Perfect Arch Eyebrow: How To Get the Perfect Arch

Emily LaCroix

There are so many different ways to style your brows. More and more, brow trends are allowing us to express our creativity and personality through our brows, rather than just mostly just being one accepted look at any given time. Whether it’s fun and fancy colored eyebrows or chic and edgy bleached eyebrows, there’s no shortage of brow looks to try out lately! But one of the most classic brow looks with the most staying power are perfectly arched eyebrows.

Think of old Hollywood actresses and their glamorous lives—so many of them had immaculately sculpted eyebrows with admirable high arches that made them look both totally beautiful yet dramatic and mysterious. It’s basically the Marilyn Monroe beauty mark of eyebrows—and who doesn’t want that? So let’s take a second to pay homage to this classic eyebrow shape, and talk about how to get that perfect arch eyebrow.

Why Are Arched Eyebrows So Great?

In addition to evoking the glamour of classic cinema, arched eyebrows are also super flattering on a variety of different face shapes. They lift the appearance of your face, opening up your eyes so that they sparkle and shine just a little bit extra, and create an elongating effect overall. If you have a round, heart-shaped, or square face shape, arched brows are likely to be super flattering on you, as they’ll create a bit of balance for faces that are wider than they are long.

If you’re looking for a brow look that makes an undeniable statement and will make it almost impossible for anybody to forget your face, this is the one for you.

How Do You Get Arched Eyebrows?

The easiest way to embrace the arch is to go to a professional to get your brows plucked, waxed, or threaded depending on your preferences. While getting your eyebrows done on a regular basis can add up over time, if you’re pinching your pennies but still want a little guidance, you can definitely go see a trustworthy technician and talk about the look your going for, and learn more about the brow shape and how to achieve it so that you can work up to doing it on your own later on. This is a great option if you’re both budget-conscious and nervous about doing a brow remodel!

If you’d like to get the perfect arch brow on your own, you’re going to want to become familiar with the idea of brow mapping. Brow mapping is a technique for deciding the shape of your brow based on the age-old idea of the golden ratio—an artistic concept that has influenced art and architecture for generations, so you can trust that it’s going to look good. And good news—while you will create a work of art with your brows, it actually only requires three easy steps!

First, you’ll map where your brow starts by holding a makeup pencil or brush at the edge of your nose and extending it over the inner corner of your eye. The place where the brush meets the brow is where your perfect arch should start.

Next, you’ll do the same, but this time cross the brush over the middle of your eye. This is where the all-important arch should be! This is where you’re going to want to do the most work, whether that’s with makeup (more on this in the next section!) or with tweezing and shaping, depending on your natural brow shape and thickness. 

Lastly, you’ll hold the pencil or brush again, and let it cross over the outer corner of your eye. This should be the end of your brow. While it might not seem like it, finding the right place to let your brows taper gracefully off is almost as important as the arch itself!

You can mark these points with a makeup pencil to use as guides, and either outline the rest of your brow shape or start from there. Tweezing under the arch may feel a bit scary, especially if you’ve previously spent a lot of time letting your brows grow in—but as long as you have your guides in place, it should help keep you from over-plucking and ending up with spindly, frail arches instead of the bold look you’re after.

If you’d rather not semi-permanently change the shape of your brows, you can create the look of an arched brow by applying a full coverage concealer around the guideless you’ve drawn. This will cover up any hairs that go outside of that outline and give you the perfect arch eyebrow without having to pluck a single hair on your head. This is ideal if you’re thinking of trying the look or if you’re not big on commitment when it comes to beauty—and hey, we get it. Brow shape actually has a big influence on how our faces appear to others, including how attractive they find us, so you may or may not want to be tied to one look.

What if My Brows Are Thin?

Whether your brows are naturally a bit on the sparser side or you’re a victim of over-plucking, you don’t have to give up on your dream of beautifully arched brows. Because brows are such a feature of everyone’s makeup routines lately, it’s totally possible to help your brows fill out in other ways.

If you want to get there naturally, we’d recommend using a Brow Enhancement Serum to keep your eyebrow hair as well as the skin and hair follicles around it healthy and hydrated. By giving your brows this extra boost of nutrients, you can pave the way for increased hair growth and healthier growth when it does come through. It takes time and patience, and it isn’t going to be a silver bullet, but it’s definitely worth working into your routine if you want thicker brows to work with.

While you wait—or if you’d rather just DIY it—our TatBrow® Microblade Pen is a great way to draw in natural-looking hair strokes. You’ll want to follow the directions in the previous section to map out the structure of your brow, and then just take a hint from the direction in which your hair naturally grows to draw in your hair strokes to give your brows a fuller appearance without them looking drawn on. 

You can finish the look with a swipe of our Ultra Hold Brow Gel to keep all of your hairs in place and set your look. And voilá—perfect arch eyebrows no matter how thick your hair is naturally.

In Conclusion

Perfect arch eyebrows may seem like a challenging brow shape to maintain. But in reality, once you master a bit of brow mapping and get clear where the beginning, middle, and end of your brows should be, it’s more difficult than any other brow routine! And with all the flattering benefits of introducing a high arch to your face, and multiple ways to go about achieving it, there’s no reason not to give this bold and beautiful brow look a try.



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Here’s what we’d recommend for getting that perfect arch eyebrow look.

  1. Brow Enhancement Serum
  2. TatBrow® Microblade Pen
  3. Ultra Hold Brow Gel



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