The Makeup Guide To Beautiful Brows

Emily LaCroix

Filling in your eyebrows is a crucial part of your makeup routine. Thankfully, with a few quick and easy steps, we can point you in the direction of becoming a pro. 

Makeup is like learning any other skill; practice makes perfect.

The first step to mastering this skill is knowing what style and look you are going for. Do you prefer a fuller brow or a thinner brow? Do you like a dramatic arch or a more subtle arch?

The best part about your eyebrow routine is that it’s entirely customizable to what you prefer. So any fears or anxieties that you may have surrounding “doing it the right way,” throw those out the window! There is no right or wrong way, just simply your way.

Yes, there are common trends and practices to avoid, but generally speaking, we encourage you to go for the look that you like.

Despite all this, if you've just jumped on the eyebrow routine train, some tips and tricks may be helpful in finding your perfect look and answering some questions you may have on best practices.

Knowing what you’re doing is half the battle; the other half is knowing how to do what you know how to do. But with a little time, you’ll be a brow expert in no time. 

We are breaking it down into six easy to remember and easy to practice steps for you. 

Where To Begin

The beauty of any makeup routine is that you can do it however you like. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Whatever and however makes you feel most confident. 

No one knows the best brows for you but you. In the meantime, here are some suggestions that we think might help catapult your routine to the next level. 

Eyebrow Prep

In any makeup routine, there is usually some kind of prep involved. This usually helps to enhance the experience. It can add a spa vibe to your morning routine.

You want your eyebrow routine to be an experience, so you might as well incorporate some self-care while you're at it. Plus, your brows work so hard for you, give them some special treatment; don’t neglect them!

Don't feel guilty if any of you've been neglecting your eyebrows. Most of us are probably guilty of ignoring our brows. But that ends right here—time to show the brows some extra love.

1. Cleansing

Start your routine by washing your brows with a gentle cleanser. This will ensure that dirt and makeup are long gone. This will keep pores from clogging in and around your eyebrows, helping to prevent breakouts. 

Having clean brows will contribute to an overall increased brow routine experience.

A couple of times a week, exfoliate your eyebrows, just as you do your face. This is an underappreciated and neglected part of eyebrow care. Invest the extra TLC into them!

Once your brows are squeaky clean, make sure they’re dry, and then they’re ready for application.

2. Shaping

As a part of eyebrow prep, it’s important to make sure that your brows are prim and proper. A quick trim and brush can get your brows ready for their star treatment. 

If you haven’t already, determine what brow shape is best for your face and begin plucking. Be sure never to overpluck your brows, and remember it’s okay to embrace your natural brow shape. Don’t feel obligated to morph them into something they’re not. 

There’s no shame in working with what you were given and complimenting that by filling in the blanks with a Micro Precision Pen. Once you have your brows all squared away and ready to party, we can begin filling them in.

Product Selection

The next step in filling your eyebrows in is finding your product. A product that gets the job done and leaves you with amazing brows and a happy wallet.

But with some trial and error, you will find what works best for you. If you are a beginner, we suggest something easy to use and affordable. TatBrow has some of the most precise, high-quality products you will ever get your hands on and is highly suggested for beginners and experts alike.

Feeling overwhelmed and like you just need to get microblading on your brows? Think again! Try the TatBrow Microblade Pen for a quick at-home treatment for a fraction of the cost.  

Let's Talk Application

Application techniques are endless, depending on the look that you’re going for. A general rule of thumb is that make sure your brows are cleaned and brushed

Clean, brushed brows will allow for a smoother application and overall better appearance. 

Once your brows are clean, shaped, and you have selected your product of choice, now you’re actually ready to go. 

3. Strokes

It’s best to gently stroke lines in the direction of your natural eyebrows. This will prevent a harsh, unnatural, and undesirable finish.

Find a pencil or pen with an applicator that automatically produces that hairline appearance. So they leave little room for error when applying. 

Be sure to follow the bottom of your lash and work your way up. This helps prevent overfilling.

4. Arch

The arch always feels like the scariest part, but trust us; it’s not quite the mountain it appears to be.

It’s easy to overthink: You don’t want it to be too high, but you want to give your brows a decent amount of shape. But you have to trust yourself!

First, take a brush or straight object to determine where your natural arch should be. Press it against your face, diagonally against your nose, and point it upward toward your eyebrow. Wherever the object lies is where your arch should be based on your facial symmetry.

Use the stroking technique to ensure that your arch isn’t too dramatic. Keep in mind your face shape. As we said, your arch should be complementary to your features. This means that your face shape can help determine how dramatic your arch should be.

5. Brushing

Once you’ve got everything filled into your liking; now we do a little damage control.

Take a wand, and brush your eyebrows into the perfect shape for your face. Some people are all about those sleek contained lines. However, feathered brows have burst on the scene, largely thanks to TikTok. 

Sometimes a fuller look is difficult to achieve with brushes alone. If you desire fuller eyebrows, think about using a brow enhancement serum that helps your eyebrows become thicker with the help of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. 

6. Set and Conceal

Last but certainly not least, set your brows. 

You can set your brows with a clear or tinted gel. Setting your brows just ensures that your brows stay in place all day. 

Once your brows are set, take a small amount of concealer on a flat pointed brush and conceal below your brow on your brow bone. Concealing the brow bone is a no-brainer for finishing up your brow routine. 

Concealing guarantees a nice sharp, clean-looking brow. It erases any minor mistakes that you made along the way, and it creates a highlighting effect, which helps bring light to the entire face. 

Concealer can be an optional step; however, it provides a little more wiggle food for oopsies. Just remember, all mistakes are minor and can be fixed. 


You’re A Professional!

Now that you have cleaned, shaped, stroked, and arched your brows, you’re ready to take on the world. 

Once you get the hang of all the steps, taking on your brows isn’t too intimidating after all. Just give yourself a little pep talk and remind yourself that you’re a boss; take charge of those brows!

All it takes is a little practice, a little patience, some great products, and a little pep talk! 

When you’re done shaping the brows of your dream, take a minute to step back from the mirror and take a moment to appreciate them! And if your brows aren’t picture perfect on your first (or first dozen) attempts, don’t be hard on yourself. Like all art, makeup is a skill that needs to be mastered over time. Relax and have fun learning!



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