Amanda Johnson

Every person has their own definition of having #MeTime. MeTime is the moment where everything in your surroundings accomodates all of your wants and needs that you couldn’t normally get the majority of the time, and this obviously varies from person to person as we have our own vision of our personal utopias. This is when you are at a time and place where everything is just right. Based on how stressful life is outside of your zone decides how you’re going to perceive it. If I’m a remote worker who lives in front of a computer screen for most of the day working five to six days a week, my personal utopia is probably going to be spending time with my loved ones. If I’m a full time student and a part-time worker that has to commute, my personal utopia will probably be staying at home finishing chores and doing whatever makes me happy. 

       And if you’re not sure what makes you happy, take a moment to think and look around during the stress free moments. Put your phone down and breathe, seriously. If you think going on your phone and checking any social media makes you feel happy, rethink again. So many research sources conclude that people who use their phones and go on social apps whenever they can lower their mood. Put your phone down and focus on YOU. 

         What I do during my #MeTime depends on the day and season. On colder cloudy days like right now in the winter time, I will most likely stay at home, rest, and focus on myself. This can range from doing home chores to self care which heavily involves practicing makeup looks. 

Since my makeup skills are fairly beginner, I am most successful with the natural look which consists of wearing my favorite foundation and concealer and throwing on some blush or neutral lip combo. Foundation and concealer are probably my favorite parts because these are like the first coat of paint of the portrait. I also enjoy covering up any imperfections like acne scars and random blotches. The perfect concealer/foundation combination is Hide’s Dream Duo Foundation and Concealer which comes with both and gives you the option of 20 shades. And if my eyebrows aren’t screaming fleek, I will probably touch up on them by plucking loose hairs and applying a brow gel like the Ultra Hold Brow Gel by Tatbrow to shape and keep them looking refined. With my favorite natural look, I will most likely go out on the warmer days and enjoy my other #MeTime activities. 

What are the things that make you happy? When is it your #MeTime?

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