Brows and the Work Week

Amanda Johnson

If you’re in a rush waking up and attending your nine to five, or you’re on your way to school, and there isn’t much time to do your makeup; you go with the natural look. It consists of first washing your face, then concealing any noticeable imperfections on your skin, adding a mascara or shading the brows, and finishing it off with blush. 

So if you choose to enhance your eyebrows, Tatbrow’s Ultra Hold Brow Gel would be a perfect brow mascara to use. Since the brow gel is clear, it gives your brows a fuller, hydrated appearance; leaving no dark splatters around the eyes and dry chipping. The brow gel mascara takes seconds to apply, so it almost takes no time out of your morning getting ready. The Ultra Hold Brow Gel holds onto your brows the entire day for 12 hours and it is waterproof. Don’t worry about sweating when you’re on the run or walking through rain showers! The brow gel is also easy to remove with any makeup remover or a face wash. 

Since Sunday is the first free day of the work week, this is most likely the day where you’ll spend time preparing your self care routines from meal prepping to laundry or hair styling to face prep. The part of the body that needs the most care is the face. Why? Why does the face matter so much if the world is socially distancing and the face is covered by a mask? Maskne exists and it happens when your pores over-clog with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells because our masks trap humidity due to breathing and sweating. Having to deal with acne sucks and so to prevent it, we have to be mindful and take care of our skin.

How to wind down: 

Step 1: Full facial cleanse. Everyone has their own routine based on what works with their skin. A popular routine that is seen a lot is to first wash your face with lukewarm water using any cleanser of preference. And then you scrub your face with any scrub to take off any dead skin cells.

Step 2: Prepping the face. This is where you’ll apply face masks or ointments. First, you can put on any kind of face mask. Face masks add moisture to your skin and make it appear radiant. After that you might apply a toner to maintain your skin’s pH balances. To finish off, you will apply a moisturizer to prevent dryness. If you’re seeking to grow fuller brows, maintaining your brows would also be a step in your skin routine. Tatbrow’s Brow Enhancement Serum is a great product for brow hair growth and it functions by applying it on your brows daily. The serum consists of natural vitamins and acids such as proline, hyaluronic acid, botanical blend and glycosaminoglycans. Before you go to sleep, you apply the Brow Enhancement Serum and you will see results with time. The full treatment lasts 16 weeks, and if you don’t see results, you will be reimbursed. 

Step 3: Sleep. 

Sleep deprivation is one the most common struggles in adults. About 62% of the world’s population is experiencing sleep deprivation and it is detrimental to their physical and mental health.  Sleeping will lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also reduces and improves your mood, giving you a boost to go through the day, especially on a Monday. 


With a fresh face and eight hours of sleep, you’ll wake up the next morning to start the week strong! 


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