How to Fill in Eyebrows in 6 Easy Steps

Emily LaCroix

As lockdown restrictions have been loosening up, we’ve all been excited to get outside again and see our friends. For many of us, this will be the first time we’ve seen them in person in over a year! Since they’ll only see the part of your face above the mask, that means it’s all about the eyes. So, obviously, you want your brows to look their best.

Fortunately, TatBrow is here to walk you along these six easy steps to obtain beautiful, filled-in brows. If you have curly, defiant brows or thin brows that are too subtle for others to see, we have the steps you need to easily add to your everyday beauty regimen to boost your brow game in no time!

Step 1: Use a Brush 

An eyebrow brush is essential for taming disobedient brows and determining where the hair might benefit from a little extra color. Brushing the hairs up can make them appear strange for a minute, but it will show you some uneven areas, allowing you to fill in the brows with makeup.

Don't be alarmed if the hairs seem to stick out or if they look odd. The activities that follow will assist them in safely laying down and looking fantastic. When it comes to this stage, you might want to skip the in-between photos of you practicing your beauty routine, or your followers might be surprised.

Step 2: Find Your Inner Artist 

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Add in thin lines in the same direction as the hairs in the spots you revealed in the previous move with your pencil or ink. You'll need a firm grip and to brush up and out with quick strokes.

In this step, precision is more critical than actual artistic ability, so don’t panic if you accidentally reach one of your strokes beyond the brow. It’s easy to go back afterward with a Q-tip and gently wipe away any lines that are out of place.

Remember, you’re always able to add more, but it's difficult to erase if you go too heavy, so if you're unsure how many you like, keep it short and light. Simply return to this phase later if you decide your brows need a little more thickness in those places. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Microblade Pen 

If you’ve seen the recent surge of microbladed eyebrows on social media, you might have considered investing in the procedure. However, with our Microblade Pen, you’ll be able to achieve the same effect every morning for a lot less time and money. Our pen has a pronged tip, so simply press against your brow and then swipe like a normal pen.

Our ink leaves behind the perfect amount of natural-looking color and precise strokes of faux hairs. Our Microblade Pen comes in six different colors, so simply choose the shade that matches best when you want your brows to stand out and frame your eyes for a dramatic pop of color.

Micro Precision Pen 

Want a natural look but don't have the time or money to go to a beautician? No problem! It’s possible to create the same look at home with the Micro Precision Pen. The feathered, detailed tip makes it simple to add shading with quick lines. Just flick your wrist a few times and fill in those small, annoyingly sparse patches for an instantly thicker brow.

It’s completely waterproof and lasts for over 24 hours, so whatever you want to do throughout the day, rest assured that your brows will look fantastic!

Step 3: Sprinkles on Top 

After drawing some fine lines with a pencil or ink, we suggest gently sprinkling your brows with a colored powder to support the makeup as it dries. If you're using a pen, wait a few minutes before adding something else. However, if you're using a pencil, feel free to reach for the powder immediately.

For accuracy, try using the same color, or close to it, as your pencil or ink, but go easy. After all, you don't want that powder to fly all over your cheeks, particularly if you're planning on wearing other makeup.

Step 4: Blend In 

Many people want to go over their brows again with their brush after adding color, pencil, or powder. Brush the hairs diagonally outwards towards a point behind the head, rather than straight up to the hairline, as in Step 1. Since that’s the normal growth pattern of the brow hairs, the second brushing will assist the hairs in lying down again.

In addition to helping the hairs lie flat, brushing through them a second time also helps the pencil, pen, pomade, and powder all mingle and blend. Ideally, after blending, your eyebrows will just look a little bit darker and stand out without looking drawn on or fake. Just ensure that you blend or smudge gently so you don’t ruin all of your hard work!

Step 5: Gel Together 

Once your brows are the perfect color and everything is beautifully merged together, we consider using a gel to keep everything in place. Be careful of incredibly sticky gels that can leave you looking crusty or squishy, all in an awkward way. You never want the gel to leave a strange film that other people can see. No, thank you!

You usually have two choices when it comes to gel. Eyebrow gel that just keeps the hairs in place and shaded gel. A tinted gel is ideal for those who know they can't apply enough color with a pencil or pen without appearing artificial or who unintentionally smudged over too many of their lines with the second round of brushing.

Ultra Hold Gel 

The great news is that our Ultra Hold Gel keeps those stray eyebrow hairs in their place for your entire day. It helps your eyebrows look fuller and thicker, plus it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or uncomfortable when you make facial expressions. It dries almost immediately on your skin, so there’s no waiting around after application either.

It’s completely waterproof and is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 12 hours. That means your super long days of going straight from work to hanging out with friends won’t be interrupted, and you’ll look just as impressive at dinner as you did when you walked out the door in the morning. With that strong hold, you might be worried that it’s a bear to remove at night, right?

All you need is a couple of swipes with a normal makeup remover, and voila! You’re ready to collapse in bed after a long day of work and play.

Ultra Defining Gel 

Similar to the Ultra Hold Gel, our Ultra Defining Gel dries quickly and keeps your brows in place for over 12 hours, even if you’re working up a sweat at the gym. The main difference between the two gels is that the Ultra Defining Gel adds some color to your brows. Simply use it in addition to a pen or powder or use the gel as a one-step beauty routine.

It’s great for busy days or times when you hit the snooze button a few too many times (don’t worry; we’ve all been there!). When you need to get up and go, a tinted eyebrow gel may be exactly what you need to look put together even when you’re running late.

Our formula nourishes eyebrows in addition to making them look thicker, so you don’t have to worry that too much gel will ultimately hurt your brows.

Step 6: Shine On 

Once you're done defining and shading your brows, you should add this bonus measure to really show off your hard work. Some people prefer to sweep a highlighting pencil or dust across the whole brow outline. Based on the look you want to achieve, you will want to just illuminate underneath the brow to emphasize the arch or highlight the entire shape.

Others, however, like to use a concealer that is one color lighter than the normal skin color. This concealer also draws attention to the brows but does not have as much contrast across them. This technique is better if you do not want to use concealer on other areas of your face nearby, as having various shades of base will seem odd.


In Conclusion 

In just six simple steps, your brows will be beautifully filled in and accentuate your entire face. As we start going out again more often, you’ll want everyone to see how awesome you look. 

Getting in the groove of taking care of your brows is quick and easy; you’ll never have to spend more than a few minutes perfecting your brow game. So, just say yes to beautiful brows, and we promise you won’t regret it! 



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