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Micro Point Pencil
Micro Point Pencil
Micro Point Pencil
Micro Point Pencil
Micro Point Pencil
Micro Point Pencil

Micro Point Pencil

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Serious stay power: budge and smudge resistant.

Superior formula: no-tug and ultra precise.

Clean & pure: good for you brow ingredients.



Dark Brown

Ash Black



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Micro Point Pencil

Super fine & defined brows

A brow pencil with an ultra fine, pointed tip for precise brow definition made with a nourishing cream to powder formula that doesn’t drag or tug on brow hairs.

“The pointed tip makes it so easy to be precise. The cream to powder texture is amazing and doesn’t break like other stick pencils. Not only that, it glides on so no tugging or dragging on the skin and hairs happens. ”

Smudge & water resistant

Pigmented coverage

No-tug brow shaping

Ultra conditioning

Pro spoolie brush

On demand brow styling

Precision tip

Create hair-like strokes to define brows

Four natural colors

Coconut & soybean infused natural formula

12+ hour flawless wear

Smude, sweat & water resistant


Power Brow Trio

High performance brows powered by nature

Brow pencils & pomade that use nature derived ingredients to nourish your brows while maximizing performance.

Ultra nourishing brow makeup infused with:


Edge Define Pencil


Micro Point Pencil


Créme Fix Pomade

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Shape, Define, Sculpt

Power Brow Trio

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