How to Do Eyebrows Makeup: A Complete Guide

Emily LaCroix

We know that you beauty gurus are already planning your comeback looks now that the pandemic is showing signs of ending. You’ve been waiting for over a year to show off the hottest trends brought to life on your gorgeous face. That’s why we’ve collected this complete guide of 2021’s best brow trends for you to check out.

Everything from bushy brows to bleached brows are in this blog, along with the steps on how to fake these amazing looks using makeup. Not everyone is ready to run out of quarantine and spend a ton of money on beauty treatments (we wish!), but luckily, there are other ways for you to get Insta-ready to party with your friends without dropping some serious coin.

So, let’s explore how to boost your brow game with eyebrow makeup like never before!

Feathery Brows 

Feathery brows are a great compromise for people who love the low-maintenance look of big bushy brows but who want to add a little something special to their eyebrows for a complete look. While you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes feathering your brows, it still gives you a polished look that says professional without investing in tons of time-consuming products.

Creating the Look 

If you are tempted to give your brows a life and want to give the feathered eyebrows a try, check out the quick and easy steps below!

Draw Up, Not Out 

Unlike when you use a pencil or pen to normally fill in your eyebrows, you’ll be drawing fine hairs that go straight up toward your hairline. Your hair naturally grows diagonally and points just above your ears, but if you want your brows to look feathered and divine, you want to have your thickening lines go heavenward.

Brush and Comb 

Use a spoolie on the end of your pencil or have one ready. Just because you’ve drawn all these fine lines doesn’t exempt you from needing to blend everything. During this step, you should be careful not to over-blend and lose some of the color, but make sure you still blend enough that your brows don’t look artificial.

And Hold It! 

This is where the holding gel comes in. Choose a tinted gel if you want to build up a little more color in your brows and darken everything, but we recommend using a lighter shade than your natural eyebrow hair so that you don’t accidentally make things too dark. The feathered look is still a natural look, and too dark can mean you look cartoonish.

Bushy Brows 

The past year of quarantine has been extraordinarily difficult for many reasons, but one of our biggest regrets was missing out on beauty treatments. When you had no option but to stay home and do everything yourself, it meant that people (understandably!) relaxed their ideas about high-maintenance brows.

Big, bold, and bushy brows were already fashionable, but the pandemic certainly brought the idea of low-maintenance looks to the forefront. While some people have had a ton of time on their hands to experiment with makeup, most people have been super busy or stressed, aka not willing to spend an hour every morning on their makeup.

Creating the Look

The best part about bushy brows is how little maintenance they require. You don’t have to actually do anything to create the look as long as you’re letting your eyebrows grow in normally. However, for people who want to nourish their eyebrow hairs and encourage them to grow a teensy bit faster, there are some things to keep in mind.

Brow Enhancement Serum 

A brow enhancement serum promotes the appearance of fuller, bolder-looking brows with results in weeks. All you have to do is apply it twice daily to your eyebrows, and you’re ready to watch those thick, luscious brows grow in.

Tweeze Sparingly

While we’ve been missing those appointments, people have started tweezing themselves to try and keep up their brow shape. However, if you’re making a bold statement, you should be careful not to over tweeze your brows.

Ombre Powder Brows 

Another hot trend this coming year is the ombre powdered brow. Like the microbladed brow, a real ombre powder brow requires a professional who uses special tools to make a semi-permanent series of injections of ink into your skin. It’s like getting a tattoo around your eyebrows, except it often only lasts for a few years maximum.

That’s great if you want to have no brow maintenance, but trends change every year, and you might not want to be tied down to a certain look every time you go out. If you’re interested but don’t want to spend the money (or make the commitment) to long-term ombre powder brows, don’t worry! It’s easy to fake the look with the help of your makeup.

Creating the Look 

If you are tempted and want to give the ombre powder eyebrows a try, check out the quick and easy steps below!

Shape Up! 

Creating the shape of your eyebrows is a significant first step. Once you’ve decided how far your brows should extend and where they start, begin filling in any sparse spaces or gently thickening your inner corners. Use a very light touch here since the whole point is for the brow to darken as you move out.

Darken from the Arch Out 

What differentiates the ombre look from a typical brow is that the inside corner, nearest to your nose, is lighter, and as your brow moves down from the highest point of the arch and trails off, it becomes darker. Try using a Micro Precision Pen that is a shade darker than your ordinary eyebrow pencil or pen and adding a slightly darker hue to the second half of your brow.

Blend and Set 

Use a powder or just a brush to blend everything together for a truly ombre look. Then, once you’ve achieved the look, try using a clear holding gel to keep your eyebrow hairs lying flat against your face. The gel will also help your brows maintain their fashionable ombre look for the whole day as you show it off to your friends.

Bleached Brows 

This is one of the newer trends taking social media by storm. Considering how most people have been adding more color and ramping up their brow game, this takes things in the complete opposite direction. With bleached brows, people are erasing a large part or all of their brows by lightening them substantially.

If you’re a bit wary of using bleach on your eyebrows (as you should be; bleach can be dangerous that close to your peepers), you have a few options. You could go to a beautician to do the bleaching for you, or you could sample the look by using a combination of concealer and a corrector.

As a note, natural blondes or redheads may not need the corrector. It’s primarily for darker-haired beauties since bleaching dark hair or smudging it with concealer sometimes leads to a strange orange color that the corrector will balance out.

Creating the Look 

If you are tempted and want to give the bleached eyebrows a try, check out the quick and easy steps below!

Brush Concealer On 

Your first step is to use a normal eyebrow brush and coat it with concealer. Choose a color that is similar to your natural skin tone so that this will still look subtle and natural. Brush the concealer through your eyebrow hairs by brushing against the grain. Your hairs lie up and diagonally out towards your ears.

With this brushing technique, you’ll be brushing inward and down to fully apply the concealer to all of your hairs. Start near the outer edge of your brow and push inward—basically the opposite of how you usually brush those eyebrows.

Add Corrector 

With the first layer completed, it’s time to add a second layer of color corrector to continue to lighten your brow hairs. This concealer should be a warmer color than the previous one to help balance out the warm and cool tones in your skin. After you brush backward through the brows, go over them again forward, so the hairs will be covered and lie down naturally.

Use Powder for Staying Power 

Afterward, add a bit of white or translucent powder around your arches out to the tails of your brows. This will help them stay put and absorb the concealer, so you can keep rocking the look for the entire day.

Wrap It All Up in a B(r)ow

 As summer approaches and the world gets hotter, so are these eyebrow trends! 

Still looking for more? Try the contoured eyebrow trend

That’s what we love about fashion: it’s always evolving...just like us! 



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