Which Eyebrow Filling Kit is Best?

Emily LaCroix

Knowing how to do your brows and do them well has become one of the staples in the world of makeup and beauty. Your brows say a lot about you. If your eyebrows are bushy and natural, it says you’re laid back and embrace your natural beauty. If your eyebrows are dark and sharp, you may be edgy and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. If your eyebrows are softer and straight, you might be a naturalist, trying to keep life simple to enjoy the bigger things.

We could go on and on, but the point is that your brows tell people a lot about you. Plus, they’re one of the first things people see when they look at you. Certainly, the perfect eyebrow kit would have everything you need in it, right? If you’ve spent countless hours trying to find the best eyebrow filling kit, so have we. And we’ve come up with a pretty good solution to the need.  

Say hello to TatBrow’s Dream Brow Bundle and goodbye to scrambling for the best brow products. Let’s break down what’s included in this eyebrow filling kit and how to use each product to get your best brows yet!

Tools in the Dream Brow Bundle

It’s called the Dream Brow Bundle for a reason. It has everything you need to start rocking your best brows yet. There are three basic tools in this eyebrow filling kit. Here’s each product, what it does, and how to use it.

Microblade Brow Pen 

The first is TatBrow’s Microblade Brow Pen. This tool creates real, hair-like strands of hair with the custom four-prong tip. It’s easy to use, comes in 6 different natural shades, and will stay on all day long—no need to reapply after swimming, showering, or sweating as it’s waterproof.

Microbladed brows are becoming more and more popular in the United States. These brows are offered by many estheticians and permanent makeup professionals and are a great way to achieve a low maintenance, long-lasting brow. However, with the benefits of microblading come a few risks too. The procedure can lead to infection, allergic reaction, MRI interference, and there’s always the risk of not liking the end result.

If you’re not ready to make the years-long commitment or cough up quite a bit of change to get this service done, TatBrow has your back. The Microblade Brow Pen offers the same results without any of the cost or risk. You can get the coveted microbladed brow look each day in just seconds.

How to Use:

To use the pen, you’ll need to avoid using skincare or makeup beforehand. This can form a layer in between your skin and the product, interfering with the end result and making it harder for the product to stay on all day and repel water.

When you’re ready to use the pen, start at the base of your brow, holding the pen horizontally so all four prongs are touching your skin. Gently sweep the pen upwards so it follows the natural direction of your hair growth. Use the pen to fill in sparse areas of hair, add definition, and create that full, microbladed look. These brows will last you all day, even if you shower, swim, or sweat.

Ultra Defining Brow Gel 

Next up is the Ultra Defining Brow Gel. This product is a great way to enhance the body, volume, and color of your brows. If you have naturally thinning brows or lighter eyebrows, this product can transform them into bushy brows in seconds.

As a bonus, the Ultra Defining Brow Gel is waterproof, comes in natural shades to perfectly complement your skin and hair color, and gives you fuller, natural-looking brows while thickening and conditioning them. These brows will stay on for over 12 hours and dry instantly once applied.

How to Use:

To use this brow gel, you’re actually going to begin at the arch of your brows and brush through the tail. Follow the natural direction of your hair growth and brush upwards to add volume and fluff. Next, move to the front of your brow and do the same thing. Brush in the direction of your hair growth. Simply fill in sparse areas on your eyebrows or fill in your whole brow for the perfect brow look.

Ultra Hold Brow Gel 

The last tool in the Dream Brow Bundle is the Ultra Hold Brow Gel. It can be frustrating when you spend time making your eyebrows perfect, bushy, and full, only to have them lose their volume as soon as you step out the door. That’s where the Ultra Hold Brow Gel comes in handy.

This gel is made from a custom formula to hold the shape of your brows and set them so they stay all day long. They even last in water, so whether you want to fit a workout, swim, or shower in, you won’t have to worry about losing your brow shape. This gel gives your brows a fuller, more hydrated appearance without expensive procedures and products.

How to Use:

To use this holding gel, begin at the base of your brow and stroke upwards. These strokes should be short and give to lift your eyebrow hairs and give them volume. We recommend using six strokes per brow as this should cover the entire surface and provide enough hold for over 12 hours.

You can use this gel as a top coat over your microblade brow pen or the ultra-defining brow gel. If you want to rock a natural brow look but want some added definition and volume, you can also use this gel alone.

Tips for Using the Dream Brow Bundle 

Having the Dream Brow Bundle and knowing how to use the tools included is a great place to start. Here are some of our favorite brow tips and secrets to help you do your brows like a pro.

Know Where Your Brows Should Be 

The first tip is to know where your brows should be in relation to your face. If your brows are too close together, you can give off a unibrow look. If they’re too far apart, you’ll end up looking odd and surprised. If your arches start too early, your eyebrows may end up looking more like triangles than brows. And if they start too late, your brows can trail off your forehead and wrap around your face.

Knowing where your brows should be is important. All you need to learn is a straight-edged item—a brow pen will work just fine. Take the edge and hold it parallel to your nose so it sits right next to your nostril on one side.

Know Your Brow Shape 

When you’re using the Dream Brow Bundle, it’s important to know how to use the tools inside. You can’t do your brows unless you know what shape you want them to be, so finding a brow shape that fits your face shape and style is a vital step!

Natural brows are all the rage right now, and we’re big fans. We love the bushy, full brow look, and it’s relatively easy to achieve. We’re also big fans of feathered brows, high arches, low arches, and straight brows.

When choosing which is right for you, take a look at your face. If you have harsh features, choose a brow that softens the sharp angles and edges. This could be a straight brow, rounded brow, or natural brow. This will help balance out your features and keep you looking good.

The same is true for the opposite. If you have round features or a flat face, try a sharper brow shape. You can stick to a natural sharper look or try brows with higher arches. This will add some dimension to your face and balance out the softness of your features.

Our blog is packed with information on choosing the right brow shape for your face. Learn about choosing the best shape for your face and what the best brow shapes overall are.


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Nailing the perfect brow requires having the right tools to do so. Walking into your local beauty store and scanning the shelves for eyebrow products can not only be intimidating but overwhelming! Where do you start? Luckily, TatBrow has everything you need to get the perfect brows that will last you all day long. Say hello to your new best brow friend, the Dream Brow Bundle!

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