Types of Eyebrows and Which Ones Fit Your Style

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The brow is often underestimated compared to other makeup and beauty products. It’s true that having a complete makeup look requires concealer, foundation, blush, a pop of color, definition, contouring, and much more. However, if you skip doing your brows, your makeup look will still be missing something.

Your brows are right there, front and center, so getting the perfect brow look is vital. In addition to choosing different products and colors for your skin, you also have to choose what brow shape to go with. No two brows will be the same! Your face shape, skin tone, and style all determine what shape looks best on your face.

So, what type of eyebrows fit your style? Keep reading to find out!

Popular Types of Eyebrows

In the history of eyebrow trends and all the different styles popular today, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are the top 7 most common types of eyebrows!  

Round Brows

The 1920s and 30s brought us two of the most iconic rounded eyebrow shapes. The first trend was set by Clara Bow, the original Hollywood “It” girl. Her version of rounded brows had tails that tapered down around her eye, giving her a downward-arching eyebrow style. While these brows haven’t returned to the spotlight, they taught the world about making a statement with your brows in the beauty industry.

In the 1930s, rounded brows took off, but this time without the trailing tails. You would see women with brows drawn on in perfect arches over their eyes, like a half-moon. This trend got every woman to pluck their brows and re-draw them in hopes of getting the perfectly round brow halo.

High Arches 

The first type of eyebrow is characterized by high arches. You know the ones. With arches as high as the empire state building? Okay, maybe not that high, but you get the point. These brows gained popularity in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe added high arched, bold brows to her already sharp look. Along with a bold lip color, these brows gave the world of makeup a little bit of an edge and set a trend that regained popularity in the mid-2000s.

If high arched brows are your cup of tea, we totally get it. They make a statement and add boldness to any makeup look. Perfecting the high arched brow look is actually pretty simple! Take a pencil or any item with a straight edge and place it vertically, so it’s parallel to the bridge of your nose.

Now, tilt the pencil so it begins at the tip of your nose and runs through the iris of your eye. The pencil will go through your eyebrow and mark where the arch of your brow should be. Use this as a mark for where to begin your arch and make them as high as you want. You can brush your hairs upward to increase volume and use a holding gel to help your brows stay in place!

Low Arches 

Low arches put a natural spin on the high-arched look. They follow the natural outline of your brows and offer a realistic brow shape. These first took the stage in the 1940s in the middle of the war. These brows still held product, definition, and shape, but a much more natural shape than the rounded brows previously or the sharp-edged brows that became the trend after.

To get eyebrows with low arches, there are a few methods you can use. First, you can use a brow gel. This will come with a custom brush-like applicator to help integrate the gel into your natural brow hairs. Simply follow the direction of your hair growth and accentuate the natural size of the arches you have.

You can also use a microblade brow pen to achieve the low arch look. You may benefit more from a pen over a gel if you have naturally thinner brows, no eyebrows at all, or very light brows. Take a Microblade Brow Pen or a Micro Precision Pen and draw naturally looking hairs on your brows. When it comes time to draw the arches, follow the direction of your natural growth and arch height.

Straight Brows

After the rounded brows and arched brows, another trend hit the scene in the 70s, thanks to the hippie movement. During this time, natural-looking makeup was a big hit. Of course, the disco side of the 70s embraced funky makeup, which we love too, but natural brows became big during this time. These brows tended to be straighter and follow the line of the brow exactly.

A straighter brow doesn’t have the same arch that other brows do. Instead, these brows followed the direction of the brow growth in a simple straight line. If you want to achieve these brows, try using a brow gel or microblade pen.

Thin Brows 

Another brow trend that took the stage multiple times throughout history is thin brows. Some still prefer thin brows today, though they are less popular. These brows could be rounded, arched, or straight. The main characteristic was how thin they were in width. Some brows were just a thin line drawn on with a pencil.

Women would pluck off their eyebrows almost entirely to achieve this look and re-draw a line with a brow pen or pencil to get a dark, thin brow line.

Powder Brows 

Powder brows remain a popular brow style today in the makeup community. These are characterized by nearly perfectly shaped, drawn on, and powdered brows on top of a full face of makeup. These brows also tend to have a perfectly straight edge in the middle where the brows begin for definition. Using a microblade pen and brow powder can help you achieve this look!

Bushy Brows 

The world has seen every brow style take the stage at one time or another. During the 80s, bushy, natural-looking brows were the style. While they didn’t always remain the trendiest, they have returned, and natural brows are the biggest brow trend today!

And frankly, we love it! Makeup is all about accentuating natural beauty. What better way to do this than embrace the bushy, natural-looking brows you’ve already got? If your brows are naturally thin, don’t panic. There are plenty of easy ways to achieve natural brows.

With TatBrow’s Microblade Brow Pen, you can draw natural-looking brow hairs on your brows to fill in sparse areas of hair, thicken your brow look, and add depth to achieve the coveted bushy brow look. Plus, it comes in 6 different natural shades to complement any hair color.

Aren’t sure how to use it? Our blog has all the guidance you need. This resource can show you everything you need to know about using the Microblade Brow Pen. Another product that can help you achieve the natural, bushy brows is a brow gel! Learn how to use it here.

Which One Fits Your Style? 

There are many types of eyebrows to choose from, so it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. If you’re not sure which is your favorite or which compliments your style, here are some tips!

If You’re Going for a Natural Look 

If you prefer to wear natural makeup and casual clothes most of the time, a natural-looking brow will likely complement your style the best. Consider trying the bushy brows, straight brows, or even low arched brows with your makeup and outfits. Can’t choose? Try all three looks to see which is your favorite!

If You’re Going for a Full Makeup Look 

A full makeup look is actually pretty versatile. You can go with the powdered brow, which adds definition and edge to your look, or you can go with high arched brows. A bushy brow may even complement your makeup!

If You’re Going for a Microbladed Look 

Microblading isn’t a new thing, but it just recently gaining popularity in the United States. As far as brow trends, getting the microbladed look is coveted. However, the procedure itself is expensive, painful, involves certain risks, and isn’t right for everyone.

TatBrow’s Microblade Brow Pen can give you the same microbladed look without the cost or risk associated with microblading. The Micro Precision Pen offers the same result, but with only one tip for extra precision when drawing real-looking eyebrow hairs.


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There are tons of eyebrow types to choose from, and this decision isn’t always easy. Your face shape, style, and the end look you want influences which brows are best for your face. However, with a little bit of imagination and access to the best brow tools, any brow look is possible! If you can dream it, you can draw it with TatBrow!



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