Tips to Make the Perfect Eyebrow Line

Emily LaCroix

Eyebrows are so important that they can actually influence how attractive you are to other people. With the slow but steady reopening of bars and restaurants, it’s important to make a good first impression. So why not make sure you have the perfect brows?

Your brow shape and look aren’t complete without a perfect eyebrow line, but have you ever wondered how to get it? How do you get those natural-looking lines with an eyebrow pen or achieve the perfect line for the base of your brow?

Asking these questions opens you up to a whole new realm of eyebrow makeup—and we’ve got just the right answers so you can make the perfect line like a pro. Learning how to make the perfect eyebrow line requires you to know where your brows should be, know what shape they should be for your face shape and style, and know what tools you need to make a brow line the right way.

Let’s get started!

Measure Your Brow to Your Proportions

The first and most important step in drawing a perfect brow line is knowing where to put it. An easy way to do this is to measure out where it should go. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this; all you need is an object with a straight edge. You can use your brow pen, makeup brush, or ruler to do this.

Start by measuring where your eyebrow should start in the middle. Hold the straight edge object right next to the outside of your nostril. Be sure it’s facing vertically so that it’s parallel with the bridge of your nose.  Wherever the pencil runs next to your brow is where your brow should begin.

Next, measure where your arches should be. Take your straight-edged pencil or brush and move it so it’s roughly at a 45-degree angle. Be sure to keep the bottom of the pencil right next to your nostril. The line should run from your nostril, through the iris of your eye, and to your brow. This is where your brows arches should be. Depending on what brow shape you’re going for, you may position the arch lower or higher, but this is where the arch should begin on your eyebrow.

Lastly, it’s time to measure out the tail. Having a tail that’s too long can give your face a framed, rounded look. Having tails that are too short can give your eyebrows a cut-off, surprised look. To get your tails to end in just the right spot, keep the bottom of the pencil where it is by your nostril. Tilt the pen a little bit further so it passes by where the edge of your eye is. Your pencil should run through your brow and mark the spot where your tails should end.

Know What Shape Works for You 

After you measure your brows and have a general idea of where they should be in proportion to your facial features, it’s time to settle on an eyebrow shape. There’s a lot to consider here. You have to take into account your face shape, your style, and which shape you prefer the most.

Here are some of the most popular brow styles in 2021 and how to achieve them.

Common Brow Shapes 

While measuring is a great tool to help you know where your brows should be in proportion to your face, don’t discard the natural shape of your brow. Some of our favorite natural brow shapes include bushy brows, high arched brows, lower arched brows, and straight brows.

Bushy brows give off a tomboy, trendy look, while high arched brows give off a slightly edgier look. If you’re going for a natural, hippie look, straight brows may be what you’re looking for, and subtly arched brows simply follow the natural shape of your eyebrow. Feathered brows are also a hot topic today and go great with any style!

Depending on your preference, you can choose whichever brow works best for you.

Choosing a Shape Based on Your Face Shape 

When picking an eyebrow shape, it’s vital to consider your face shape. The general rule of thumb is to choose an eyebrow shape that compliments your face shape by having opposite features.

For example, if you have harsh, angled features such as a sharp chin, sharp nose, or diamond-shaped face, choose eyebrows that are softer. In this scenario, slightly rounded eyebrows with a softer arch can help soften your features and balance your harsh angles.

The opposite is also true. If you have a round or flat face, choosing brows with slightly sharper arches and angles can help balance out the roundness and soften your features. Choosing a natural shape is another way to complement your features easily. Natural brows are almost always the way to go. Simply follow the direction of your hair growth and normal shape.

Choosing a Shape Based on Your Style 

You can also choose a brow shape based on your style. If you have an edgy style and like to rock Doc Martens and a jean jacket, sharper brows may be just your thing. If your style is natural and casual, natural and subtle brows may be perfect for you. And if you like a bolder look without rocking a harsh brow, try the feathered trend.

Make the Perfect Eyebrow Line with the Perfect Tools

Making the perfect eyebrow line means having the right tools to do so. Two of our favorite tools to use to make the perfect line on your brows are TatBrow’s Microblade Eyebrow Pencil and their Micro Precision Pen.

Let’s break down what they do and how to use them to make the perfect eyebrow line.

Microblade Eyebrow Pen 

The Microblade Eyebrow Pen is a must-have tool in your makeup bag. If you’ve always wanted to have bushy brows, naturally full brows, or microbladed eyebrows, this will be your new secret weapon. This pen comes in 6 different colors and offers the microbladed look without any of the damaging dyes or expenses. It also provides real, hair-like strokes, so if you’ve avoided doing makeup on your eyebrows for the sake of fake-looking brows and thin, dark lines, worry no more!

This pen has four different pronged tips for convenience, so you can draw four lines at one time. To use this pen, begin at the base of your brow. Angle the pen so that the tips sit horizontally to your brow and all four tips are touching your skin. Then, slowly and gently start to stroke upwards. At the end of your stroke, flick the pen upwards to end in a realistic hair.

For the best results, don’t apply makeup or skincare beforehand. This can interfere with how the waterproof ingredients stick to your skin and how long the pen lasts on your brow. Let the product dry for at least 5 minutes before touching or applying other makeup around your eyebrows.

Enjoy brow lines that last for up to 24 hours, even through rain, sweat, tears, and any other wetness the world throws your way. For more tips on using the Microblade Pen, watch our step-by-step demo video or check out our instruction page.

Micro Precision Eyebrow Pen 

Drawing the perfect brow line is also easy with TatBrow’s Micro Precision Pen.  The biggest difference between the two pens is how many pronged tips they have. The Microblade Pen has four tips, but the Micro Precision Pen only has one. This allows you to be more detailed in what you draw and only draw a few in areas that are sparse and need touching up.

To use this brow tool, begin at the bottom of your eyebrow where your base line is and move the pen in a gentle stroke upwards. This will give you realistic, hair-like strands that resemble microblading without the painful procedure. Don’t put any skincare or makeup on your brows beforehand, as this can interfere with the product’s ability to stick to your skin.

Draw as many strokes as you need to create your desired brow look. Once you’ve got the perfect brow line, you can sit back and enjoy rocking hot brows all day long.


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Making the perfect eyebrow line isn’t easy. You have to settle on a shape, know where your brow lines need to be, and then have the tools to make it. Thanks to TatBrow, there are plenty of resources and tools to help you nail the perfect brow line like a pro.

For more brow secrets, tips, and tricks, visit our blog here. We’ve got everything you need to know about what’s hot with brows!



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