Wiry Eyebrows: How To Soften and Tame Wiry Brows

Emily LaCroix

We know wiry eyebrows are a total pain in the butt and can throw a wrench in your brow game. It might get discouraging at times, but we're here to tell you there's hope. Between trimming, plucking, and different moisturizers, your wiry brows will be gone in no time! 

All anyone wants is soft, beautiful, and luscious brows that give them the freedom to do any makeup look or brow routine they want. Well, lucky for you, here at TatBrow, we like to think of ourselves as brow experts, so we know just how to get those wiry brows soft again. 

Why Do You Have Wiry Brows? 

You may think that wiry bush brows are just prevalent in men or people of old age, but we’re here to tell you it’s totally normal to deal with this if you’re a young person. Your brows (like everything else in your genetic make-up) are passed down from your parents. So, for example: If one of your parents has naturally very bushy brows, you will most likely get them too.  

Bushy brows are dependent on a few factors. People with bushy brows tend to have more androgens hormones. Androgen hormones make your hair production more masculine, hence why it turns your brows wiry. 

Usually, when you think of wiry brows, you think of middle-aged or older men such as your dad or grandpa. Wiry brows could be in your genetics, too, being passed down from either of your parents. 

Either way, wiry brows can get annoying. It's just important to stay positive throughout the process; your brows aren't going to change overnight. 

How To Get Rid of Them 

Usually, wiry brows are in your genetics or are age-related, so they aren't necessarily something you can get rid of. However, there are ways you can make them a little softer, less noticeable, and not as in-your-face. 

Pluck Long Hairs 

The first thing you probably notice when you look in the mirror are those pesky long curly hairs. Well, the way to fix those is by plucking them out. You, of course, have to be careful because if you over-pluck, it will leave your brows looking very sparse. You only want to pluck the thickest ones and make sure you aren't plucking too close together. 

How To Soften Your Brows

Before we get into how you can tame your worry brows, let's first see if we can get them a little softer. The softer and healthier they look, the easier it will be to tame them. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is very commonly used to help soften hair. Coconut oil can penetrate deep into the skin, which means it is thought to penetrate past the hair shaft resulting in ultra moisturized and healthy hair

You can buy products infused with coconut oil, or you can just get a container from any grocery store. We recommend putting a generous coat on your brows right before bed and letting it sit overnight. 

Olive Oil 

It's no secret that olive oil is jam-packed full of tons of ingredients that aid your hair and skin health. It's not just a delicious kitchen ingredient; it can help fix your wiry brows too!

Olive oil works as a thick barrier preventing water or other things from stretching or damaging the cuticle of your hair. The only downside is that olive oil is notorious for making your hair very greasy, so it's definitely something you will need to wash away in the AM.

Argan Oil 

Argan oil can work wonders on your hair and skin. It's ultra-moisturizing and leaves a beautiful shine. Argan oil is a popular ingredient in tons of shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. That alone should tell you that this product is no joke. 


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How To Tame Your Brows 

Obviously, suppose you started using any of those products on your brows yesterday. In that case, we doubt you'll see a huge difference just yet. You need to give it a few weeks. However, that doesn't mean you can't take some time to clean your brows up a little. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your wiry brows looking a bit more tamed. 

Step #1: Trim Extra Long Hairs 

One of the main issues with wiry brows is that you'll get random long curly hairs throughout your brow. It wouldn't be a bad idea to tame those first

Take a makeup spoolie, comb all your brow hairs up, and go against the grain (slightly). Now use a pair of brow scissors and trim away any hairs that are super long. Make sure not to go too short, as that may leave you with bald spots. 

Once you've cut the hairs, repeat the same process, but this time comb your brow hairs in a downward motion. This will ensure you get all those long hairs off your face for good!

Once both brows are trimmed, go ahead and brush them back. 

Step #2: Fill in the Gaps 

One of the best ways to elevate your brows is by using good-quality and reliable products to fill them in. Filling in your brows may seem annoying or difficult, but we promise it gets easier over time. Sometimes people think they hate filling in their brows when in actuality, they just haven't found the right products to use. 

Step #3: Shape Your Brows 

Have you ever lined your lips? Well, this step is similar to that. You want to take an eyebrow pencil and, ever so slightly, line out your brows. The technique is different than outlining your lips as you take the eyebrow pencil and just follow the shape of your brow while using short, light upward moving strokes. 

Shaping your brows will make your hairs look more tamed and clean-cut. 

Step #4: Use a Gel 

Take a high-quality brow gel and use a thin coat over top of your brows. This will ensure no random wiry hairs stand up and leave the hairs looking extra slick and tamed. 

Usually, we would suggest a clear hold gel, but our colored Ultra Defining Brow Gel will work wonders for your brows too. It will hold the brows down while defining them, giving you an overall better look. 

Step #5: Don’t Forget To Highlight 

One of the best ways to get your brows to look extra defined is by adding a pop of color. We suggest putting on a little highlighter near your brow bone and cheeks. Trust us; it'll make a world of difference. 

Tips on Plucking Your Brows Safely 

It's no secret that tweezing your brows can be a bit uncomfortable, and if you have wiry brows, then chances are you and your tweezers know each other pretty well. Tweezing your brows can actually get dangerous. Between ingrown hairs and irritation, you want to ensure you're following all the proper precautions and keeping your skin super safe. 

Sterilize Your Equipment 

Whatever type of tools you're using on your brows, you should always sterilize them first. All you have to do is take a disinfecting wipe and wipe them down before use. Dry them off very well before using them on your face. 

Don’t Over-Pluck 

Even though it can be so hard to leave it be, if there is hair that broke off in the middle of an ingrown hair, do not keep picking at it. If a hair breaks off, you should wait for it to grow out, and if you have ingrown hairs in your brow, you need to go through the proper steps to treat that ingrown hair. 

When you continuously pick at hairs that don't want to come out, it can cause irritation and discomfort and eventually lead to more ingrown hairs or even infections. 

In Conclusion 

Yes, wiry brows can be annoying, but all it takes to soften and tame them is a little TLC. Everyone has different brows. Some people have perfect thick and luscious brows, while others may have thin and sparse brows, so you shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed if yours are on the coarse or wiry side. Nobody is perfect, and not everyone is blessed with Cara Delevingne's brows, right? 

Here at TatBrow, we know how important brows are (especially in today's trends); that's why we make it a point to always have all the best information regarding your brow game and hair health!



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