Perfect Eyebrows Shape for Oval Face

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Knowing your face shape is one of the key components to having great brows and makeup game! Today, this goes out for all you oval face-shaped people. Chances are you weren't aware of this, but your face shape is considered the ideal shape. 

You're basically Kim Kardashian at this point. Before you get excited, you must be positive you have an oval-shaped face. If you come to find out you don't after all, don't stress; TatBrow has got you covered too!

Eyebrow Basics

Real quick, we want to shout out all the eyebrows. Brows are extremely unique and beautiful, and we bet there are some things about your brows that you didn't even know. So, let's talk about them!

Eyebrows Are Unique to You

You were blessed with a set of mirrored eyebrows when you were born. Both of your eyebrows are identical. We know it seems impossible! 

The reason your eyebrows may look more like sisters, or distant cousins now, is due to years of plucking, trimming, waxing, or treading. Over time your eyebrows lose their natural shape, especially if you've used hair removal methods of your brows for years. 

This isn't necessarily a bad thing; even if your eyebrows are slightly different now from when you were a baby, it doesn't mean they aren't awesome! They're still unique to you, and your natural shape is still in there somewhere; it's just a matter of allowing your brows to grow out, then tweezing them to follow your natural shape. 

Eyebrows Display Your Emotions

Eyebrows are known as an open window into your emotions. You would think that your eyes are what tell it all, but chances are, it's probably just your eyebrow expressions. 

The eyebrow consists of three main parts: the head, body, and tail. Eyebrows have many muscles, so they are such intense conveyors of mood. 

Next time you're in a grumpy mood but are trying to play it off, keep your eyebrows in check—they're sure to give it away. 

Do You Have an Oval Face?

Back to why we're here in the first place: finding the perfect eyebrow shapes for oval faces. 

First off, it's important that you're sure of your face shape. If you have an oval face, your face shape resembles Kim K, Julia Roberts, or Katy Perry. If you can't decide whether you're a fit or not based on the comparison, there are other ways you can tell too. 

If your face is longer than it is wider, with a round chin and a wide forehead, then you have been blessed with an oval-shaped face!

Best Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Faces

If you do indeed have an oval face, then it's time to find out which eyebrow shapes will work best for your face shape. 

Oval face shapes are so desired because they are versatile. Oval-shaped faces offer much freedom regarding hairstyles and makeup looks—eyebrow shapes, not so much. 

Oval-shaped faces don't have a ton of versatility in the brow department because it can be easy for the brow shape to disrupt the unique flow of the face shape. 

If you have an oval-shaped face, always opt for the high arch or soft angled eyebrow look. 

Look #1: Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape

What in the world is a soft, angled eyebrow shape? We know it sounds weird, but we're going to explain and show you how to do it yourself!

Think of angled edges that are also rounded. This eyebrow look won't have dramatic sharp edges! The peaks should be soft and subtle. 

Whether you choose to have high, medium, or low arches for this look is a personal preference. You can always add a little more shazam later on during your makeup routine. You want to make sure any way you tweeze them will be good to wear on a day-to-day basis. We suggest soft angles and lower arches!

Get Them at Home

If you want to try the soft-angled look, then keep reading! We're going to show you how to achieve this look at home. 

First: Get some supplies. All you're going to need is a brow pencil or brow liner. To create the arch, you need to find your eyebrow's natural arch. You can do so by using the end of the pencil. If you position the pencil in the center of your eye, wherever it lands in the eyebrow is where your arch is. 

Once you've found your arch: Begin adding height to it. Start at the bottom inner brow and begin making small strokes with your brow liner to the top of the brow. Repeat with the inner brow as well. 

Next: Fill in the rest of your brow with a shadow that matches your eyebrow shade. This gives a very subtle, rounded, and natural look. 

Conceal: Before you start with the final touches, it's always a good idea to conceal around your eyebrows. Take a small amount on an angled brush and conceal above and below the brow. This gives the brows a very clean look. 

Lastly: Time for the clean-up. Take a flat brush and wipe away any eyeshadow that may have fallen onto your eyelid or cheeks. 

Look #2: High Arches

High arches are sexy; think Meghan Fox. If you're looking for a look that will make you feel hot and ready to go out on the town, then we recommend trying out high arches. 

They might sound a bit intimidating, but they are very easy to achieve. All you need is a few tools and some knowledge of technique. 

How To Achieve

The technique to achieve this look is super similar to the previous; your focus points are just going to be different. The arch is getting most of your attention. 

This is another job for your brow pencil! First, find your natural arch, then draw a line from the bottom inner and bottom outer brow at the top of the arch. This technique gives you the appearance of a higher arch. 

Just like the previous technique, you find your arch, line it out, then conceal — it's really that simple!

For a more dramatic look, we suggest using a brow gel instead of eyeshadow. Using eyeshadow to fill in your brows gives a very natural look, which is good (sometimes). This look requires a little more substance. 

Things To Remember

Eyebrows are great fashion accessories, but they're still a vital part of your body and serve many other purposes. It's important to keep them healthy and to always cherish the eyebrows you were blessed with—even if you feel like they could've been better. 

Be patient when trying a new eyebrow look; we doubt both will be perfect on the first try. The easiest way to get your desired look is by remaining calm throughout the whole process, and remember to practice! 

Both of these looks aren't too difficult or crazy, but we don't recommend waiting to try one yourself 20 minutes before your uber is about to pull up! Good luck to all you oval-shape peeps. You've been blessed with a versatile head shape. 

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