How to Thicken Thin Eyebrows

Emily LaCroix

With thick eyebrows so in vogue the past few years, you’re probably looking in the mirror and thinking that as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions start to ease up, you want to look your best. We’ve all been cutting ourselves a lot of slack with personal hygiene the past year (with everything else to worry about, no one blames you!), but now it’s time to get those beautiful brows back on track.

Your eyebrows are looking a little sparse, and that’s just not going to fly. So, what should you do? Luckily, TatBrow is on your side! We’ve got some great ideas for beefing up those brows right now as well as how to ensure that your brow game stays strong down the road.

How to Thicken Thin Eyebrows 

We’ve got plenty of ideas for you to check out for thickening those annoying thin eyebrows, but let’s talk about some reasons why your eyebrows are looking a little sparse. For many people, it comes down to overplucking their brows. For some, it is a factor that comes along with aging skin. Others find that certain medications and medical treatments can have negative consequences for body hair, including brows.

It’s essential to try and identify the reasons behind your thin eyebrows. Are you super stressed out? Do you have platinum blonde hair and really light eyebrows that make them look thinner than they are? Knowing what causes your eyebrows to be thin might help you avoid the situation in the future.

If you can’t find any particular reason, keep in mind that it may be genetic. But don’t worry; we have solutions for everyone!

In the Short Term 

Eyebrow hairs usually take three to four weeks to grow in, which means you might be waiting a while before there’s any real change. Who has that kind of time to waste? Not you! That’s why we’ve got some solutions that you can start today and see a big difference in the thickness of your eyebrows.

Stop Plucking! 

One of the biggest reasons why people look in the mirror and don’t like their brows is that plucking is more of an art than a science. After all, professional beauticians go to school and practice for hours and hours before they learn how to correctly wax, thread, or pluck eyebrows. There’s no shame in admitting you might have been a little… overzealous.

Your best bet is to stop plucking and reevaluate. If you want to maintain a specific shape, we recommend investing in eyebrow stencils. These stencils can help you see exactly where you should be plucking and where you should leave things alone. No more leaning into a super magnified mirror and then realizing once you’ve leaned back that your eyebrows are basically gone!

Additionally, check the shape of your tweezers. If they have rubber tips or are wide and flat, you might accidentally be taking out way more hairs than you intended with each pass. Trade those in for more precise, angled tweezers with smooth metallic ends. It might be harder to grip the hair, but you won’t have to worry that you’re taking more than you bargained for.

Use A Pen 

If you want to spend a little bit of time to get those brows looking picture-perfect in minutes, we recommend a Microbale Brow Pen. Unlike eyebrow pencils that can smudge with their thick tips and give your brows a drawn-on appearance, our Microblade Brow Pen is specifically designed to give your brows a natural touch-up.

With the feathered tips and six different colors to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about your eyebrows coming out too dark or spending an hour trying to correctly blend in your darkening powder. Just brush in a few strokes over sparse areas or go over the entire brow, and boom! Presto chango into full thick luscious brows!

Add A Pop of Color 

Maybe you have shaky hands. Maybe you don’t want to go to the trouble of trying to use a precision pen to fill in the gaps or are worried that your eyebrows will look strangely drawn on. For whatever reason, eyebrow pencils and pens just aren’t your style. But you still want that gorgeous look of full, thick eyebrows. So, what now?

Now we talk about another big secret in the eyebrow makeup industry: gel. There are two main types of eyebrow gel: clear gel and tinted gel. Essentially, gel’s job is to make sure that your eyebrow hairs stay in place instead of blowing every which way and giving you the Albert Einstein look. We know bushy brows are in, but he’s probably not the look you want to copy.

With tinted gel, you can add some color to your eyebrows. This is an especially effective technique for people with light blonde hair. Your eyebrows might actually be super bushy, but they’re so light compared to your skin tone that no one can see them! By helping the hairs to lie down flat, you can also give some shape to your brows by maneuvering the hairs in the direction you want.

We recommend brushing upwards and out diagonally toward the tops of your ears. This will let you get the color over and under every hair to coat each one and gently brush them in the shape you want. In a few seconds, you’ll have noticeably thicker, more defined eyebrows.

In the Long Term 

Sure, you can fake it for the day with makeup, but what if you’re looking for a long-term solution? Something that might eventually mean that you don’t have to spend as long on your morning routine each day because you’d wake up with bold, beautiful eyebrows that are ready to go. Well, we’ve got you covered on that front too.

Eyebrow Serum 

They’ve got a serum for everything, right? Well, you can’t knock the facts. Brow Enhancement Serum targets the individual hair follicles by conditioning and strengthening them. This naturally coaxes your skin to produce thicker hairs that aren’t as likely to break or be damaged by the normal wear and tear of life.

Our brow enhancement serum promotes the appearance of fuller, bolder-looking brows with results in weeks. We use a botanical blend of organic ingredients like ginseng root and chamomile to bolster your brow follicles for stronger, healthier, shinier hairs. Plus, it’s super easy. Just apply to your eyebrows twice a day until you start to see the better brows you’ve been waiting for. It’s that simple!

With just a few seconds added to your daily beauty routine, you can start to see thicker eyebrows in a few weeks. And the best part? Our bottles hold enough serum for 16 weeks of beautiful brows.

DIY Serum 

If you want to spruce up those brows a bit, but your wallet is feeling the strain from the pandemic, don’t worry. There are some natural alternatives that might already be sitting right there in your pantry. Olive oil, for example, contains vitamins A and E, both of which nourish and condition your hair follicles.

You might have heard of people using olive oil on their head hair for stronger, healthier hair, and you can definitely use it on your eyebrow hairs too. Leave it on for a few hours to ensure that it properly soaks into your follicles, and then gently wipe your face with a wet washcloth to prevent your skin from breaking out around the brows.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

Another way to take care of your brows is to monitor what you put into your body. As you probably know, you are what you eat, and your brows count too. Ensure that you are getting a healthy diet (or as healthy as you can manage) to give your eyebrows the best chance to grow. This also means using proper hygiene and washing your face once a day.

It doesn’t mean you can’t lay on the couch with a bag of your favorite chips at night when you’re ready to binge an awesome new show. After all, stress can be a factor in thin eyebrows. We’re just saying to remember your fruits and veggies for your meals. When you’re healthy, your whole body shows it, including your eyebrows.


In Conclusion 

With all of these great choices at your fingertips, there is no reason why you can’t hop on the bandwagon for bolder, luscious eyebrows. Take care of those beautiful brows with serum or DIY oils, and you’ll notice in the next cycle or two that your eyebrows are growing thicker and fuller than ever before. If they don’t? Well, just reach for a bit of tinted gel or microblade pen to fill in those annoying gaps and say goodbye to thin brows for good!



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