How To Apply Eyebrow Makeup With Microblade Pen

Every once in a while, someone asks, “what would you never leave your house without?” We don’t know when it became true, but we now realize our answer would be “doing our brows!” 

While lipstick, mascara, or BB cream may have been the answer to this question at one time, somehow things have shifted so that we hardly feel dressed without knowing that our brows are living up to their full potential. Brows can make your features pop in a way nothing else will, so learning how to do your brow makeup perfectly is key.

What Makeup Do You Need for Your Brows?

The answer to that question is, of course, as much or as little as you want! If your brows do it for you rolling out of bed, go on with your bad self. But if you want to kick it up a couple of notches, we do recommend a couple of things.

  1. TatBrow’s Ultra Defining Brow Gel if you want to darken, warm, or otherwise impact the natural color of your brows. It thickens and conditions, all the while leaving your eyebrow hairs soft and flexible.
  2. TatBrow’s Micro Precision Pen gives you hair-like strokes in six natural shades for filling in your brows with unparalleled exactness.
  3. TatBrow’s Ultra Hold Brow Gel for a clear, incredible hold that dries almost instantly with no residue. This will hold your hard work into place and keep your brows in line, day and night.

How Do You Know Where To Draw or Fill in Your Brows?

There are many answers to this question! It partly depends on the look you’re going for. Whether it’s full and fluffy brows or perfectly manicured arched eyebrows, the basics of figuring out how to pluck or tweeze your eyebrows are roughly the same. There are many guides that will walk you through how to find your best shape. 

Once you’ve decided on a shape, if your brows are particularly sparse, we recommend starting with a TatBrow Microblade Pen to draw more fine hairs at once. If your brows are thicker, or if you just want a bit more control, the Micro Precision Pen is going to be the best tool in your arsenal. 

After using Ultra Defining Brow Gel (or a bare spoolie if you prefer), brush all of the hairs in the ideal direction. Then, go in with the TatBrow Micro Precision Pen and fill in your brow with delicate hair strokes that go in the same direction as your newly-coiffed brows. Basically, it’s simple—take a hint from what nature gave you!

Time To Show Off Your Brows

Applying makeup with your TatBrow Micro Precision Pen is the easiest way to get the brows of your dreams, no matter what shape or fullness you prefer.



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