Why Do We Have Eyebrows: Functions, Thickness, and More

Emily LaCroix

Eyebrows have always played a huge role in aesthetics. From middle school, when you were over-plucking them to mimic all the famous people of the era, today, when having full bushy brows is all that matters. 

Besides looking fabulous, your eyebrows have a purpose. Have you ever wondered why we have eyebrows anyways? Well, the answer is simple—there are tons of different reasons, from function to thickness, and much more! We’re here to break down why we have eyebrows and their functions. 

History of Eyebrows 

When you’re born, your eyebrows are a mirrored pair. That’s right! We know that that may seem impossible, considering all you’ve tried to do in your adult life is to get them even. 

That’s just because, over time, your eyebrows change. Some parts can start thinning, or some areas may be over-plucked. Adults rarely have completely symmetrical eyebrows. 

Eyebrows: What’s the Point?

Eyebrows have many functions and serve us in many ways; we bet in more ways than you originally thought! Let’s talk about it.

The Thickness

The thickness of your eyebrows is an inherited trait. This means if neither of your parents was blessed with Cara Delevinge eyebrows, the chances of your growing a pair yourself are pretty thin (pun intended). 

The thickness of your eyebrows doesn’t necessarily affect the function, that is unless you’re rapidly losing your eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow hair loss could affect how well your eyebrows protect your eyes. 

If you want thicker brows but didn’t inherit the needed genetics, you’re not out of luck! There are so many different growth serums on the market that can aid eyebrow hair growth. You can still have your dream brows without having to go through a painful and costly treatment such as microblading. 

Eyebrows Protect Our Eyes

Yes, eyebrows serve as a great fashion accessory, but they’re also vital protectants for our eyes. While eyebrows are useful for a few other reasons, protecting the eyes is most likely their most important duty. 

Think back to a hot summer’s day when sweat is beating off your forehead; your eyebrows are always there to help shield your delicate eyes. The way your brows are arched and swooped down is unique to your face’s bone structure and designed to serve you best. 

Getting dirt, dust, sweat, or water in your eyes is painful! But luckily, we have built-in bodyguards to help us steer clear of any unwanted debris. 

Eyebrows Express Emotions

Your face is where all your emotions are conveyed. Yes, body language plays a significant role too, but there is no comparison to your facial expressions—in other words, if you’re trying to read someone, look at their eyebrows. 

These key conveyors of moods clarify when someone is sad, happy, stressed, or angry. Just look a little deeper. 

Think about it; when you see propped-up eyebrows paired with a couple of wide eyes, you immediately assume someone is surprised. If you see droopy brows paired with tired eyes, you’re going to assume someone is sad. 

Eyebrows, at first glance, may just seem like an unnecessary strip of hair. However, their functions go way beyond protecting your eyes from sweat or looking nice. 

They Are Apart of Your Identity 

Your brows are a part of you! Everyone's eyebrows have a unique shape, color, and fullness—those traits set you apart from your peers. Some people have sparse, thin brows, and others have thick bushy ones. Each set of eyebrows is unique and beautiful! 

Eyebrows play a key role during the brain’s process of face recognition. If you tried to recognize an old friend, colleague, or acquaintance, it would be much more difficult if their eyebrows were different or shaved off, right? 

Think about when someone you know tries something new in their brow routine. Maybe they’re a little grown-out, or a little more plucked. Chances are no matter what, you've noticed the difference. 

They’re Beautiful 

Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your eyebrows, we’re telling you they’re 100% beautiful. Everyone’s eyebrows are unique to their face and are a huge part of their identity. 

Eyebrows can sometimes seem like a hassle to keep up with, but we see them as an investment. If you care for your eyebrows from early on, you’ll have full and luscious brows down the road. 

Often, thinning eyebrows are due to years of over-plucking. Now would be a great time to allow your brows to grow out and get some volume—overgrown, thick brows are totally in right now. 

They Help With Facial Recognition

The role eyebrows play with facial recognition is just as significant as your eyes! This is because your eyebrows depict a lot of emotions. Your eyebrows are linked to your facial expressions. 

They’re a Fashion Statement

Eyebrows can be a true fashion statement. Yes, with today’s trends, full, thick, and wild brows are most popular. However, that’s not to say you’re bound to those standards. Trust, all eyebrows are loved and accepted. 

If you don’t have naturally thick brows and you’ve always longed for them, there are tons of products that can aid in brow growth—there’s no reason to get down in the dumps over your sparse brows. 

If you love your brows for what they are, that’s awesome too! We want all of you to feel comfortable and confident in your eyebrows.

They’re Fun To Do 

Even if makeup isn’t usually your thing, once you get into the right brow routine, we think anyone can enjoy doing them!

With tons of TatBrow products to choose from, you’re bound to find one that’ll work for you and your brows. 

Here are a few of our favorites: 

Microblade Pen: If you’re new to filling in your brows, then the Microblade Pen is for you! We know it sounds intimidating, but trust, it’s so simple. 

All you have to do is take the pen, gently press it against your brows, and stroke in an upward motion, always going with the hairs. This product will give you salon results from the comfort of your home—much cheaper too! 

Micro Precision Pen: Our Micro Precision Pen is similar to our Microblade Pen; the results are just as great, but the design is slightly different. Instead of a three-bristle point, it’s a very thin single bristle point. 

Compared to the Microblade Pen, this product is truly a personal preference; it’s whatever is easiest for you. 

There Is More to Eyebrows Than Meets the Eye

Eyebrows are truly a very cool part of the body. We bet you never realized how many functions eyebrows serve and how significant their role is in day-to-day life. Why do we have eyebrows? The answer is simple: to aid in our communication and look totally fab 24/7. 

Having on-point eyebrows is just one part of the puzzle. Yes, you can buy products to help you get your desired look. However, it’s key to remember how important it is to care for your brows and preserve your natural shape. 


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