Your Guide on How To Pick the Right Eyebrow Color

Emily LaCroix

And you thought picking your hair color was going to be your biggest challenge! 

As eyebrows become more of a feature of our beauty routines rather than something that we, honestly, didn’t think that much about, the list of things you need to consider when styling your brows seems to get longer. It’s not just about the shape of your brows, or the waxing or plucking or threading you do to maintain them—it’s also about the volume and color. 

When we say color, we don’t mean dying or tinting your brows, although that’s definitely a thing. We’re talking about what color you choose when buying your brow products—gels, pencils, powders, and pens. Sometimes when you read the colors offered it can seem intuitive, but there’s actually a bit of a trick to figuring out what brow shade is going to compliment you best!

Where Do You Start?

First, be confident about the color of your hair. We know, we know—that sounds silly. Of course you know what color your hair is! But while you obviously know whether you’re a blonde or a brunette or a redhead or are rocking a salt and pepper look, you may not have given much thought to what your undertones are. It’s important to determine where your hair falls on the spectrum from cool to neutral to warm because that’s going to be key when it comes to your brows.

Also, consider your hair’s texture. If you have thick, curly dark hair, for example, a darker brow will suit you just fine. But if your hair is a bit finer, even if it’s dark, a thick brow might look a bit out of place in comparison.

Lastly, think about your face shape. Although the texture of your hair might influence how dark or light you go with your brows, it’s important to keep in mind what flatters your facial structure. If your face lends itself best to thick, full brows, but your hair is very light or very fine, you’ll want to find a good balance. 

If you’re shaping your own brows, we always recommend doing your research, or potentially speaking with a professional—we’ve all felt the pain of over-plucking, so it’s best to have a game plan before you go in.

Picking Your Color

Look, we too have seen Cara Delevigne and spent ages staring at her perfect face and her perfect brows and how it all works together in a way we couldn’t imagine pulling off. If women like Ms. Delevigne are your bold brow icons, it might seem intuitive to go darker when selecting your brow makeup. 

Even if that’s not your vibe, but you’re trying to embolden fair, patchy brows, or just make more of a statement, you might find yourself reaching for a pencil a couple of shades darker than your natural hair. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

The key to natural, yet bold, brows is actually looking for a shade that is one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color! We know, we know. We were surprised too!

We’re not throwing shade at Cara Delevigne, of course. If you have blonde or fair hair, going a shade or two darker could be the answer. The goal with choosing your brow makeup isn’t to change their color or match your natural color exactly—it’s all about complimenting your natural coloring. This is where figuring out your undertones comes in handy.

It’s important to find a shade that complements the undertones of your natural hair and complexion. If you have dark hair with warm undertones, you’re going to want to lean more auburn than ash. 

If you have fair hair with hints of strawberry, you’re going to be after something a little warmer and richer than a cool taupe. Even if your hair is very dark, knowing your undertones will help you find a brow pencil or gel that makes your brows look natural.

What if You Don’t Know What Your Undertones Are?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide with certainty what your undertones are! And sometimes, you might feel like you’re between two opposite ends of the spectrum, and aren’t sure what will work best. If you’re feeling unsure, think about your skin tone, rather than the color of your hair.

The paler you are, the cooler your brow gel or pencil should be—unless your skin has more of a yellow tone, in which case a bit of warmth might be just what the doctor ordered to keep you from looking washed out. Darker skin tones tend to be more complemented by warmer hues. So if you’re unsure, that’s an easy place to start.

The one exception to this rule is often the exception when it comes to hair color: redheads! Redheads frequently fall toward the fairer end of the spectrum when it comes to skin tone, and will benefit from a warmer color of the pencil. 

Overall, though, experts say eyebrows tend to look best if you choose a cooler shade. So if you’re in between, choose based on your skin tone—and maybe pull back from going too warm.

Not Everything Has To Be the Same Color

If you’re looking for an all-out brow makeup restock, once you have one color you’re confident in, it can be tempting to buy every other product in the same shade. But take a breath! Your eyebrows, much like the hair on your head, aren’t one flat color. They naturally have highlights and lowlights, and so it’s worth bearing this in mind when buying your next brow product.

Unless we’re talking about something basic and color-free (although still highly recommended!) like a Brow Enhancement Serum or an untinted Ultra Hold Brow Gel, it’s worth maybe having a bit of variety in your routine to make sure your brows look naturally layered and dynamic rather than flat and painted on. 

Getting an Ultra Defining Brow Gel in a slightly lighter shade than your Micro Precision Pen can really take your brow routine up a notch. TatBrow offers a wide range of shades that work for everyone. Our products come in six to nine different shades depending on the product.

But as always, keep your undertones in mind! Even if you’re getting different products in different shades, you’ll want to make sure you’re sticking with cool or light across the board, and that these colors are one to two shades later than your natural hair color.

In Conclusion

While doing your research on how to get the most of your brows, it can sometimes feel like the most challenging part is deciding what kind of products best suit you. That’s not even to bring up the challenge of finding the best brow shape for your face! But there’s still one more step that isn’t as considered as it perhaps should be, and that’s choosing the color you’re going to get these products in.

Choosing a color that complements your natural coloring and undertones can make a huge difference to your face! It can keep your brows looking fresh and natural, even when you’re applying layers of makeup, and helps to brighten and frame your face, rather than dragging it down or distracting from your features with a shade that doesn’t quite suit you.

Shop the Look

TatBrow’s wide range of shades makes it easy to get the brow color you want. Shop the products we recommend today! 

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