How To Save Thinning Brows: 101

Emily LaCroix

Eyebrow trends have evolved enormously in the past several decades. Some may remember when over plucked and thin brows were all the rave. For those of us old enough to have lived through this trend, you may recall standing in front of the mirror, plucking away as your life depended on it. It was a very taxing process, with results that were generally less than favorable. 

We are happy to report that eyebrow trends have taken a more natural turn. You will find that many now rely much more on the natural growth of their brows to provide fullness, shape, and body to the brows. 

Individuals like Cara Delevingne have championed the more natural brow trend in recent years, which has persisted into 2021. That’s something we are certainly not complaining about. This trend has ultimately allowed many women to embrace their natural brows and have more confidence in their true selves. 

Now, it’s more important than ever to cherish your natural brows. Everyone's brows are unique. Some individuals naturally have very full brows, with a lot of natural shape to them. Some people have full straight brows, and some have more thin brows.

All of these looks are beautiful and deserve just as much love as the next. Despite common trends and fads, it’s important to remember that whatever you were born with is perfectly fine.

However, there is a difference between having naturally thinner, more sparse brows and your brows beginning to thin. Just like the hair on your head beginning to thin and fall out, your eyebrows are not immune from this cycle.

Why Are My Eyebrows Thinning

There can be a number of reasons that can explain thinning brows. Generally, thinning brows are not something to create too much of a concern. However, there can be serious health underlying health issues linked to thinning brows. 

We want to ensure that you are informed on all of the factors that can cause and how to prevent and avoid them in the future.

Some reasons for hair loss are more common and self-explanatory, like extreme stress or malnutrition. If you didn’t already know, both of these could cause hair (including eyebrow hair) loss. It’s natural for your body to react to extreme stress in this way; however, it is certainly not preferred. This hair loss can be reversed and avoided with stress management, which is the recommended treatment for getting this under control.

Similar to extreme stress, hair loss linked to malnutrition is relatively common, avoidable, and reversible. With an adequate diet and supplements to aid in regaining health to your hair follicles, damages may be more short-term and minimal. 

Other causes of hair loss may be harder to pinpoint and a little more serious. 

Medical Conditions

Eyebrow loss can be linked to a number of autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis. This causes an overproduction of skin cells to physically block your hair follicles resulting in hair loss or lack of growth.

Eyebrow loss can also be linked to thyroid issues and pregnancy, which are related to hormonal changes that affect hair growth. 

It can even be linked to different skin conditions such as eczema due to the inflammatory nature of this condition.

Clearly, hair loss can be a result of a number of issues and may be difficult to pinpoint. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of your body and note any unexplainable changes taking place.

If the cause is linked to a medical condition and cause for concern, we suggest seeking medical treatment. 


Now, some reasons for eyebrow hair loss and thinning are much less are not medical. 

Overplucking: the curse word of makeup and eyebrow routines. If you were around for the thin eyebrow trend, you might just be an overplucking veteran. 

There is nothing wrong with a personal preference; if you prefer thin brows, by all means, do what makes you happy. However, just know that this can come with a price.

Overplucking can be incredibly damaging to your hair follicles, which can lead to persistent thinning of your brows. In some cases, this damage can be so significant that it causes your brows to never grow back. 

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this type of damage and help repair any damage already done to your eyebrows and hair follicles. 

Back to Brows

Because of the potential and persistent damage that can be done to your eyebrows and brow follicles from overplucking, our first piece of advice would be to stop doing that.

You can certainly pluck your brows for maintenance. We’re not asking you to give it up entirely, but just be more mindful moving forward.

There are a few tricks that may help improve the process and prevent additional and unnecessary damages to your brows.


Ensure you are using the appropriate tools. Like with anything, using the right tools are crucial in producing the best result. Certain types of tweezers can do more damage than good, so make use of investing in a tweezer specifically designed for your eyebrows. 

This is a small change that can be a huge difference. With the wrong tweezers, you’re doing yourself and your brows a huge disservice. 

Not only will a good pair of tweezers make the process of plucking easier and less painful, but they will help to mitigate further damage to your brows. 

Fresh Out Of The Shower

Minimizing the tugging and tearing of your eyebrows and eyebrow hair is ideal, which is why we recommend waiting to pluck until after you get out of the shower or bath

After the shower, your skin is much softer, and your pores are more open: This allows the hairs to be removed more easily. Not to mention, it makes the process much less painful as your hair follicles are loose and relaxed. These minor adjustments can help prevent unnecessary damage. 


Eyebrow thinning and loss can be linked to malnutrition. This is why we suggest taking note of your diet and supplement intake if you are experiencing brow loss.

Ensure that you are eating a balanced diet and supplementing when needed. Multivitamins, iron, omega-3, and collagen are all great supplements to consider when trying to increase hair growth or prevent additional loss. 


Serums are a great way to help enhance and promote eyebrow growth. They pack a punch directly to your brows, and generally, the results are fast and easy to achieve.

TatBrow has a 5-star rated Brow Enhancement Serum that is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that all promote hair growth. 

The benefits these ingredients provide are uncanny. If you are serious about saving your thinning brows, invest in a serum! This product is affordable, easy to use, and with results as quickly as 4-8 weeks; you really can’t beat that. 

Not to mention, this is a cruelty-free product, so you can feel good about using it. 

In The Meantime

It’s important to remember: nothing happens overnight. While implementing these tips and tricks, it may still take several weeks to repair damages done to your hair follicles and begin seeing some regrowth. 

Don’t get discouraged! This is normal; everything takes a little bit of patience.

Thankfully, in the meantime, you can always supplement.

With products like the Tatbrow Microblade Pen, you can fill in your brows for that natural and effortless look. This product does not damage your brows in any way, so it will not get in the way of your regrowth journey. It can totally help with the “Fake it till you make it” eyebrow game. 

Eyebrow repair and hair regrowth is a process, but with products like the TatBrow Serum and Microblade Pen, the process feels less like a process and more like a pampering experience. Embrace it, and make the most out of it.

In Conclusion

Remember, everyone's brows are unique. We’re all blessed with different shapes, sizes, and shades. The primary focus and goal in eyebrow regrowth are less about trends and more about happy, healthy brows. 

If you prefer to style your brows to be thinner, that is perfectly fine. We just want to ensure that you are doing it safely, avoiding any unnecessary damages to your hair follicles.

Additionally, don’t be discouraged if your brows are naturally thin. If a full, thick look is what you desire, there are products out there for you.

Products such as serums and fillers to help supplement where and if you are seeking additional coverage and growth. 

Lastly, just remember that despite personal preference or natural growth, your brows are beautiful! 



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