What Is in the Perfect Eyebrow Kit?

Emily LaCroix

Let’s say you wanted to paint a picture. You had a canvas ready and a beautiful image in your mind of what you intended to paint. But you didn’t have any of the right tools. Painting the right picture would be nearly impossible with a ruler, a pencil, or glue instead of paint, so why try to do your eyebrows with the wrong tools?

If you’re not sure which tools to begin with, don’t panic. We’ve tried countless brow tools, so you don’t have to! From getting the microbladed look everyone covets to fluffy, natural brows in line with 2021’s trends, we have everything you need to make the perfect brow kit.

Tools to Include 

Getting the perfect brow kit is an essential part of perfecting your makeup routine. Here are some of the tools to consider when putting this kit together!

Brow Pen 

Finding a brow pen is essential to completing your brow kit. An eyebrow pen adds depth, natural color, and body to your brows while continuing to enhance their natural shape and look. Having one on deck and knowing how to use it is essential. Here are some things to consider when looking for a brow pen!

Pens vs. Powders

What’s the difference between using a brow pen and a brow pencil or powder? Will a pen smudge during application or throughout the day? We’re big fans of brow pens, so let’s talk about some of the advantages pens have over powders.

First, pens provide a more natural look than powder does. Brow trends are moving toward more natural-looking brows as opposed to the high-arched, sharp-edged brows of years past. Finding a makeup look you love is wonderful, but if you’re looking to keep up with the trends, then a brow pen is the way to go!

Brow pens are easy to use and follow the natural shape of your eyebrows, the direction of your hair growth, and the color of your brows. In turn, this provides a fuller-looking brow to compliment a natural makeup look! And lastly, using a brow pen offers a fine point to draw your brow hairs on delicately.

What Pen to Choose

Exploring the different kinds of brow pens available can feel overwhelming. From waterproof brow pens, pens that promise to give your eyebrows more depth, and others that offer real-looking brows even if you don’t have any to begin with, there’s a lot to choose from. So, where should you start, and what should you look for?

That’s why TatBrow offers two essential pens that give you everything you need! The Microblade Pen creates natural-looking strokes of hair that give your brows a microbladed look without the painful, expensive procedure!

The Micro Precision Pen helps create precise strokes for touching up your brows and adding that finishing touch to your makeup look. 

For more information on brow pencils and pens, check out this resource!

Brow Gel

Brow gel is another tool to have handy in your brow kit. Just like a brow pen, brow gel offers natural-looking depth and color to your brows. However, while a brow pen will help you add natural-looking hairs to your brows, a brow gel can make the hair you do have fluffy and help it hold its shape.

Try TatBrow’s Ultra Defining Brow Gel! This gel helps you get those fuller, natural brows without microblading or having naturally fluffy brows. This product is especially perfect for those with thinning eyebrows as it adds body and depth to the eyebrow hairs you do have. This gel also thickens, conditions, and adds flexibility to your brows.

You can also try TatBrow’s Ultra Hold Gel. Especially if you’re trying to add volume or shape your brows in a specific way, it can be frustrating if they lose their shape easily and are unable to hold product. That’s where this gel comes in handy! With a lightweight formula and a custom precision brush, you can shape your brows and set them just how you want them for a long-lasting hold. This gel also gives your brows a hydrated appearance and is completely flake-free, so you can kiss dry brows goodbye.

Brow Serum 

Lastly, having a brow serum in your brow kit can make a big difference. Getting the perfect shape is one of the most difficult parts of perfecting your brow look. From feathery brows to bushy brows to powder brows, there’s a lot of ways to do your eyebrows.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for the perfect brow shape is taking too much brow away. Maybe you overplucked your brows, or maybe your hand slipped when using an eyebrow shaper or razor (yikes)! Maybe you misjudged the line where your brows should start and are left with ones that are too short.

Having TatBrow’s Brow Enhancement Serum can change the game. Packed with vitamins, amino acids, and other nourishing ingredients, this serum promotes hair growth in just weeks. Restore overplucked brows or add body to naturally thin brows. 

Makeup Items and Other Things to Include 

Knowing which tools to have in your makeup bag for the perfect brow look is essential, but there are a few more items to have on deck.

Brow Primer

You may have heard of face primer, eyeshadow primer, and even lip primer, but have you ever heard of eyebrow primer? While it’s not a must-have to get the best eyebrow look, it can help out a whole lot!

A primer is like the first layer of paint you put on. It doesn’t provide the finished look, but it provides the foundation you need to get there. When you’re doing your eyebrows, using a primer can take a mediocre brow look and give it fullness, thickness, and more definition than before.

As a plus, they can absorb excess oils from the skin, creating a better surface for your makeup to sit on and making them last longer. There are tons of brow primers to choose from. When you’re looking for a primer, you can also use a brow enhancement serum as both achieve similar things. 

Brow Shaper 

Having a brow shaper on deck is an easy way to shave off unwanted peach fuzz or brow hairs without risking overplucking or shaving off a whole brow. A brow shaper is a small plastic tool that has a curved handle and a razor edge. If you’re looking for a convenient, quick, and painless way to maintain your brows, a brow shaper is a must-have for your brow kit.

When shaping your brows, there are a few principles to stick by. First, always get your skin ready. To do this, use a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer before shaving. Next, brush your brows and shape them in the direction they naturally grow. Once you have a plan of how you want to shape them and what areas you want to shave, you can start!

Hold your skin taut to avoid cuts, and gently move the razor at an angle against your skin. You can get rid of unwanted peach fuzz, shape the tail of your brows, and get rid of your unibrow with your eyebrow shaper. Want to learn more about using an eyebrow shaper? Check out this resource from our blog for an in-depth, step by step for using a shaper the right way!

Look at the Ingredients 

Grabbing all the right things in your makeup bag will help you be prepared to perfect your brow look. But it’s also important to make sure the products you choose are made with the right ingredients.

Always look for products made with real ingredients rather than synthetic ingredients or fillers. As a general rule of thumb, go for products made in an FDA-approved factory. Choosing vegan, cruelty-free products is also a great way to be kind to animals, the planet, and fuel ethically made products.

TatBrow offers vegan, cruelty-free products made in an FDA-approved factory. If you want to learn more about the ingredients used to make each of the products in your perfect brow kit, check out this ingredient list for each item.


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Perfecting the brow look is easy once you know what tools you need in the perfect eyebrow kit. When you have the right tools, you’ll be able to ace the final brow look like a pro. Want more tips and brow tricks? Our blog is packed with everything you need to know about technique, products, and everything in between. 



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