Perfecting the Brow Flick: How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup like a Pro

Emily LaCroix

You can have your contour done perfectly, mascara on, and your foundation blended in seamlessly—but without the right eyebrow look, your makeup might still be missing that vital piece. The eyebrow is what ties in a makeup look, so if you don’t do them correctly, don’t be surprised if you can’t seem to perfect the look you’re going for.

When it comes to getting the perfect brow flick, we all know the struggle. Maybe you can never seem to get the right brow to match the left. Maybe your eyebrow pencil is too harsh, or your edges are too sharp. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

Whether you’ve been doing brows for a long time or are just dipping your feet in, this guide will help you learn how to apply eyebrow makeup like a pro.

Getting that Perfect Look 

Instead of bright blushes, blue and green eyeshadow colors, and eyebrows that are as high as the Empire State Building, makeup is beginning to settle into a more natural trend. Blushes are now neutral shades of pink and rose, and eyeshadow is smoky and blends into the skin. And as makeup moves forward to more natural-looking coverage, so do the trends for eyebrows!

We have to admit; we’re big fans of this trend. We love that eyebrow makeup is focusing more on accentuating the natural shape and color of brows and ditching the high arches and sharp edges. It’s an easy look to accomplish and fits any occasion.

Using a technique known as the brow flick can make or break your natural-looking brows, so it’s vital to nail it to learn how to do your eyebrows like a pro. But don’t worry. TatBrow’s got everything you need to know about how to do your brows, what tools to use, and more.

How to Perfect the Brow Flick 

The brow flick is a great way to fill in sparse areas of your brows to give you a thick, natural look. Let’s talk about everything you need to know to perfect the brow flick.

Know Your Brow Shape 

First, it’s important to have an idea of what shape you want your brows to be. While the brow trends are moving toward more natural-looking brows, it’s still important to have a plan in mind.

So, here are some tips for how you can measure out a basic eyebrow shape!

Take a pencil, eyebrow pen, or any straight edge and place it straight along the side of your nose. This tells you where your eyebrows should start. For instance, if you’re measuring on the right side of your nose, the tip of the pencil will land where your right eyebrow should start, and vice versa.

Next, take your pencil and measure a straight line from your iris to the edge of your nose. This maps out where your arch should be. And finally, the tail of your eyebrow should line up with the outer corner of your eye.

Using a straight-edged makeup brush or pencil can save you from drawing arches that are way too high or from ending up with eyebrows that don’t match.

Brush Up and Out 

Before you start perfecting the brow flick, it’s important to have an eyebrow brush handy. This helps prep your eyebrow hairs for you to trace over them and get them going in the right direction. Plus, brushing them out can help you get a bushier, fuller eyebrow look.

It’s important to brush up and in the direction that your eyebrow hair naturally grows in. If you brush down, you may end up getting curved eyebrows or losing the natural, softer shape. 

Aim for Small, Hair-Like Flicks 

Next, it’s time to grab your eyebrow tool and start working on the brow flick. A brow flick mimics the shape of individual eyebrow hairs to create a full, natural-looking eyebrow. Think of it as drawing in more eyebrow hairs and then softening them out.

When working on your eyebrow flick, it’s important to remember to follow your natural hair line underneath your brows. Now, you don’t need to draw out a line with your eyebrow pencil, but make sure you are drawing the hairs in a consecutive shape, so your brows look put together.

Fill in Sparse Areas 

Another important thing to remember when perfecting the brow flick is not to draw in too much eyebrow hair! You’re simply drawing in hairs where your brows are naturally sparse. Filling in everywhere can create a heavy, darker look rather than achieve the natural, bushy brow look an eyebrow flick is meant for.

Soften Harsh Lines With a Brush 

If you do end up drawing lines that are too thick or too dark (or just too many in one place), don’t worry. Just take an eyebrow brush and gently brush your brows back up and out to soften the lines.

Eyebrow Tools to Try and How to Use Them 

Having the right eyebrow tools in your makeup arsenal is just as important as knowing the right techniques and how to execute them. Luckily, TatBrow has everything you need to get this look just right. Here are some of the tools that will help you knock the brow flick out of the park.

Micro Precision Pen 

First up is TatBrow’s Micro Precision Pen. This pen is made with a custom feathered tip to produce real, hair-like strokes that give your eyebrows a microbladed, professional look in seconds. If you’ve over-plucked your brows or have naturally thin brows, this tool is perfect.

It’s also the best tool for getting the best brow flick look! Since it has a feathered tip, it’s made to get the precision you need while still looking natural. Here are some tips on how to use it:

First, begin at the bottom of your brow, where your hairs naturally begin. Stroke gently in an upward motion. This should feel like you’re lightly flicking your wrist to make the strokes, hence the term brow flick.

Simply fill in the sparse areas of your brows and follow the natural direction of your hairs to get the perfect look. Let dry for 5 minutes before applying other makeup to the area.

Microblading Pen 

Another great tool to use is TatBrow’s Microblade Pen. To get the brow flick, you’ll want to use the Micro Precision Pen. However, to fill in your eyebrows and add definition, try using this pen too. This tool comes with four precise tips in one to create a fuller look and shape.

To use this, angle the blade so it’s horizontal with your brow, and all four tips are touching your brow. Move in gentle strokes upward and in the natural direction of your hair. Let it dry for 5 minutes before using any other makeup around the area, and voila!

Brow Flick Dos and Don’ts 

Perfecting the brow flick can take some time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. But if you still feel stuck, here are some extra tips and tricks to help.

First, don’t overdo it. The brow flick is intended to fill in sparse areas of your brows. If you draw too many hairs or overfill your brows, you’ll end up with a less natural look. Of course, if this is what you want—more power to you. But if you’re going for that professional boy brow, less is more.

It’s also important not to use any makeup or skincare products underneath the Micro Precision or Microblade Pen. This can get in the way of the product’s application and allow it to smudge and come off more easily.

Don’t forget to use your eyebrow brush if you do end up making strokes that are too harsh or too dark. The brush will soften out the edges and get you back to that natural brow flick look.

Lastly, be sure to take care of your pens. After around 20 strokes with either pen, be sure to close the pen, shake it, and let it sit upside down for a little while so the tip can soak up more ink. This helps your pen avoid drying out.


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The brow flick technique is a great way to get microbladed eyebrows without any of the pain, cost, or commitment that comes with them. And perfecting the brow flick technique is easy with this how-to guide. Plus, TatBrow’s got your back when it comes to finding the perfect eyebrow tools to load up your makeup bag with.

For more information on how to keep your brows looking fresh and in with the latest trends, check out our blog here!



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