What Color Eyebrow Pencil for Black Hair?

Emily LaCroix

Nailing the perfect brow look can be a little bit of a learning curve at first. You have to learn how to shape your brows, how to get rid of unwanted hairs and peach fuzz, what products to use to create your desired brow look, and how to use them. But the learning doesn’t stop there. You also have to learn which color brows to pick.

Now, this may seem simple. Wouldn’t you just choose a color that matches your hair? Not necessarily! Choosing a color that matches your hair might work for those with medium brown hair, but those with extremely dark or light hair might benefit from another strategy.

This article is for all our deep, raven-haired beauties out there. If you’re struggling to land on an eyebrow shade that doesn’t give you threateningly dark brows but isn’t too light, this article is for you. Let’s talk about what eyebrow pencil to use and some other tips and tricks to nailing a darker brow look.

What Colors to Use for Black Hair 

The general consensus in the beauty world is to use an almost perfect shade match for most brows with their corresponding hair colors. However, black hair is the only exception to this. True black hair is so dark that a matching color brow may give you an ominous, threatening look rather than compliment your natural beauty.

So, instead of choosing a black to match, try these strategies instead.

Go for a Shade Lighter Than Your Hair 

You can use a shade slightly more brown than your black hair to give your brows a softer, more natural look. Make sure to use a shade that matches your skin's undertones (we’ll cover this later!), so you don’t end up looking washed out or orange.

If you are going for a harsher, edgier brow look, black brows may work just fine. It’s important to note, however, that they likely won’t give you a natural-looking soft brow. There are also soft black products like TatBrow’s Ash Black shade that offers dark brows to match your hair without being so dark you look like Wednesday from the Adam’s Family. If that’s your thing, more power to you. But, if not, we’ve got your back with that too. Try using a dark brown shade to achieve a softer look while still matching a darker hair color.

Use Multiple Colors for Dimension

Can’t seem to find what you need with one color? No problem! Try using a lighter shade underneath on your brows and a darker shade over top. Be sure not to draw super heavy lines but draw lightly with both. This adds dimension to your brows while also giving you the best of both worlds.

Using a Microblade Pen on Black Hair 

When you’re using a microblade pen on black hair, you have to choose your color first. We recommend opting for ash black or dark brown. Now, take the pen and place it so all four tips are touching the baseline of your brow. It should be angled so it’s horizontal to your brow. Next, make a gentle sweep with the pen following the natural direction of your brow growth.

Continue doing this until you’ve filled in all the sparse areas on your brows and achieved the desired shape and look you want. It’s important not to use products on your brows like makeup or skincare before applying the microblade pen. Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how to apply the pen.

If you’re using the Micro Precision Pen, the application is similar. The biggest difference is that this pen has only one tip. Draw real-looking hairs, starting at the base of your brow and sweeping upwards. You should continue to follow the direction of your natural hair growth.

Brushing your brows up and out can help establish and define the natural shape of your brows, making it easier to follow with the pen and giving you the best result possible.

Why Does Color Matter? 

Color in makeup is vital. If you have the wrong color foundation, you may end up looking yellow or washed out. If you use the wrong color concealer, you’ll have random spots of pigment blotting your face, and it won’t blend in seamlessly. If you have the wrong color lip or blush, you can end up looking just plain odd.

But when it comes to brows, this is especially important. Your brows are right there, front and center in your face. When someone looks at you, they tend to look directly at your eyes. This means your brows are right in their line of sight. So, choosing the wrong color eyebrow pencil can severely ruin some first impressions and throw off your whole makeup look.

When it comes to matching brow color and hair color, there’s more than just the pigment. You have to take into account your undertones and whether your hair and brows fall into the light, medium, or dark category.

Your Skin’s Undertones 

Let’s begin by breaking down the different undertones skin can have and how to tell which one you have. Your undertones are the underlying hue that your skin gives off regardless of whether your skin is light or tan. You may notice that some people who have seemingly the same skin tone and level of darkness have different hues. One may be a rosy color, while the other may be more olive or blue. This is because of the undertones.

There are three different groups of undertones one can have:

Warm Undertones: Warm undertones are characterized by a few factors. If you have warm undertones, you probably tan more easily than you burn in the sun. Your closet may be full of neutral, earth tone colors like maroon, yellow, orange, or browns and olive greens. You look better in gold jewelry than you do in silver, and you can see your veins from your wrist, and they appear to be green as opposed to blue.

Cool Undertones: Cool undertones are the exact opposite. This type of skin burns easily when you’re in the sun, so you’re probably loaded up on sunscreen and a shady hat. You probably wear lots of deep blues, purples, and emerald greens rather than earth tones. Your jewelry style is likely silver, and you probably have vivid blue veins that pop out.

Neutral Undertones: Lastly, if you have neutral undertones, you may not be able to see either of these qualities, or you fit somewhere in the middle. Your veins may be blue-green, and you may look good no matter what color you wear. If this is the case, undertones won’t influence your brow color too much.

Your Hair Shade 

Knowing your skin’s undertones is vital to choosing a color that will complement it. But it’s still important to be able to find your hair’s shade. This is pretty self-explanatory. Hair is either light, medium, or dark. You may have light hair if you have platinum blonde, gray, beach blonde, or light brunette hair. Medium hair includes deeper redheads, medium brunettes, and those with darker dyed hair that still isn’t a deep dark. Dark hair includes deep brown and black hair.

How to Account for Your Hair’s Undertones When Choosing a Brow Pencil 

It’s vital to take into account your hair’s undertones while choosing a brow color. If you’re choosing a brown shade pencil, follow these guidelines. If your undertones are cool, choose a shade like dark brown or ash black. These shades shouldn’t have any red or warm tints in them as these may look too orange on your face.

On the other hand, if you have warm undertones, an auburn may compliment your skin and hair wonderfully! If you are using an eyebrow pencil with red tones, try layering it with a darker color. You can use dark brown or ash black to do this. Simply apply the lighter color underneath your brows in a gentle layer. Then, apply your darker color over top. This will add dimension, tones, and help you find the perfect shade brow for you.


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Black hair can be a blessing and a curse. You get that deep, raven-like glow, but you also have to be extra careful of dandruff and dry shampoo. Luckily, with these tips and tricks, eyebrows will be the least of your worries.

For more shades, eyebrow tips, and information on the hottest brow trends in 2021, be sure to keep up with our blog! From finding the right color brow pen to knowing which brow style fits your face shape, there’s a lot to keep up with. TatBrow’s got you covered. 



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