They might be able to recommend treatments or find the underlying cause for the sparse eyebrows. Otherwise, try out some of these fantastic recommendations and wait for those brows to thicken up, so you can get back to posing for those fabulous Insta shots that all your followers are sure to envy!



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